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[Meeting Room] MIUI Global Fan Sites Awards (Announced)

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15:09, Jan-14-2014 | From PC
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Updated on Jan 24, 2014
Time’s up!
About 5000 MIUIers have voted for their favorite fan site! Thank you!
Based on daily performance (50%, done by Xiaomi MIUI) and votes in this thread (50%, done by every voter), the top 5 fan sites are as follows:

Top 1: MIUI Russia (1111 votes)
Top 2: MIUI Spain (928 votes)
Top 3: MIUI France (624 votes)
Top 4: MIUI Ukraine (622 votes)
Top 5: MIUI Italy (318 votes) & MIUI UK (279 votes)  (Two fan sites tied for the 5th place,  MIUI UK manged to become Top 5 because of its great daily performance.)

Best Commentator Award Winner:
Please read his comment here

Congratulations to all winners! We’ll send you the gifts after the spring festival ( around Feb. 7).

And big thanks to all fan sites and MIUIers all around the world!

2013 was a success! However, the best is yet to come...

Hey MIUIers,

As you may know, Xiaomi is about to go abroad officially soon. But we've gone almost worldwide unofficially from a long time ago, thanks to all the MIUI Fan Sites, and the great MIUI fans.

2013 has been a great year for MIUI, and we have 21 fan sites now. All the fan sites have done a great job, but some have done even better. So we decided to have MIUI Global Fan Sites Awards as a chance for you all to know the fan sites better, and to award the outstanding fan sites.


1) Each qualified fan site can get a Xiaomi Mi3 Smartphone WCDMA 16GB
2) Top 5 fan sites will get extra gift packages.

The ranking of fan sites is based on two parts: daily performance (50%, done by Xiaomi MIUI)+ votes in this thread (50%, done by every voter)

Gift package for top 1 fan site:
5 Xiaomi New Piston Earphones + 5 Mi3 Phone Covers + 10 Mini Mitu Dolls + 10 Mitu Key Rings + 5 Xiaomi Wallets + 1 Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker

Gift package for top 2-3  fan sites:
3 Xiaomi New Piston Earphones + 3 Mi3 Phone Covers + 5 Mini Mitu Dolls + 5 Mitu Key Rings+ 2 Xiaomi Wallets + 1 Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker

Gift package for top 4-5 fan sites:
2 Xiaomi New Piston Earphones + 2 Mi3 Phone Covers + 5 Mini Mitu Dolls + 5 Mitu Key Rings + 1 Xiaomi Wallet

3) Best Commentator Award
Xiaomi New Piston Earphone + 2 Mini Mitu Dolls + 2 Mitu Key Rings + 1 Xiaomi Wallet
We'll pick one best commentator from all replies according to the content written. If you want to win it, please make your reply relative and attractive.


How to participate
All you need to do is to vote for your favorite fan site!!
1) Each voter can get a medal of the fan site. For example, if you vote for MIUI Germany, you'll get a Medal of "Fan of MIUI Germany"
2) Votes from new registered users are valid because fan sites can ask their users to vote for them. However, the user's votes are invalid if he/she created multiple accounts to vote. Please don't spam. We'll check the votes before announcement.

Jan 16- 24, 2014 (Beijing Time)
The winning result will be announced on Jan 24, 2014 (Beijing Time)

Single-option Poll, 5013 members voted
Your User group have no permission to vote
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RiderOnSuzuki Why another poll ? Latest (december) says which 3 fansites were the best...  20:51, Jan-16-2014

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1655403320 + 1 Awesome!
grihas + 1 <font><font>Відмінно!</fo
PintuChief + 1 This Time , Its INDIA . The Runaway King
Ryodeushii + 1 Great!
115212260 + 2 Great!
stempox + 1 Agreed!
lcjml49 + 2 Thanks!
unNam3d + 1 Fantastic! Go Germany! :D
srsergej + 1 Great!
Fulminéa + 1 Great! Go Miui-France :-)
Kill4File + 2 Intriguingly!
milav + 1 Great!
domtor0 + 1 Agreed!
radik121 + 1 Great!
rocco6 + 1 Great!
uzb777 + 1 Great!
wasimodo + 1 Nice!
MiuiLander + 1 Great!
xianliu2002 + 1 Great!
torque6309 + 1 Great!
mathieuj + 2 <font><font>Super!</font&
InSsSaNe + 5 Great!
ATP:RedRice + 1 Fantastic!
robydira + 1 Great!
mirris_1 + 1 Thanks!
dp4u4umi6ev + 1 Fantastic!
pixelwasp + 5 Great!

