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[ROMs] [Cyanogenmod] [Stable] Android Lollipop 5.1.1 Redmi 1S W/C [Global] 29.11.15

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01:51, Apr-12-2015 | From PC
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Hi Redmian's,
Enjoy AOSP like user experience with CM12.1
"All Credits to Armani Devs."

MoKee 5.1 .1 updated daily, check here

(Note: its a humble request, to say thanks just rate the thread)

-=[ Change log ]=-
  • Enable dynamic FPS feature
  • Disable apps to usb

~TWRP ( (Flashable Zip) Recovery Download~
link 1
link 2

~Latest TWRP ( (IMG) Download~
click here

Steps for update:
1. Start in recovery mode
2. Tap install
3. Down right side, select images
Select twrp-
5. Select recovery
6. Flash :)

Flashing Guide
1. Install custom recovery (TWRP Recommended)
2. Copy custom ROM zip file to sd-card
3. Boot into recovery mode
4. Now from recovery menu select backup
5. Take backup (previous stable)
6. Now select wipe
7. Advance wipe & select system, data, dalvik cache, cache
8. Now wipe it
9. Select install & select custom rom zip
10. Clear cache & dalvik cache
11. Now install gapps
12. After installing gapps, wipe cache & dalvik cache
13. Reboot
14. That's all folk's, enjoy custom ROM

Note: First boot always take more time, be calm

Download Link
Click Here

Click Here

Note: After updating to latest build if u face bootloop,
flash the firmware given below (Kitkat Stable)

1. clear cache/dalvik cache
2. flash firmware
3. reboot

Screenshots: Credit @HAKrBOY


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22:15, Apr-14-2015 | From PC
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New Version CM12.1-20150505-unofficial available via OTA update.. Check it

OTA Update

OTA Update Change Log

Custom App Notification Light
Battery History


3G net Working


Aap to SD Function


Collecting Bugs report
Found Bugs on my device and rom
1. heating issue and lagging while charging
2. laggs due to bat low than 20%
3. Default Camera turns to Black and then came with white flash frequently. hard to click pic
4. tumbnail of camera folder in gallery shows a white picture
5.faced once "Cannot connect to camera" fixed by a normal reboot

call recording and 3g network working
Latest CM12.1-20150421-Unofficial Change Log
  1. ===================================
  2. Since Tue Apr 14 12:33:50 UTC 2015
  3. ===================================

  4.    * android/
  5. f1df931 Add LZ4 tools to the build

  6.    * bootable/recovery/
  7. a6ea0d0 recovery: Add lz4 libs
  8. c503cdf sr: Add missing tool links

  9.    * build/
  10. c599dca Colorize more target file output
  11. 1665b85 build: releasetools: Support transparent compression
  12. ab8a78e build/core: Define find-other-aidl-files.
  13. b1e4aad ota: Include full boot images when imgdiff fails
  14. 8c3cb90 ota_from_target_files: Fix path for SkipNextActionIfTargetExists
  15. fc14b36 releasetools: add compatibility for full ota functions with incrementals
  16. 3ad6920 build: Move bacon public key to device tree

  17.    * device/lge/awifi/
  18. b5de0f4 Enable dex-preoptimization to speed up first boot sequence
  19. 9702444 Kill notify_on_migrate
  20. 0b3c003 Changes in network services
  21. 4380341 sepolicy: Address more denials for IRRC
  22. 9a042e3 Enable power modes when boot is completed
  23. ae88b87 audio_policy: Use 44100 for a2dp

  24.    * device/xiaomi/armani/
  25. 3743110 Enable dex-preoptimization to speed up first boot sequence
  26. 911e893 fstab.armani: add noemulatedsd flag

  27.    * external/icu/
  28. 59c2e6e icu: Regenerate stub data for 5.1
  29. 57fc359 icu: Fix Kurdish Arabic locale detection

  30.    * external/whispersystems/WhisperPush/
  31. 8163695 Automatic translation import
  32. 194900d Automatic translation import
  33. 2de30fc Automatic translation import
  34. bd677b9 Automatic translation import
  35. 64ed935 Automatic translation import

