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Do more with MIUI 6

MIUI 6 introduces new ways to enhance your everyday productivity.
The Notifications, smart Blocklist, and IVR system are some of many features that will make your tasks easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Phone calls

It's the most basic function you would expect your phone to have, and now we've made the phone call experience even better.
With MIUI 6, you can identify, mark or block unwanted calls with several detailed options.

Identify unknown numbers|Mark service numbers|IVR system

Identify unknown numbers

Proactively identify numbers of banks, couriers, and telemarketers.

It's time to say no harassing phone calls! Use MIUI to detect more than 50% of calls relating to spam, fraud or phishing. These calls will be directly rejected or ignored.

Mark service numbers

More than half of marketing, fraudulent and sales calls can be marked.

Further development of this service supported by China's largest phone book library include the recognition of service numbers, in addition to marking of malicious calls. The company name and logo displays when you receive a call from a bank, courier, phone operator and other service numbers.

IVR system

Your one-click access to customer service. Making voice service calls has never been more convenient.

It's often troublesome to check service hotlines for credit card bills, or other functions. It takes at least a couple of minutes of lengthy voice prompts to get to where you want to go. With MIUI IVR system, this can be replaced with a visual menu. This feature now supports services by China Mobile, China Unicom, Alipay, SF Express, and nearly 50% of other commonly used service numbers.

Home screen

The home screen has always been the central place to switch between apps and enable or disable features.
With MIUI 6, we've brought in new global operation gestures that are also optimized for devices with large screens.
Batch organize icons, quick search tools and other features are easy, intuitive, and even fun to use.

Home screen gestures

Access the Notifications from any screen, including the lock screen.

A brand new Notification Shade

Explore the new notification shade with useful toggles such as the music control panel, which gives you quick access to your music. To get more useful toggles in your shade, simply swipe up for more options.


Notifications let you know about new messages, missed calls, reminders, app notices, and more.
The MIUI 6 Notification shade now makes it even easier and more reliable for you to get information you need.

View all new notifications on your lock screen the instant you wake your phone up. New notifications show up at the top of the screen. View details and open apps quickly with a single tap. The Notifications system also intelligently switches over to floating notifications to avoid interrupting you when playing a game or using the camera.

MIUI 6 also allows you to add a numbered superscript to each app, so that you can view the number of new notifications you have from your home screen. You also have the option to clear off all superscripts in the notification shade if you don't like to see them. This applies to all apps, and you can further customize the function of each app in Settings.


Access over 5,000 beautiful MIUI themes for your phone, each artfully designed by renowned designers to customize your phone the way you want it to be.
Mi Space also breaks the icon's traditional grid layout to bring new ways for you to interact with your phone.
It allows the interface to be intertwined with your favorite game or another realm.


MIUI 6 offers many powerful built-in tools to help you achieve more in less time.


Beyond managing tasks on Calendar, MIUI 6 allows you to subscribe to your interests ranging from games, holidays, to TV shows and more. Never miss another important event again with the smart Calendar reminder.


We've redesigned the Mail app to put all mails with the same subject into one folder so that you can see what's new at a glance. Decide which emails you want to read first and when. An attachment list also allows you to view and save attachments directly. Thousands of types of mail accounts are supported, just fill in your email address and password.

Online resources


Load in your own song files or select the best music from various FM stations in the Music app. The more you listen, the more personalized it becomes.


MIUI provides all kinds of movies, TV series, news, animations, entertainment shows, and documentaries.


MIUI Market is one of the largest app stores in China. Every app in the market is manually reviewed and tested.


Search for popular and interesting games in MIUI Games. You'll be in for a ride.

Life services

MIUI 6 provides you with one-stop lifestyle services.
You can use Mi Life to explore new restaurants, purchase movie tickets, or book hotels.
Also, you can use MIUI Directory to track packages, make medical appointments, or pay phone bills.
You won't need to install another app or register another account.

Mi Life

Mi Life deeply cooperates with several group-buying websites to let you enjoy food and movies with the lowest prices possible.


MIUI Directory combines all life services information like express delivery, food, hotels, and plane tickets in one place. The things your need, all in one place.