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Do more, go further

Like any OS experience, users care most about power and performance. That's why MIUI 7 is
optimized to be faster and to last longer, bringing out only the best in your phone.

Performance optimizations

Improves system response time by 30%

MIUI 7 optimizes system response time by loading data and app animation in parallel. That's a 30% speed increase that's immediately noticeable, and surprisingly fast.

Performance comparison video

Gives you 10% more battery everyday

Background processes consume up to 48% battery

Your phone consumes as much as 48% of battery on background processes, even on standby. These include searching
for location even when GPS navigation is not active, or being connected to network data even after you've stopped
reading a news app. Battery is precious, and 48% of it is slipping away without your knowledge.

Uses GPS and network data even when navigation is on standby

Uses network data when news app is on standby

Background applications continue to run, connect to the internet, scan for Wi-Fi, and more.

MIUI 7 optimizes background processes,
extends battery life by 10%

By individually analyzing and optimising power consumption for 500 popular apps, MIUI 7's
breakthrough power-saving strategy extends battery life by at least 10%.

App-level optimisations

Individually optimized Wi-Fi, network data and GPS usage for 500 popular apps.

CPU process alignment

Aligns processing across apps when on standby, which prevents CPU from waking and running at different intervals.

Automatically saves power

Shortens network data connections, saves power when there are no connections between phone and server.