  36.    * frameworks/av/
  37. c82c862 stagefright: Fix the unhappy path in ACodec configuration step
  38. 043435e  audio: Fix ringtone mute issue
  39. 30672c8 audio: Reduce device switch delay
  40. da6beba nuplayer: Fix audio EOS notifiy on AudioSink not ready
  41. a02a9ed Revert "nuplayer: Add cached lookup of track duration"
  42. 3f2532f Revert "Audio streaming error when playing a stream that contains "end of file"."
  43. 627d3b4 Revert "audio: Fix issues during device switch"
  44. 9e0b0f9 Revert "NuPlayer: Disable widevine flag for L3 content"
  45. e5c48fa stagefright: Be more tolerant of missing metadata for FFMPEG codecs
  46. 13f41ef camera: Add support for mediatek cameras
  47. 5188aa6 stagefright: httplive: Fix switching for HLS live use-cases
  48. 7dadc6a nuplayer: Fix for persist.debug.sf.noaudio when resuming
  49. 3c2a50d audio: Fix for camcorder shutter playback issue on BT
  50. 188aa8d libstagefright: Fix for testException
  51. a8e014b audiopolicy: Fix Audio record permission CTS failure.
  52. 1c31653 audio: Fix fast playback of Ringtone for SCO call
  53. fb483fb audio: Fix for ringtone playback issue on USB AOA
  54. bd5cf4a NuPlayer: Don't maintain timeStamp if state is running
  55. af3be7d CameraService: Fix recursive lock acquire during client destruction.
  56. c888808 Initialize the start time if not specified in meta data
  57. a48153c Screenshots info is not updated when device is plugged in MTP mode
  58. 67ab408 mediatek: Port AV changes
  59. 4b1ddb2 AudioTrack: initialize mUseSmallBuf in AudioTrack constructor
  60. 1bdd258 audio: Fix for Sound from handset leaks to speaker
  61. c5079e3 stagefright: http: Skip invalid bandwidth measurements
  62. ac84c27 nuplayer: Stop resume profiling after frame render
  63. 72068fe NuPlayer: Process time discontinuity separately for audio & video
  64. 66d0234 nuplayer: Add cached lookup of track duration
  65. 9d18eef nuplayer: Fix statistics profiling with buffering events

  66.    * frameworks/base/
  67. effc883 Fix: In Afrikaans the unit name is not before size but after.
  68. b87efcf ScreenCap : Add jpeg support
  69. c1a96ca base: ConnectivityServer: Don't reap the new network
  70. b616e0b Fix HTC headset handling.
  71. 9985435 frameworks: display: Added automatic brightness configs
  72. f3dc1ca fix Notification volume slider linking
  73. dd8c727 Added carrier selection to DataUsageTile
  74. e4f8d89 Don't create unnecessary RenderThread's instance when executing 'dumpsys gfxinfo'
  75. 8517f09 Use fabsf() rather than abs()
  76. b594896 Fix ANR caused by hwuiTask thread
  77. 5f487e4 framework: add KillSwitch stubs
  78. 40d6341 AudioService: fix crash when no music player found
  79. b5758fb Revert "third part apps can disable the secret lockscreen"
  80. 324beb3 Remove opaque check in preparing dirty region
  81. f189725 base: nat464X: Only update ipv4 pseudo-interface when it's connected
  82. a7c41cd frameworks/base: Zen mode add 10 and 12 hours downtime
  83. e7b02bf Screenshots info is not updated when device is plugged in MTP mode
  84. b341d3b media:Modify the display of system default ringtone when it is none.
  85. 35fc019 SystemUI: Show operator name UI after getting valid operator name
  86. 311ca23 frameworks : Extends mimetype list hence apps can view the media files.
  87. 2e58544 Optimize IncallUI delay for voice calls
  88. dbac4a7 Fix an apk icon animation corruption issue
  89. d132d93 Avoid duplicated calling to isRestricted to improve performance
  90. 0defcbe restrict updateExternalMediaStatus to non-emulated storage
  91. 7624722 Fix memory leak in Connectivity Service when phone app crashes
  92. df4028b ZenModeHelper: To pass android.media.cts.AudioManagerTest.
  93. 8582594 Automatic translation import
  94. b74db59 WindowManagerService not propagating X and Y steps
  95. 5396da4 Remove legacy ThemesTest
  96. 9cedca1 Mobile data tile: open network settings
  97. 45e6691 frameworks: fix reading default pattern size file
  98. 944dd97 Automatic translation import
  99. 72d9b7c Automatic translation import
  100. 4826289 Automatic translation import
  101. b873c75 Restore AOSP translations
  102. 92f336a Do not check mHomePressed on HOME in interceptKeyBeforeDispatching
  103. e318077 Fix pattern visibility settings (1/2)
  104. 3dcc341 Add static patternToString() with pattern size
  105. af0d971 Forward port CM Screen Security settings (1/2)
  106. 3b1a3a7 SystemUI: add USB Tether tile
  107. 23af341 Allow screen unpinning on devices without navbar
  108. 516e653 [ActivityManager] Avoid NullPointerException if no crash info
  109. a6a4db1 Prevent unexpected rotation while going back to keyguard
  110. a9d1808 Add a timeout state to frozen windows
  111. 672dca7 third part apps can disable the secret lockscreen
  112. 43d593f Fixing memory leak in RenderBufferCache
  113. 68729ff Find wall clock RTC through sysfs
  114. c428b16 Telephony: Fix signal annunciators missing issue.
  115. 0126f0f Revert "systemui: fix glitches with recents view and search widget"
  116. 1f124ad frameworks: read VOLUME_LINK_NOTIFICATION from proper table
  117. 93abc0c Framework: Always show ZenPanel when showing expanded volume panel
  118. 80bc55b The DUT can't screen shot in guest mode
  119. 2b4bdd0 Add overlay option for Settings.System.ACCELEROMETER_ROTATION_ANGLES

