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[Mi Bunny Tips #36] 7 Things You Should Do After Buying a New Android Phone

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Publish time: 2017-8-29 11:16

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Software updates can take a long time to download and install, which can drain your battery and sometimes hundreds of MB from your mobile data plan. So, make sure that when you do this you are conn ...


Mariellefrance 10:30, Oct-18-2017
Piterlan 06:01, Oct-07-2017
thanks you
Dips_rock 23:59, Oct-06-2017
thanks for the information
M.a.Kaium100 21:15, Oct-06-2017
very important tips!!
when buying a new phone specially xiaomi device.
Akky10 01:42, Oct-05-2017
Please check if necessary accessories are available to the protect your hardware ! just another check before buying your next phone
Arjunishi 01:39, Oct-05-2017
Mici007 22:45, Oct-04-2017
Thanks for the information. Now I am sure, after the last smartphone change, I have done everything right.
M.Sara 21:21, Oct-04-2017
nice and useful information. Thank You.
Yambalaya 20:23, Oct-04-2017
Thanks for the post.
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