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[Discussion] [MIUI Device Team] MIUI Monthly Talk - March 2017: MWC 2017, Surge S1 and More!

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02:55, Mar-19-2017 | From PC
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       Greetings MIUIers

We have a tech Monthly Talk on every month which accentuates the technology of that month. Our previous monthly talk was written by @coolmihir and we were talking about Android Wear 2.0, Redmi Note 4X, MIUI's Stock File Explorer FTP. Now it’s time for new tech trends in this month. Get ready!

We had many launches and awesome feature updates this month, but we choose the best for our Fellow MI Fans. These are the topics according to our team:

Talk of the Month: MWC 2017
Tech of the Month: Pinecone SurgeS1
MIUI's Ahead: Screen Recorder
Discussion of the Month: Which looks better 18:9 aspect ratio or 16:9 aspect ratio?

  Talk of the Month

Here we’ll be talking about Mobile World Congress 2017.

Some words on GSMA World Congress:
Mobile World Congress is the biggest mobile industry event held every year. It is an association of the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry and a conference featuring prominent executives representing mobile operators, OEM manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners from across the world.  Some of the industry-leading events by GSMA are Mobile World Congress, Mobile World Congress Shanghai, Mobile World Congress Americas and the Mobile 360 Series conferences. This event was initially named as GSM world congress but in 2014 at Shanghai-China, it was rebranded as Mobile World Congress and it was also stated that Barcelona-Spain will host MWC till 2023. Let us look into the spectacular launch events of MWC 2017.
Smartphone flagship -

The Most awaited launch from Nokia and BlackBerry was announced on this events. Nokia launched its 3310 basic feature phone which has a 1 month stand-by time(1200mAh), comes with 2.4″large screen, 2 MP camera on the back, and is more slimmer. This hero phone will be available in four different colors - Warm Red and Yellow, both with a gloss finish, and Dark Blue and Grey both with a matte finish. Nokia’s secret weapon Snake Game has also returned. Nokia assured that by the second quarter of this year all of its products Nokia 3310, Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 will be available in India.   

The security player BlackBerry launched its BlackBerry Keyone: The Perfect QWERTY Android Smartphone! This device is powered by an Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor and runs on Android 7.1, comes with a 4.5'' display screen along with a QWERTY keyboard. This QWERTY guy houses a 3505 mAh Lithium-ion battery with QuickCharge 3.0. The best feature to look out in this is the software security that comes with it. Blackberry Keyone is expected to be available across the globe from the beginning of April.

Sony launched its Xperia XZs: The 13-Megapixel selfie camera includes video recording at 960 frames per second, providing super slow motion video, plus predictive capture and Xperia X comes with Sailfish OS. SailfishOS is an open operating system developed by Jolla and Sailfish OS Community.  Jolla announced that official version of its Sailfish OS will be available to almost all Xperia Devices.

Some other smartphone players like Moto which is now owned by Lenovo launched its Moto G5 and G5 Plus; LG launched G6; ZTE launched ZTE BLADE V8 and V8 LITE; Gionee launched M2017 and Gionee A1.

Innovative Flagship -

'Super mCharge' Fast Charging Solution!

Meet the world’s fast Super mCharge. Meizu introduced 'Super mCharge' Fast Charging Solution. This innovation uses high-voltage direct charge method to quickly charge a 3,000mAh smartphone battery from 0 to 100 % in just 20 minutes and has a powerful output of 11V/5A charging to deliver 55W with in the temperature range of 39 °C(102.2 °F). By this we can predict that it’s upto three times faster than Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0(18W) and two times faster than OPPO’s VOOC technology(20W). The company says "Super mCharge is a major break through among existing direct charging solutions that enable batteries to top up at a much faster and is the safest one of all ”.

5x Dual Camera Zoom technology!
Meet the world’s first periscope-style 5x Dual Camera Zoom technology for smartphones by Oppo. Oppo’s new camera technology features two lenses: a telephoto lens and wide-angle lens. But what makes this attract our eyeballs is that the telephoto lens is set at 90° angle, which is also how a Periscope works. The Company said “All thanks to our own proprietary image fusion technology will be able to provide digital zoom to bring it up to 5x zoom”. This is totally a break through in camera technology. By this we can predict that it’s better than the camera of the iPhone 7 Plus which has a 2x digital zoom.

Versatile 2-in-1 detachable laptop!

HP launched HP Pro x2 612 G2. What makes this one special is it’s versatile 2-in-1 detachable laptop, featuring multiple modes ideal for commercial use, including a presentation mode, an inking mode for taking notes, a tablet mode for data collection, and a notebook mode. This beast is powered by latest 7th generation Intel processor which includes a USB-C connection for quick charging and data transfers and USB-A for accessing traditional legacy peripherals. It includes a built-in smart card reader, a removable SSD, and the HP Client Security Suite Gen3, along with an optional fingerprint sensor and optional Near Field Communications (NFC).

VR Headsets and Robots attracts the most crowd!

Gionee S6 pro, VR headsets, Pibo- the cute robot, drones, virtual reality/augmented reality, robotics, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and more were the highlights of MWC 2017.

It is sad that Xiaomi didn’t participate in the MWC 2017. But we can expect it’s coming to Mobile World Congress Shanghai taking place this year from 28 June – 1 July.

  Tech of the Month

Two years ago, Xiaomi decided to control its own destiny. “We need to be able to make a chipset to stand out as someone who was really innovative;” said the company's spokesman John Chan. “The key is having full control of the chipset and integration with the phone.”