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 Author| 14:44, Jan-16-2014 | From PC
Introducing MIUI Fan Sites
(Read detailed introduction here :
miui_uk.png    MIUI UK        
MIUI UK was founded in October, 2010, and it is the first MIUI fan site. It has over 75,000 forum users, and over 12,000 Twitter followers now. It currently provides users with customized MIUI ROMs with 32 languages. MIUI UK helped with Xiaomi Mi2/2A/2S kernel open source project, and MIUI multi language project in 2013.
miui_ger.png     MIUI Germany
MIUI Germany was founded on February 13,2011. It has worked from that day on to bring MIUI to all German speaking people worldwide. Its latest achievement in 2013 was pre-rooting Hongmi Red Rice. It’ll keep providing users with the team’s great work in 2014.
miui_ita.png      MIUI Italy         
MIUI Italy was founded in January 2011. Itnow has 1795 register users, over 5,100 Facebook fans, over 2,600 Twitter followers, and over 3,700 Google+ fans. It created the MIUI ROM Downloader project,which now provides MIUI ROMs for Italian and English users. MIUI Italy also supports good unofficial MIUI portings with translation to let more people use MIUI.
miui_spa.png    MIUI Spain               
MIUI Spain was founded on January 11, 2011. It now has 21,023 users. It mainly works to support all official MIUI ROMs with Spanish. Besides, it also translates MiApps, such as MiHome Launcher and MiTalk ( MIUI Spain also creates Spanish changelog videos eachweek (
miui_Indonesia.png     MIUI Indonesia                  
MIUI Indonesia was founded in March 2013, and has 1,850 members now. In 2013, the team was invited to speak at Purwokerto Android Community event, and held the first MIUI Meetup in Indonesia. It also cooperated with one of the local smartphone companies to use MIUI as their devices’ base ROM.

miui_india.png     MIUI India            
MIUI India was founded in October 2012. From August 2013, it started to port MIUI to Indian smartphones to let more Indian users know MIUI. One of the devs, Javajohn, won the ROM Grand Prize in the MIUI ROM Porting Contest not long ago. MIUI India has ported for 23 devices, and is looking to port for more.
miui_Switzerland.png    MIUI Switzerland               
MIUI Switzerland was founded in August 2010. It receives lots of requests, and answers lots of questions every day. And it has many developers devoted to MIUI.
miui_Brazil.png     MIUI Brazil           
MIUI Brazil was founded in June 2011. It has been providing Brazilian Portuguese translation for MIUI, and participated in the MIUI Multilang project since mid 2013.
miui_Portugal.png    MIUI Portugal        
MIUI Portugal was founded on June 21, 2010. It currently has over 8100 users, and translates MIUI ROMs to Portuguese each week.
miui_Israel.png     MIUI Israel      
MIUI Israel was founded on July 27, 2010, and has more than 44,000 users now. It has developed the T9 dialer for the multilang MIUI ROM. Its custom ROMs have around 50,000 downloads by 2013.
miui_Slovenia.png    MIUI Slovenia               
MUI Slovenia was founded on August 7, 2011, and has around 1,000 subscribers now.
miui_france.png   MIUI France      
MIUI France currently has 15,265 registered users. In 2013, it has 59,153 downloads of its custom MIUI ROMs, 116,886 visitors, and 216,285 page views.
miui_russia.png   MIUI Russia              
MIUI Russia was founded on April 21, 2011. It translates MIUI to Russian and Ukrainian. It has developed many useful
tools and apps, such as incremental updates, MIUI.SU Updater, and WSM Tools.
miui_pl.png   MIUI Poland        
MIUI Poland was founded in 2011. It releases its own ROMs for Xiaomi devices and multilang ROMs for 30 ported devices each week. It also provides all kinds of information about MIUI to its users.
miui_cz.png    MIUI Czech
MIUI Czech was founded in 2011, and has more than 8000users now. It started from translating MIUI V3 to Czech. It’s a part of theMIUI Multilang Project.
miui_wukelan_index.png    MIUI Ukraine            
MIUI Ukraine was founded on August 23, 2011. It has translated MIUI to two languages, and the team has been focusing on stability and server side technologies for users.
miui_greece.png    MIUI Greece         
MIUI Greece was founded in April 2013. It has been sending Xiaomi devices to local magazines for reviews,and has got attentions from some magazines. The founder of MIUI Greece was interviewed by Doctorandroid.grl
miui_aus.png    MIUI Australia        
MIUI Australia, the newest MIUI fan site, was founded in 2014. It’s working on build-bots to support over 30 devices before June. It’s also working on an unofficial MIUI wiki called Mikipeida, which will help users with lower technological intellect to install MIUI on their devices.
miui_thailand.png    MIUI Thailand
MIUI Thailand was founded in November 2013, however its Facebook page was created 3 years ago. The Thiland team has shared some information about Xiaomi & MIUI on the most famous Thailand website (e.g. how to install miui on oppo finder).The team held a fans meet up in September 2013.
miui_bulgaria.png MIUI Bulgaria      
MIUI Bulgaria was founded on September 8, 2013. It translates MIUI to Bulgarian, and helps members install MIUI on their devices and fix their MIUI related problems.
miui_hungary.png   MIUI Hungary         
MIUI Hungary was founded on September 30, 2013. It added forum to the site on December 11, 2013, and was added to the official fan sites list on December 6, 2013.