  120.    * frameworks/native/
  121. eb22990 Support WAKE flag in keyboard layouts
  122. 453e91c Fix a memory corruption issue when vector resize

  123.    * frameworks/opt/telephony/
  124. 76e8804 Revert "Telephony: DcTracker: Fix CDMA APN Data issues."

  125.    * frameworks/support/
  126. f3fe6a1 CMSupport: Sync MAX_ITEMS constant
  127. 949a989 CmSupport : Live folder empty content
  128. f54dfdd CmSupport : LiveFolder
  129. 7af46d6 Support : Add cm support library

  130.    * hardware/qcom/display-caf/msm8974/
  131. 5c1f3ab hwcomposer: Kill some logspam
  132. f486583 hwc: Integerize in the outward direction of rectangle
  133. ca83f33 hwc: Try MDP composition eventhough skip layer is present

  134.    * hardware/qcom/fm/
  135. 02b76e6 Automatic translation import
  136. fe60998 Automatic translation import
  137. c3e3603 FM: reenable radio text visibility after station info updated
  138. 1835a66 FM: Store tag num/value in sequence
  139. a5464a0 FM: always use overlay default country
  140. 343067b FM: retune last frequency when resume after call

  141.    * hardware/qcom/media-caf/msm8974/
  142. fac0a22 Merge branch 'LA.BF.1.1.1_rb1.19' of git://codeaurora.org/platform/hardware/qcom/media into cm-12.1
  143. 750f79f Merge AU_LINUX_ANDROID_LA.BF.1.1.1_RB1. on remote branch

  144.    * kernel/lge/awifi/
  145. 78cd356 fs: Transparent compression support
  146. 4754d96 VFS: Make more complete truncate operation available to CacheFiles
  147. d32740e decompressor: add LZ4 decompressor module
  148. 4459f3a msm_vidc: Frame height is not updating for low resolution clip
  149. 20010e0 msm_fb: display: validate input args of mdp4_argc_process_write_req
  150. db29301 msm: camera: validate user space parameter for max and min value
  151. 8a6c342 msm: rpc: Fix uninitialized union in rpc router close function
  152. ccfda21 msm: rpc: Fix uninitialized union in rpc router code
  153. c6c5a79 sensors: add the sensors class support
  154. ff828c8 diag: Make fixes to diag_switch_logging
  155. 5a5b8b5 qseecom: Free ion memory even if keymaster app is not unloaded
  156. b53b771 qseecom: Save appname in qseecom when loading app by kernel client
  157. a199c36 qseecom: change the number of bytes to compare app names
  158. e4c24d6 msm:pproc:Freed the vpe prameters to avoid memleak
  159. 5cf433b msm:pproc:freed pointer in error case
  160. fd65218 qseecom: fix an issue related to search app when unloading an app
  161. f99de03 qseecom: Add support to handle multiple app load & unload
  162. 6b7c692 qseecom: Fix issues with failure to release client handle
  163. 29c2c9a qseecom: Unload the app upon receiving qseecom_release.

