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[Xiaomi] Mi Product Launch: Mi TV 2S @¥2,999; Mi Water Purifier @¥1,299

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13:48, Jul-16-2015
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Hey MIUIers,

We're announcing something new today!! Something that's redesigned from head to tail! Any guesses?
Mi Product Launch: Mi Water Purifer
Reduce your plastic footprint with ‪#‎MiWaterPurifier‬ (RMB 1299), the new addition to the Mi Ecosystem that makes tap water drinkable with Reverse Osmosis (RO)! It’s super compact but dispenses 400 gallons in 1 day. Check water quality status in real-time and receive filter change reminders on your phone.

Water Purifier.jpg

Xiaomi introduced Mi Air Purifier last December, which is well received in China. At the same time,we care about another essential element of our life. Water. Every home needs a water purifier.

- Mi Water Purifier
Mi water purifier 1.jpg

Drink whenever you want, just as hygienic as bottled water.









Water saving, easy to install and no water leaking.





Easy to manage it on your Mi phone. Smaller than an A4 paper.




Mi Air Purifier will be avalaible from July 28 at the price of RMB 1,299 (approx.$209)
电视 净水器发布会716(d).197.jpg



Mi Product Launch: Mi TV 2S

Mi TV 2S Highlights:
  • 48" 4K display
  • 9.9mm thick aluminium frame
  • Newly-designed power plug
  • MStar 6A928 CPU
  • 5 colors avalaible
  • RMB 2,999 (approx. $483) alone and RMB 3,999(approx.$645) for theatre edition.
  • Available from July 22


What is Lei Jun holding in his hand? Yes, it is . Mi TV 2S is the star.
Mi TV 2S banner.jpg
Lei Jun holding MI TV 2S.jpg

-  9.9mm aluminum frame
Mi TV 2S is our most gorgeous TV yet. It comes with a super thin 9.9 mm frame, as thin as a Mi Pad as well as a Mi 4.
电视 净水器发布会716(d).002.jpg

as thin as Mi 4.jpg as thin as Mi 4-2.jpg

Mi TV 2S is the representive of the young generation, keen on fashion design. More colors, more choice.
fashion forward.jpg
fashion forward 2.jpg

- All-metal beautiful design on the back
When you’re a carpenter making a beautiful chest of drawers, you’re not going to use a piece of plywood on the back, even though it faces the wall and nobody will ever see it. You’ll know it’s there, so you’re going to use a beautiful piece of wood on the back. For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through.

Steve Jobs, 1985.

Mi TV 2S has a 48-inch display, with all-metal beautiful design on the back.
电视 净水器发布会716(d).006.jpg

beautiful from behind.jpg

- All-newly designed power plug
The plug of Mi TV 2S has been resigned and comes with a fresh new look. Compact and elegant.

power plug.jpg

power plug 2.jpg

A salution to world-class brands. Learn from them and make better screens. 电视 净水器发布会716(d).026.jpg

电视 净水器发布会716(d).028.jpg

电视 净水器发布会716(d).029.jpg

电视 净水器发布会716(d).030.jpg

In terms of clarity, color and contrasts when compaired to leading models from Samsung, Sony and Sharp, is the performance of Mi TV 2S satisfactory to you?

电视 净水器发布会716(d).043.jpg

电视 净水器发布会716(d).042.jpg

higher color saturation.jpg

No light leakage.jpg

- Audio
Support latest Dolby sound technology, with standalone sound system

Theatre Edition.jpg

independent sound system.jpg


sound system.jpg

- Processor and MIUI TV system( Android 5.0)
Mi TV 2S is equipped with MStar 6A928 flagship processor, running on the smooth MIUI TV operating system based on Android 5.0.


2GB RAM + 8GB Storage
电视 净水器发布会716(d).069.jpg

电视 净水器发布会716(d).070.jpg

Benchmark of Mi TV 2S.
电视 净水器发布会716(d).072.jpg
Gaming without interruption? Yes!
电视 净水器发布会716(d).073.jpg

- Mi TV 2S Content
With investments below, Mi TV 2S offers more than you expected, and far more than what others provide.
电视 净水器发布会716(d).077.jpg

That is the new China-made product today.

电视 净水器发布会716(d).088.jpg

Mi TV 2S, tops in looks, technology, audip system, performance and content.
5 times a winner.jpg

- Price
A budget TV, and a best buy. RMB 2,999 (approx. $483) for standard edition and RMB 3,999(approx.$645) for cinema edition.
电视 净水器发布会716(d).094.jpg

电视 净水器发布会716(d).095.jpg

Theatre Edition 2.jpg

What does Mi TV 2S look like in your lovely home?
电视 净水器发布会716(d).103.jpg

电视 净水器发布会716(d).104.jpg

电视 净水器发布会716(d).105.jpg

电视 净水器发布会716(d).106.jpg

电视 净水器发布会716(d).107.jpg

Mi TV 2S will be on open sale on mi.com from July 28 and 1000 souvenir sets will be available on July 22.
电视 净水器发布会716(d).113.jpg

电视 净水器发布会716(d).114.jpg

For this part, please read from bottom to top.

It is happening, right NOW! Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, came onto the stage.
Lei Jun on stage.jpg

Spot Hong Feng (Head of MIUI), Shou Zi Chew (CFO of Xiaomi), Chen Tong (Xiaomi VP) and Wang Chuan (Head of Mi TV) in the pictures. HF.jpg


webwxgetmsgimg (3).jpg

webwxgetmsgimg (5).jpg

webwxgetmsgimg (6).jpg

webwxgetmsgimg (8).jpg


webwxgetmsgimg (9).jpg

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13:52, Jul-16-2015
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cmon lets start this
update - mi tv 2s is a beautiful piece of technology. love it

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13:58, Jul-16-2015
I am ready !
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I am waiting!!!!

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14:00, Jul-16-2015
Plz open the suspense
Can't wait

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i am waiting

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14:02, Jul-16-2015
Please don't disappoint us Malaysian Mi fans! =)

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14:02, Jul-16-2015

what you can !
Learn & Learn
That's best policy of life


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14:03, Jul-16-2015
i wonder what it is

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