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15:17, Nov-20-2015 | From PC
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Hello,My camera worked perfectly until I want to downgrade it to connect via RTSP following this thread ... light=xiaoyi%2Bants

I think the downgrade was not a success because now the camera continually reboot:
- I connect it
- Orange led is fix
- Orange led flashes
- I launch iOS app to pair the camera
- blue led flashed
- blue led fix (Yeahh it works, camera is connected to the network.... euhh no...)
- reboot -> Orange led is fix and steps above continually repeating

I try to hold reset button but I think it's not work because even if I don't use the iOS app, the light still became blue...
I try to re-install the last firmware but the problem is still here.

Moreover, the camera don't speak anymore to say to pairing...

Is it bricked ? Someone already have this issue ?

Thank you

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