  164.    * packages/apps/AudioFX/
  165. c0a4cfa Automatic translation import
  166. 6d9442f Automatic translation import
  167. 7d79757 Automatic translation import
  168. 5269e1c Automatic translation import
  169. 6a73a02 Automatic translation import

  170.    * packages/apps/Bluetooth/
  171. 58a28f7 Automatic translation import
  172. 6d9183b Automatic translation import
  173. d2f6cfa Automatic translation import

  174.    * packages/apps/BluetoothExt/
  175. d153ec9 Automatic translation import
  176. 1594192 Automatic translation import
  177. 8c3e44f Automatic translation import
  178. 2c1c39e Automatic translation import
  179. 8fa4753 Automatic translation import

  180.    * packages/apps/Browser/
  181. 97ed99b [BugFix][Browser]Can't download music from music.baidu.com
  182. 1af979b Enable immersive full-screen video playback

  183.    * packages/apps/CMAccount/
  184. aa5cf78 Automatic translation import
  185. 6bc9bff Automatic translation import
  186. f72bbee Automatic translation import
  187. 06601ae Automatic translation import
  188. 7a50f49 Automatic translation import

  189.    * packages/apps/CMBugReport/
  190. 78e6438 Automatic translation import
  191. b0592cb Automatic translation import
  192. 1a17a8c Automatic translation import
  193. ea4cd21 Automatic translation import

  194.    * packages/apps/CMFileManager/
  195. fac93c1 CMFileManager: when cancel coping, the dest file also exists and is incomplete.
  196. 6e0bd51 CMFileManager: After change language, the navigation view item summary doesn't change
  197. 226460f [CMFileManager] Fix the filemanager can copy parent folder to child folder
  198. 9fe55d2 Enable ok button, filename is still valid.
  199. bc51212 Make the new filename max length error message show.
  200. 59d3233 Automatic translation import
  201. 5199787 CMFileManager: Fix CMFileManager display "sdcard1" and the content is null after adding a new user/guest
  202. a09cb8f CMFileManager: Printing preview content is not show complete.
  203. 21d641c Implement a dialog that warns the user that we must expose the content of the file by copying it out to an unsecure location in order to allow the external applications to read the files.
  204. 3274036 Automatic translation import
  205. 52a26ab Support RTL layouts everywhere.
  206. d32899c [CMFileManager] Always display searching progress after back to the search result view

  207.    * packages/apps/CMUpdater/
  208. 2d00cc7 CMUpdater: Drop DashClock extension and auto backup support
  209. 6fc879a Automatic translation import
  210. 5312f43 Automatic translation import
  211. c92604e Automatic translation import
  212. 5f054d8 Automatic translation import

  213.    * packages/apps/CMWallpapers/
  214. b2000ea Automatic translation import
  215. 6037263 Automatic translation import

  216.    * packages/apps/Calculator/
  217. ed0ac3e Automatic translation import
  218. 78a6e11 Automatic translation import
  219. 70f3f8f Automatic translation import
  220. e1233e7 Automatic translation import
  221. d5ec5ce Calculator: fix color lookups in GraphView

  222.    * packages/apps/Calendar/
  223. 18fd6fc Automatic translation import
  224. c1a1be6 Calendar: support ACTION_VIEW instead of ACTION_SEND
  225. ff25d81 Calendar: add feature to select/deselect all events in delete view
  226. ff31c0c Automatic translation import
  227. ac3e7b8 Automatic translation import
  228. 9217f73 Automatic translation import
  229. ebccbe9 Calendar: do not auto save events when importing
  230. 329d8a6 Calendar: add RTL support

  231.    * packages/apps/Camera2/
  232. 013f394 Automatic translation import
  233. 41427a0 Automatic translation import
  234. c7f1f8f Automatic translation import
  235. 221eac3 Automatic translation import

  236.    * packages/apps/CellBroadcastReceiver/
  237. ca08c5c Automatic translation import
  238. 298f2a3 Automatic translation import

  239.    * packages/apps/Contacts/
  240. daa7f84 Automatic translation import
  241. 2f2ce95 Automatic translation import
  242. cfab287 Automatic translation import

  243.    * packages/apps/ContactsCommon/
  244. 5dd21a4 [3/3] ContactsCommon: Smart Dialer
  245. 0e55686 Automatic translation import

  246.    * packages/apps/DeskClock/
  247. 8ff1508 TimerReceiver: Correctly show the remaining time for 100 hours
  248. afee1d0 Automatic translation import
  249. ec84206 Hide flip setting if the phone doesn't have the required hardware sensor.
  250. a9164e0 Automatic translation import
  251. f27d89b Automatic translation import
  252. 2ae6298 Automatic translation import