With that in mind, Xiaomi built the Surge S1, an eight-core, ARM-based processor which is a powerhouse and can also handle 4K video. More importantly, it’s fully integrated with the new Xiaomi 5c smartphone which was launched with the chip. We are proud that our Xiaomi has unveiled it’s own SoC (System on Chip). A surge of greatness “Surge S1”. Our first ever SoC designed in-house by Xiaomi that delivers a balance between the performance and power efficiency. Xiaomi is one of four leading smartphone companies to create a chipset designed and developed in-house.

Check this beast's highlights:
  • Octa-core 64-bit chipset (4xA53 cores 2.2GHz + 4xA53 cores 1.4GHz).
  • 28nm High Performance Computing (HPC) process.
  • Mali-T860 quad-core GPU.
  • AFBC + ASTC image compression technology.
  • 32-bit high performance DSP for voice processing.
  • 14-bit dual ISP; enhanced image processing capabilities.
  • Surge ISP algorithm improves camera light sensitivity by 150%.
  • Dual noise reduction algorithm reduces noise and preserves image detail in low light.
  • Upgradable baseband; programmable modem, OTA up-gradable.
  • VoLTE high quality call and video support.
  • Chip-level security; TEE architecture, strict compliance with safety regulations.
  • Antutu score of 64,817.

Meet the Mi 5c-The first ever Xiaomi device embedded with its own processor Surge S1. Here are the quick highlights of Mi 5c.

Have you ever thought why Xiaomi went on to develop its own SoC?
My views are: In this cut throat world of premium smartphones, the desire to differentiate makes sense. So Xiaomi can only reduce the cost and earn profits by cutting the costs of mobile components. The major part of a smartphone is processor which costs relatively high, so developing ones own processor can greatly reduce the cost. By this Xiaomi is making its move to the future and to the top of innovative list.

Don't forget to share your views on the Pinecone Surge SoC in the comments section!

  MIUI's Ahead

About Screen Recorders:

Screen recorder is a digital recording of screen and audio. We often use this feature to make tutorials on phones, demonstrate a proper procedure to solve a problem and a developer can also show off their work using it. Screen recorders are excellent for gamers to record their play-offs and also are for those learners who just need an oral as well as a visual explanation of a content presented.

It is not available in stock Android ROM yet but we can see this in some of the custom ROMs which is very basic in nature. Just a simple tap to record and save. We often see many third party screen recorders but they require root or licensed at least watermark enabled.

Our MIUI also built its own native screen recorder available in v7.3.2 developer build (MIUI 8).

Here are the highlights and quick overview of the initial release.

  • Root-free. More secured.
  • Commentary supported.
  • Able to browse, playback, delete, and share your recorded videos.
  • A neat UI panel with easy to get started.
  • Floating Pause/Play Button (invisible in  Playback).
  • Customizable Resolution, Video quality, and Frame rate.
  • All on-screen operations/physical button press can be recorded.

  Discussion of the Month

We all knew that LG launched its new Full Vision G6 is a new era in dimensions and aspect ratio. So what are these dimensions and aspect ratios? How are they measured? Why LG says that G6 has an aspect ratio of 18:9 and not 2:1? Let’s have a brief look:

Aspect ratio
An aspect ratio is “a ratio of the width to the height of an image or screen”.

How is aspect ratio measured?
By definition we see that the ratio of width to height is aspect ratio. Let’s take our Redmi 3s dimensions- the height is 4.4'' , the width is 2.5'' and the diagonal is 5.0''. So 4.4 divided by 2.5 is approximately 1.7, which is the ratio of 16:9 (actually 16/9 is 1.77). Another way to work out the aspect ratio is by using the screen resolution. The screen resolution of Redmi 3S is 1280 x720 now again 1280 / 720 is 1.77 or 16:9 or 1.77:1. This is also we measure the size of TV screens and its aspect ratio.

Why LG says that G6 has an aspect ratio of 18:9 and not 2:1?
The resolution of the LG G6’s display is 2880 by 1440 (2:1 or 18:9) which means that the display is twice as wide as it is high. The actual fact is 16:9 or 1.77:1 are the same and 18:9 or 2:1 are the same. Why LG says that G6 has an aspect ratio of 18:9 instead of 2:1 is that 18:9 sounds more closer to 16:9 than 2:1 does; and that shows the consumers that it is actually wider.

Pros of 16:9
  • The 16:9 aspect ratio enhances the quality of the image.
  • Compatible with all games and movie resolutions.
  • It is better suited for smartphones, tablets and current external monitors.
Cons of 16:9
  • 16:9 aspect ratio is not as wide as what you would see in a cinema.
  • Less resolution when compared to 18:9 so less FPS
Pros of 18:9
  • Multitasking seems more reliable in landscape mode as its wide and is twice more as its high.
  • Video playing and streaming on 18:9 screen seems fantastic.
Cons of 18:9
  • Most of the media available in market is not yet fully 18:9 compatible.
  • For some media you may get black bars on top and bottom of the screen.

Sources: Google for images and some info. Source 1 Source 2 Source 3

Previous Talks:

Million of thanks to
for guiding and giving me an opportunity to create this thread. Thanks to @Nig_ZA and @Technoking2020 for their support and special thanks to Ma'am @Candicesu and @Nanana for their continuous supervision.

18:9 aspect ratio Vs 16:9 aspect ratio
Which one would you choose?

Single-option Poll, 533 members voted
37.71% 201
62.29% 332
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Really informative thread. Thanks for sharing


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2.  I prefer 16:9 aspect ratio

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i prefer to 18:9 aspect ratio

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It's very useful and informative Thread Thanks for sharing.I prefer 16.9 aspect ratio

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19:01, Mar-21-2017 | From PC

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I prefer 16:9 aspect ratio

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19:06, Mar-21-2017 | From PC
surge s1 is average as compare to snapdragon SOC...

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