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[Tools, Tips & Tutorials] [MIUI Device Classroom] Lesson 56: Know More About Bluetooth 5.0!

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00:37, Jan-05-2018 | From PC
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Lesson 56: Know More About Bluetooth 5.0
Greetings MIUIers!

            Hi everyone, this is me cherri your beloved custom ROMs reviewer, once again belated Happy New Year 2018 to all admins, mods, smods and to all device team members. I wish our device team members will bring more and more awesome device classroom articles this year. In the last lesson, we have learned All Info About Face Identification! by @larstas which were very informative and very useful to know about it. So, in today's classroom, we are going to learn more About Bluetooth 5.0.

Let's Get Started

          Bluetooth, 90's kids definitely know what it is and how it works! These days though Bluetooth is just being used to connect to tech accessories like Wireless Headsets, Speakers, Fitness Bands or watches and much more. One of the main use of Bluetooth is to transfer the files, but people who use Bluetooth for sending or receiving files are getting down from it and shifting to a new home which can transfer files much faster. Well, you got me, I'm talking about apps like SHAREit, Xender etc. These apps share files via Hotspot and one can send on receive files within seconds. Apps like SHAREit and all taken over Bluetooth and people stopped using Bluetooth for this case completely.

          Firstly let's talk about Bluetooth origin, before diving into Bluetooth 5.0 contents and uses. Previously Bluetooth is called as Short-link Radio Technology, later it's named as Bluetooth in 1989 by Nils Rydbeck who was an employee at Ericsson Mobile Company. Enough history, let's dig in.

          According to Wikipedia, "Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances". Well, now you might have been thinking why I am stressing that line out. All of us knows that Bluetooth ranges only up to certain distances which is kind of annoying most part. Chances are, You might be busy on a call and forget your phone on the bed while using Bluetooth Headsets, whenever you are crossing the range, it starts going weird and transfer speeds are really slow. When everyone started considering Bluetooth thing was over, can't use that technology any more Bluetooth development team heard us and here you go! Bluetooth 5.0 is here.

          Basically, there are three main new features in Bluetooth 5.0 which make it stand-out again. Let's keep the things simple and easier so that everyone could understand things easily. The three main features are:

  • 1. 2x Faster
  • 2. 4x Range
  • 3. 8x Data

2x Faster

photo_2018-01-03_21-04-20 (2).jpg

          These are the three main features of Bluetooth 5.0. You might be a bit confused now. Let me explain things clearly! If you have Bluetooth devices with you, you would have definitely noticed it. Whenever you tried to connect your device to your phone, it takes few seconds to connect. At least 30-40 seconds. But with Bluetooth 5.0 it's all done in a matter of seconds. You select it, you connect it. It's as simple as that. With that being said let us talk about Range.

4x Range


          The range is the only weakness of Bluetooth from it's beginning. As we talked about the same in beginning paragraphs, there are many chances of getting range issues with Bluetooth devices. If you walk few meters away it all starts with the glory of disturbances in audio or call. Most of the devices out run Bluetooth version 4.0 or anything in Series 4. Maybe your device is running in Series 4. In a big open hall without any walls or partitions, Bluetooth Series gives a maximum range of 50 Metres. In a common house, with walls or partition, it ranges maximum at 10 meters. Or roughly 30 feet of distance it can range. So particularly here is where Bluetooth 5.0 shines like a star during the night! In an open area it ranges up to 200 meters and in common houses with walls and partitions, it ranges up to 40 meters which roughly calculates out 120 feet of range. That means you can keep your phone in your room and take a good walk around your entire home without any nudges or disturbances.

8x Data


          Next up, the most important thing which is very confusing for everyone. Let me explain to you clearly without entering the technical aspects. Say you are listening to music with your Bluetooth Headsets on! Then assume that a friend of yours came and joined with you, then at this situation, you need to disconnect your headphones and listen audio from the speaker directly. That leads to huge dissatisfaction and you cant really enjoy music. At this point having Bluetooth 5.0 is like having extra icing on the cake. With Bluetooth 5.0 you can directly connect to two or more devices at a time with your phone. So you can enjoy the same music with your friend without any hassles. This feature from Bluetooth gave birth to many companies because there are some brands which only use Bluetooth 5.0 technology in their speakers and market. So, you can buy set of Bluetooth 5.0 based speakers and place one speaker in each room and you can play the same track in all rooms at a time which is really handy at times.