  253.    * packages/apps/Dialer/
  254. 1cd8b6b [2/3] Dialer: Smart Dialer
  255. 04ec9ba Automatic translation import
  256. 35baf2c Automatic translation import
  257. b085e7a Automatic translation import
  258. 32e9729 Automatic translation import

  259.    * packages/apps/Eleven/
  260. 4e906d9 Merge "eleven: remove_ACTION_PICK from manifest" into cm-12.1
  261. 3de2847 Merge "Eleven: Checkboxes to switches" into cm-12.1
  262. ef800ad Merge "Eleven: Show/Hide album art on lockscreen" into cm-12.1
  263. 914b9d7 Eleven: properly send open/close session events
  264. 693b805 Automatic translation import
  265. 19e506b eleven: remove_ACTION_PICK from manifest
  266. 4307cc8 Eleven: Checkboxes to switches
  267. e8e1310 Eleven: Show/Hide album art on lockscreen
  268. 8f4deda Automatic translation import
  269. a64a822 Automatic translation import
  270. 296bf29 Automatic translation import
  271. b2ebdc9 Automatic translation import
  272. 65716f0 Expose colors from array in Eleven player

  273.    * packages/apps/Email/
  274. 7451d26 Fix NPE in getHierarchicalFolder
  275. 8dcea56 email: finish the settings activity after delete its account
  276. cb099d4 Automatic translation import
  277. 4493eef Automatic translation import
  278. c0f648d Automatic translation import
  279. 7b9554c Update strings for crowdin

  280.    * packages/apps/Exchange/
  281. 98f7ac8 exchange: fix typo in switch case flow
  282. 94dcbef Display model name on exchange server and exclude illegal characters

  283.    * packages/apps/Gallery2/
  284. f2c3fe0 Automatic translation import
  285. f7e04f5 Automatic translation import
  286. 2ee2145 Automatic translation import
  287. 7cbe584 Automatic translation import
  288. a79ff72 Automatic translation import

  289.    * packages/apps/InCallUI/
  290. bf5bae2 Automatic translation import
  291. 2443a99 Automatic translation import
  292. cebba3d Automatic translation import
  293. 0625f13 Automatic translation import
  294. b772e5c Clean up volume boost button logic.
  295. a42ce06 Clean up call button handling.

  296.    * packages/apps/LockClock/
  297. 69c9e65 Automatic translation import
  298. d3fa458 Automatic translation import
  299. 35defa1 Automatic translation import
  300. c9e7042 Automatic translation import
  301. 83c8b07 Automatic translation import

  302.    * packages/apps/Mms/
  303. 210d155 Mms: Recipients field is cleared when returning from SelectRecipients
  304. e784620 Backup: close cursor
  305. aeff122 Mms : Only exit after deleting last message
  306. 06be6ec Mms-add Calendar event type of loading Calendar draft
  307. 243ffee Mms - remove Subject listener first when remove the subject
  308. 2cb8dc5 Mms : Dismiss compose activity, if deleting last message and no text
  309. ccc96c4 MMS: Add feature to auto-enable mobile data for MMS send or receive.
  310. 08aa08e Expose hard coded background colors from layouts for search activity.
  311. cca4f65 [1/3] Mms: Smart Dialer
  312. de1bfe5 Automatic translation import
  313. 0a5ec85 Automatic translation import
  314. 657697c Automatic translation import
  315. a18b4ce Minor logic cleanup.
  316. 06ee0c5 Kill off some debug spam.
  317. bc91cde Properly populate subscription ID column when sending MMS.
  318. 28ecc19 Improve subject editor layout.

  319.    * packages/apps/PhoneCommon/
  320. 1c225a1 PhoneCommon: Adjust dimens for hdpi
  321. d69a3c2 Automatic translation import
  322. 1d4b66f Automatic translation import
  323. 40bdf1c Automatic translation import

