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[ROMs] [4.2.24] [AOSP] Android Kitkat 4.4.2 KOT49H for Xiaomi Mi2/2S

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12:12, Nov-08-2013 | From PC
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Hey, MIUIers. We've seen some pictures of Android 4.4 on Mi2 the next day after it's released by Google thanks to the great work of @秋叶随风 (See here).  Now he has released the beta version for those who're eager to try.
Now let‘s look at it together and give all our thanks to @秋叶随风, he's been called Autumn Ivan by some foreign users.  
- Include MIUI Market
- AppOps is opened by default
- Include ROOT management tool

- Flashlight - From CM team
- File Explorer - From MIUI Open Source Project

Screenshot_2014-01-21-19-57-03.png wifi0s0-869682000Screenshot_2014-01-21-20-10-45.png

111328utzrqqmq2mr7v7hr.png.thumb.jpg wifi0s0671181367Screenshot_2014-01-21-20-03-10.png

wifi0s0922522155Screenshot_2014-01-21-20-02-09.png wifi0s0-1380611503Screenshot_2014-01-21-20-02-21.png

111325cuejfx4e44zx1vvf.png.thumb.jpg 111330xlu0lsapalzpuka0.png.thumb.jpg

Screenshot_2014-01-21-20-12-21.png 104008nmj66e7z366nz2bu.png.thumb.jpg

How to install:
- Enter Recovery
- wipe data/factory reset
- install zip
- choose zip from /sdcard
- choose the ROM pack you downloaded
- Reboot after flashing is completed

How to enable dual boot:
- Enter Advanced menu
- Select current system to choose the system you want to use
- Select Do you want to enable dual boot to enable dual boot  

Download Recovery:
Password: x3fr

Note: Recovery can only be flashed on the phone
Changelog of 4.2.24
Fix - Extra power consumption caused by MIC
Fix -  Problems in headphone MIC
New - Noise suppression during calles (Settings -Sound)
- Updated MIC driver firmware

Password: kecx
Changelog of 4.2.14
New - Bluetooth (Cannot send APK files)
Fix - Gallery Settings FC
- Updated Camera
New - Receive and send MMS when Data is not enabled
- Updated Google Service pack to 4.4.2
- Added codes to extend battery usage (from MoKee)
- Rearranged some Settings menu
Fix - MIC gain problem
- Updated GPU to Qualcomm V45 version (V45 4.4.1)
- Screen will go black with no operation in 30 seconds
- Enabled Auto brightness by default
- Closed some log
- Updated display-hal codes
- Updated audio codes
- Updated some multimedia codes
- Removed the Data pack button in Settings - Wireless & Networks
Fix - Compatible problem for some games

Password: nja5

Note: After downloading OTA file, please go to Recovery and flash it manually. Because some dual system devices might fail to update using auto flash.
Changelog of 4.1.21
Fix - Device version display
- Slightly changed CPU initialization parameter
Fix - Voice mail of some IM apps
- New permission management (from CM team)
- Updated MIUI Market to R.1.3.1
- Disabled landscape function for Explorer
- Included essential service of GMS, perfected art mode
- Replaced the current launcher with the Nexus 4 launcher (Sony, HTC, and stock AOSP 4.4 all use this launcher)
Fix - Bluetooth headphone songs sync abnormally
New- Added STK tools
- Rearranged homescreen layout
Fix - One GMS service FCs
Fix - Sometimes phone automatically reboot after having been turned off
- Included some open source codes
- Updated flashlight with the one from Sony M35C
Fix - Delivery report icon always shows unsent in Messaging
- Included some Qualcomm codes
Fix - STK tool kit name display
- Cleared needless codes in communication
New - Support changing screen color degree
New - Added Compass
- Updated Explorer
- Optimized battery consumption
- Updated GPS driver using the GPS code in Android 4.4
- Updated GMS service pack
Fix - Some games FC
New - Added notifications for earphones plugged in or out

Password: agj2

Beta version:
Password: yvlo
Changelog of 3.11.29
Optimization - Caller ID can show city, carrier name, and SIM card type.
Optimization - OTG mount. Notification will be removed after OTG is no longer connected.
Fix - Abnormal in audio in WIFI Display
New - Added FM radio
New - Added flashlight - from CM team
New - Added File Explorer - from MIUI Open Source Project (Known bug: Can't delete files in Categories)
Optimization - Auto-brightness parameters
New - Added Performance mode
Optimization - Power consumption
- Changed boot animaton to the stock Google animation

Changelog of 3.11.22
Fix - Recognition  function of 1300W camera
Fix - Errors in some apps due to lack of libemoji library files
Fix - Some apps disappear after reboot
Fix - Can't reinstore SMS
Fix - Google map can't locate in GMS unless GMS service pack is flashed
Optimization - SD card mounting
- Included some chromium codes to enhance Browser function
Optimization - WIFI
Optimization - Multi media related codes
Fix - Some online video apps can't play videos
- Opened AppOps settings - Apps permission management
Optimization - Caller ID
New - Added screenshot shortcut in Reboot (include Reboot, Recovery, Fastboot)
- Included the latest Google code Android-4.4_r1.2

Password: lq7o  
Changelog of 3.11.14

- Tried to fix 1300w camera error (need users to test)
Fix - Back key doesn't work when going into Gallery from Camera
- Enhanced camera's function
Fix - Sometimes connect to camera fails

- Sometimes sound doesn't work

Fix - Sometimes mounting has errors
- Optimized mounting process
- Multimedia won't scan hidden files like .android in SD card
Fix - SD card fails to mount

Fix - Sometimes process crash error occurs when the phone reboots for the first time
Fix - NFC of Mi 2A closing abnormally
New - Added ROOT permission management

- Supports dual boot

Password: pzjq

Mirror: (by @Josef19)!wFdB1bwS!yHbTLjH3YaMsuI4Eh26gug (by @hvung1982)

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12:42, Nov-08-2013 | From PC
No Dual Boot :(. Still wait for trying :D

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15:00, Nov-08-2013 | From PC
if you donnot have dual boot,try again use the previous recovery

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20:29, Nov-08-2013 | From PC
Thats great.. but i'm not risking my mi2 .. I'm happy with this weekend's 3.11.8

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20:31, Nov-08-2013 | From PC
This recovery does have Dual-boot support and will allow you to install this rom as well...make sure you read carefully the thread for the recovery to understand how it works ... very-6-0-3-2.19686/

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20:31, Nov-08-2013 | From PC

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Fan Of MIUI Ukraine

20:43, Nov-08-2013 | From PC
Good day! Excuse me, but possible anywhere to watch a video how it all looks on mi2s ?

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20:52, Nov-08-2013 | From PC
Has anyone flashed the rom yet? Does it work? Known bugs?

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20:52, Nov-08-2013 | From PC
UHU!!!  I'm afraid to make these changes ... anyone has ever done in his MI2S? You can share your impressions?

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21:24, Nov-08-2013 | From PC
it seems ok, but where I can find 4.4 gapps?

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