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Yours by design

The content you care most about, redesigned in a way that's refreshing, yet familiar. Fast, power efficient,
yours by design. MIUI 7,offering the best MIUI experience to date.

Let your phone be its own person

One size never fits all. That's why we're introducing 4 beautiful, individualised UI designs on
top of the thousands available in Themes. Tailor your customizations from end to end with
animated lock styles, minimalist icons and more.

More about Personalize >

Do more, go further

Performance and battery doesn't end with a number on a spec sheet. MIUI 7 delivers 30% faster
response time and 10% longer battery life, so you can get things done faster, and for longer.

More about Performance >

Optimizes system response time by loading data and app animation in parallel.

Minimizes power consumption by apps, even when on standby. Enhances battery life by 10%.

Features by no mean feat

MIUI 7 introduces thoughtful new features like XXL text, Child mode, Baby album, Showtime and notification
management that change the way you interact with your phone.

More about New Features >

By developers, for developers

For developers, MIUI sets the stage for all kinds of possibilities. We listen and try to create
better, more convenient tools for you to play and in turn, be rewarded.

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Design and create themes with ease, no complex coding required

Software Developement Kit

Create and publish your own apps at the lowest possible cost