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freesofia + 5 Awesome!
梭林_Olivia + 1 Great!
Engraver + 5 Thanks!
MIUIes + 10 + 5 Thanks!

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Voted...!!!! even you delete my post, i will post it again,

Thank you Xiaomi, thank you every MiFans, and thank you for everyone who already support us in every MIUI Fansites to make this happen. We also do these for you MIUIers. Hope you always support us. Also forgive us for all of our actions that might hurt you, in this forum, in every MIUI Fansite forum and maybe in real world.
This contest is awesome, this is really appreaciate our work during the last year. And keep support us until the last breath !!!

And the last one is a simple question, the winner will get some mi3 covers? Just covers? what will we do with the cover if we don't have the phone Or maybe, you give the phone as much as the covers

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cepsangga666 + 1 Awesome!
viancarsonback + 1 Great!
lachint + 1 Great!
a4apple + 1 Agreed!
imanesaurus + 5 Aku padamu pekikz :*
jinopraz + 5 Agreed!

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Segolene + 1 Thanks!
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stefu + 1 Thanks!
Fulminéa + 1 Agreed!
Norlah + 1 Great!
bel57 + 1 Agreed!
pierric + 1 Thanks!
fortvert + 1 Thanks!
rodeomb + 1 Agreed!
taz6969 + 5 Agreed!
Angyann94 + 1 Thanks!
Paillasson + 1 Agreed!
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16:02, Jan-16-2014 | From PC
MIUI Philippines anyone?


asrock37 We will ask, thanks  20:58, Jan-16-2014
"Yeshua", Yahweh Saves.

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miui indonesia! but XIAOMI GLOBAL more importantly!

ENGLISH not china only! (websites, MIUI, themes, apps, games, and maybe, even a manual book!)

make it easy to buy contents with local currency...

AVAILABILITY not rarity!

WORLDWIDE or at least REGIONAL delivery!

Sales, Service, Spareparts, INTERNATIONAL WARRANTY!
then its ok to have unremovable battery......

keep the price FRIENDLY!

is that MI3 for me???

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a4apple + 2 Agreed!

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To know MI is to love MI (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ♥

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16:13, Jan-16-2014 | From PC
Greece For The Win!


Lost_Animal Thank you Very much my friend !  19:19, Jan-16-2014

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Lost_Animal + 2 Awesome!

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16:15, Jan-16-2014 | From PC

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Segolene + 1 Thanks!
yanael + 1 Thanks!
Blach13 + 1 Thanks!
stefu + 1 Thanks!
Fulminéa + 1 Thanks!
domtor0 + 1 Agreed!
Norlah + 1 Agreed!
bart08 + 1 Agreed!
pierric + 1 Thanks!
taz6969 + 1 Agreed!
Angyann94 + 1 Thanks!
Paillasson + 1 Agreed!
wedgeant + 1 Agreed!

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16:17, Jan-16-2014 | From PC
Go MIUI Italy

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eGo26 + 1 Agreed!

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16:21, Jan-16-2014 | From PC

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dp4u4umi6ev + 1 Awesome!
nelim + 1 Agreed!
MIUIBulgaria + 10 + 1 Great!

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