  324.    * packages/apps/Settings/
  325. 88e9cf5 Settings: re-index search after setting new lockscreen
  326. 6fc555b Settings: fix search key not opening search
  327. 70c9c12 settings: fix RTL layouts
  328. c83de76 Settings: fix 'CyanogenMod legal' link
  329. 87e2886 Automatic translation import
  330. 9fd535e Break out the add icon to be separately themeable.
  331. d281d8d Themes: Allow switchbar text color to be themeable
  332. 6ae7b54 Fix incorrect ManageApplications options menu order value.
  333. abaff27 Settings: Fix Sound & notification FC on Settings shortcut widget
  334. 484498b Automatic translation import
  335. 8f76d18 Automatic translation import
  336. 938f6c2 Automatic translation import
  337. 15e1f12 Automatic translation import
  338. 7066103 Profiles: play Ringtone when setting volume overrides
  339. cb299eb Create general lockscreen settings category
  340. 02dc9cb Forward port pattern visibility settings (2/2)
  341. 1b56530 Settings: handle decrypting larger pattern sizes
  342. 10db598 Settings: forward port lock pattern grid size (2/2)
  343. 256c41f Settings: Set untraslatable
  344. 39c4474 Settings: Remove more unused resources
  345. aebef5b Settings: Restore proper ringtone for msim
  346. 869ef82 Remove duplicate strings
  347. bb1da16 Settings: fix volume link notification preference
  348. 16c9f62 Settings: add USB Tether tile

  349.    * packages/apps/SetupWizard/
  350. cfc4a0d SetupWizard: handle skipping id in SubInfoRecords
  351. dd500a1 SetupWizard: don't access SubscriptionController directly
  352. 317a6cb Automatic translation import
  353. f654deb SetupWizard: Give radio a 10 second chance to come up

  354.    * packages/apps/SoundRecorder/
  355. d67f0d0 Automatic translation import
  356. 0853302 Automatic translation import
  357. 0e7ddcf Automatic translation import

  358.    * packages/apps/Stk/
  359. 605e08f Automatic translation import
  360. 9039043 stk: Remove duplicate resources
  361. 86b38f5 Revert "stk: Remove duplicate resources"
  362. e0d37d6 Automatic translation import
  363. 2f97d8e Automatic translation import

  364.    * packages/apps/Terminal/
  365. 4f4808e Automatic translation import
  366. f67dd9a Automatic translation import
  367. 7d4c476 Automatic translation import
  368. 07e85c9 Automatic translation import

  369.    * packages/apps/ThemeChooser/
  370. cec5670 Automatic translation import
  371. d758c5e Automatic translation import

  372.    * packages/apps/Trebuchet/
  373. 468befc Automatic translation import
  374. 9cb7697 Trebuchet: Finalized the pivot of the scaling letters
  375. acef38f AppDrawer: tweak animations and layout
  376. 3cbd728 Automatic translation import
  377. bdee9dd AppDrawer: Add highlighting scrubbing and offset
  378. 6004621 Trebuchet: fix Protected apps issue with folders
  379. c4326d4 Trebuchet: Fix Settings shortcut widget title displays wrong when changing system language
  380. 62b90e1 Trebuchet: Fix NPE when adding widgets

  381.    * packages/apps/TvSettings/
  382. 5c4f41e About: Add SELinux status
  383. 46cbf36 About: Fix greyed out titles on certain settings
  384. f0e8aec About: Show the kernel version
  385. 8659c8d Add build date (ro.build.date from build.prop) to About screen.
  386. 2dfcba2 One does not simply become a Developer
  387. 2775775 CM PlatLogo: CyanogenMod version preference
  388. bb701bf About: Add CyanogenMod Updates
  389. 83e6512 Add CyanogenMod version to the About screen

  390.    * packages/apps/UnifiedEmail/
  391. 85f5d28 email: linkify urls in plain text emails
  392. 7a1081d Automatic translation import
  393. 23eb366 Automatic translation import

  394.    * packages/providers/DownloadProvider/
  395. b1e932c Automatic translation import
  396. 145c95c Automatic translation import
  397. 7fd50d6 Automatic translation import
  398. 023cd38 Automatic translation import
  399. 5036c4f Automatic translation import

  400.    * packages/providers/MediaProvider/
  401. ecd7d55 MediaProvider: don't delete entries of secondary storage on shutdown

  402.    * packages/providers/ThemesProvider/
  403. d6c6914 Fix version upgrades where "holo" may still be used
  404. 8e2b361 Fix icons with filters not being generated
  405. 66f360c Automatic translation import
  406. c6b89d8 Automatic translation import

  407.    * packages/services/Mms/
  408. 0852a23 Automatic translation import
  409. c207f12 Automatic translation import
  410. 0cf7222 Automatic translation import

