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16:57, Nov-20-2014 | From PC
I would say, there are still a lot of potential in the low end Android market.

southeast Asian countries (what xiaomi is targeting now), eastern European countries, Latin american countries and Africa.

talked to one Mexican colleague, he was surprised by the price and spec. Brazil could be a good market too.

developing countries have good potential, however I would not suggest xiaomi to tackle western developed countries. a lot of certifications are required to lift the bar high blocking Chinese vendors, ask dear huawei friends.

gain market share -> grow and accumulate -> push the product to a higher level -> conquer the world :)

design: must have unique design, something xiaomi only, thus forever leave the aura of Apple.
security certifications: there is a mobile device protection profile (common criteria) by America NIAP, cryptography modules certification such as FIPS, if xiaomi some day will do something similar to ApplePay, use android HCE and EMVCo tokenization to achieve that, then xiaomi needs some level of security on the mobile itself, I suggest using trusted execution environment (TEE) or embedded secure element.

there are many things to be done that will take some time.

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