Few facts about Bluetooth :

  • 1. Currently, smartphones have Bluetooth versions running on version 3. Let's quickly compare them.


  • 2. Samsung Galaxy S8 is the first phone to ship with Bluetooth 5.0.
  • 3. Connection phone's Bluetooth to Other devices is known as Master slavery relation. It makes lots of sense because, basically phone it's master and say, you headphones is like a slave to it, which listens to phone and play whatever song selected.
  • 4. Lots of hospital types of equipment in huge hospitals are interlinked with Bluetooth. And they consider Bluetooth is better than Wi-Fi because it's very easy to setup Bluetooth as compared to WiFi.
  • 5. Bluetooth 5.0 extends the functionality set already provided by previous versions of the Bluetooth Core Specification.
  • 6. All of the Bluetooth 4.2 features are supported in the Bluetooth 5.0 specification. If the updated stack implementation complies with Bluetooth 5.0, all the Bluetooth 4.2 features will remain unchanged. Please consult with your stack provider for further details.

Key Features and Benefits of Using Bluetooth 5.0

Broadcasting channel improvements power the beacon revolution

          More efficient use of broadcasting channels on the increasingly crowded 2.4 GHz band, with less broadcast time required for completion of tasks, opens the way for richer connectionless, beacon-based Bluetooth solutions.These broadcasting channel improvements will enable developers to create experience-based apps that can bridge the physical and virtual worlds. Advertising extensions in Bluetooth 5.0 provide the capability to offload advertising data from the 3 traditional advertising channels to the full set of data channels for more frequency diversity. A larger data packet of up to 255 octets enables new threshold features such as asset tracking while maintaining backward compatibility with products developed for an earlier
Bluetooth specification.
Key Features:
Up to 8x the broadcasting message capacity over Bluetooth 4.2, with support for larger data packets: 31-octet to 255-octet packages. Ability to offload advertising date from the 3 advertising channels to up to 37 broadcasting channels.

Slot availability masks detect and prevent

          Interference on neighboring bands For mobile phone developers creating the next generation of devices, slot availability masks can be used to detect interference on neighboring bands and automatically prevent the interference. A Bluetooth 5.0 device can indicate transmission and reception availability of its slots when working with Mobile Wireless Standard (MWS) systems.
Key Feature:
Detect and prevent interference at the edges of the 2.4 GHz ISM band and the neighboring LTE band.

Increased bandwidth for Bluetooth technology with low energy

          Bluetooth 5.0 introduces a new capability to increase the bandwidth to 2 Mbps. By doubling the amount of data that devices can transfer, Bluetooth 5.0 reduces the time required for transmitting and receiving data, facilitating rapid and reliable over-the-air firmware updates for mobile devices and fast upload of days’ worth of collected data from a sensor when a mobile device is turned on.
Key Feature:
Up to 2x bandwidth of Bluetooth 4.2 with low energy.

Increased range for low energy enables whole-home, building, or location coverage

          Bandwidth can be decreased to achieve up to the 4x longer range while maintaining similar power requirements. With quadruple the range over which their devices can transmit and receive data, product designers creating home automation and security solutions can provide coverage of an entire home, building, or locality. The range can be tuned for a variety of environments. Not every application requires the same range, speed or broadcasting capability. Bluetooth 5.0 provides the flexibility for a developer to make the best choice for their implementation.
Key Feature:
Up to 4x range of Bluetooth 4.2 with low energy.


          Bluetooth to U.S. federal security regulations, ensuring that all Bluetooth devices are capable of meeting and exceeding strict government security standards.

This is all about Bluetooth 5.0 now please share your thoughts.

Now let's dismiss our class here!
Hope you guys have enjoyed it!
See u again in my next class!

You guys have a great day!

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Wikipedia, Google For info regarding Bluetooth 5.0 and details for Images: Google, Wikipedia


          Thanks to all of my teammates and admin @candicesu for the help & suggestions and special thanks to @marcus_keong, @BharatG for making my thread perfectly and for all the motivation and help to write my article.

Signing off

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