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[Rules] Complaints Subforum Rules and Guidelines

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16:39, Jan-14-2015 | From PC
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All complaints filed here will be processed by subforum moderators along with forum admins. Before posting a complaint, please read the subforum rules thoroughly.

1. Any users can report content or users that violate these management rules.

2. Individuals involved in or other users who witnessed any actions as stated below or quarrels can file a complaint here
a) Contents in replies or threads that arouse dislike
b) False accusations or attacking of Xiaomi's products and management team
c) Personal attacks or vulgarities used against other users or other uncivilized actions
d) Continuously objections and giving negative ratings to users for no reason
e) Quarrels and bashing among users
f) Dissatisfaction of actions by moderators and requesting reassessment by management team

3. After a complaint is filed, the thread will be closed by the subforum moderators to avoid replies that might affect final decisions. Any editing or additions should be made within 12 hours of writing the complaint, after the time limit the report automatically closes and prevents editing while waiting to be processed.

4. Complaints processing usually takes 1-3 working days. Those having solid proof or those being easy to process will be assessed and processed immediately. Complicated and those requiring requisition of evidence will have a maximum processing period of up to 7 working days. User are disallowed from submitting repeated reports after previous ones are submitted. Repeated reports will be deleted, should the users refuse to stop the action they will be banned and all complaints filed will not be processed.

5. Complaints filed are treated with strictest manner. Due to it being a serious matter, should the complaints are found to be false accusations, repeated complaints or personal attacking including use of vulgar, the management team will punish the user with a maximum ban period of 3 months.
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