  411.    * packages/services/Telecomm/
  412. b14ff4d Automatic translation import
  413. c7b91d4 Automatic translation import
  414. 085ea01 Automatic translation import

  415.    * packages/services/Telephony/
  416. f39838e Telephony: make call waiting option a switch preference
  417. 354092e TeleService: Don't show video calling switch if not supported
  418. 5177d69 Set untranslatables
  419. 1ba1f5a Telephony: Allow customizing display name for different phone technology
  420. 7acd2cc  Telephony: check equality when verifying enabled state
  421. 75f7122 Telephony: KK upgrade path to re-enable components for MSim
  422. 34c3133 TelephonyService: Don't change preferred network type on multi RAT capable devices.
  423. d63de10 TeleService: Set mode to 2g on other sim(DSDS) prior to change
  424. 982add7 Automatic translation import
  425. 509e3e9 Automatic translation import
  426. 18c68f9 Automatic translation import
  427. a6c4d57 Automatic translation import

  428.    * packages/wallpapers/Galaxy4/
  429. 12e1dd5 Automatic translation import
  430. 010e98f Automatic translation import
  431. 5f1b78a Automatic translation import
  432. 2453b7e Automatic translation import
  433. 8d0fcb7 Automatic translation import

  434.    * packages/wallpapers/PhaseBeam/
  435. b2b24cc Automatic translation import
  436. 241d063 Automatic translation import
  437. b1f701a Automatic translation import
  438. 57ea239 Automatic translation import
  439. c1cdb04 Automatic translation import

  440.    * packages/wallpapers/PhotoPhase/
  441. 3488b62 Automatic translation import
  442. 65cf58d Automatic translation import
  443. 8cc52f7 Automatic translation import
  444. 0fb8dcc Automatic translation import
  445. e18fc24 Automatic translation import

  446.    * system/core/
  447. 68248e1 fastboot: Add lz4 libs
  448. 52c51f9 init: Add a new keywork "log" that logs a message

  449.    * system/extras/
  450. c98abe0 make_ext4fs: Fix buffer allocation for lz4 compressor
  451. 3ba17af make_ext4fs: Transparent compression support

  452.    * vendor/cm/
  453. b02640c Add hipri to ATT Phone APN
  454. 365ed9b vendor:cm: update contributors
  455. 785c50a vendor: add sepolicy entry for killswitch service
  456. 206c46e We are at CM12.1 now
  457. 8e9b0ac Remove SPN configurations for Japan
  458. fd6bfe7 Remove userinit from user builds

  459.    * vendor/lge/
  460. 1cdc9f2 Update rmt_storage and thermald from palman-5.1
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Simran + 2 Fantastic! Keep it up :)

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23:46, Apr-14-2015 | From PC
There are 2 bugs which is not exist in syhost's version:

1. Tap "Setting->Mobile networks " will cause error :"Unfortunately,the process com.android.phone has stopped ".
2. Can not import/ecport comtacts form storage. It shows:"No vCard file found on the SD card." However, vCard file is in SD card indeed.

The above two works well in  syhost's version cm-12.1-20150403-UNOFFICIAL-armani.

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Mi BandMIUI 2016MIUI Fan from IndiaGamer Mi BunnyWallpaper ExpertDebate Master

21:47, Apr-20-2015 | From PC
Vicky_v30 replied at 2015-4-20 18:40
i'm unable to install cm 12.1 on my redmi 1s.
After the rom is installed and boots up... after selec ...

thanks for the reply.. but clearing the caches didn't help. I had tried that.
But The problem is resolved-> If dual sim is present at first boot than its going to show error and displays "Unfortunately the setup wizard is stopped".

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mmgsrt + 1 Thanks!
Iyoumee + 5 Agreed!

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21:12, Apr-21-2015 | From PC
R3 released today....

Change log- R3 [2015/04/21]:
Fix moving apps to external sdcard
Other upstream fixes and updates

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16:57, Apr-21-2015 | From PC
Vicky_v30 replied at 2015-4-20 21:47
thanks for the reply.. but clearing the caches didn't help. I had tried that.
But The problem is r ...

same thing happened to me, and your trick works ... thanks man

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MIUI Forum App

02:05, Apr-12-2015 | From PC

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02:13, Apr-12-2015 | From PC
Will try

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will try for sure

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02:30, Apr-12-2015 | From PC
will check it

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02:39, Apr-12-2015 | Via mobile

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02:44, Apr-12-2015 | From PC

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