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Simple, intuitive, beautiful

We believe that it takes more than just good features to create a beautiful design.
From orderly workflows, clear hierarchies to fluent responses, we believe that good design exists in every tap, drag and pinch you make.
Natural and intuitive, just the way it should be. This is MIUI 6. It's visually stunning, stunningly simple. It's the start of a new chapter.

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Power features

MIUI 6 introduces a range of powerful features: mark unknown numbers, access free Wi-Fi with WiWide, and use the IVR system. It makes your everyday tasks easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

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It's all connected with Mi Cloud

Mi Cloud connects all your Mi devices with each other - your phone, tablet, TV and set-top box.
View your photos anytime, anywhere, or continue browsing a webpage on your Mi Pad from where you left off on your phone.

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MIUI has a reliable built-in Security Center that takes full advantage of advanced security technologies from Tencent,
Kingsoft and LBE. This complete security mechanism ensures perfect privacy protection for users, and optimizes battery and data usage.

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