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Faster, safer

MIUI is a deeply customized Android ROM.
It looks amazing, is incredibly fast, and works beautifully.
In-built security features are reliable and also ensure that your device is highly secure.

Save power

MIUI 6 comes with more power-saving modes to adjust the standby time of your device.
You no longer have to worry about running out of battery at moments when you need it the most.

Permissions and Virus Scanner

With MIUI 6, you won't need extra safety tools.
Top security is guaranteed within the operating system to protect against malicious apps and viruses. The built-in Permissions in MIUI 6 prevents unauthorized apps from accessing your data without your permission. Besides, the exclusive Virus Scanner helps you check and kill virus before installing any app. We've got it covered.

Safe and efficient

Clean Master, the world's most downloaded Android cleaner, is built-in to help you free up storage, boost memory, enhance speed, and secure your device against malicious apps and vulnerabilities.

With the Xunlei download engine, high-speed downloads on your devices are made possible. Xunlei members can sign in as well.

With complete network control features, Data Usage is capable of helping you monitor network traffic and save data.