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[Interview] MIUI Interview Collection: Star Members, Admins, Xiaomi Staff, Global Team

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20:53, Sep-29-2014 | From PC
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Dear MIUIers,

I am sure you have noticed that our MIUI Interview has been on the forum for a long time. How do you like it? How about a summary thread of them and you can check what you like to read? Here it comes. We have placed the interviews in 4 categories, including forum star members, admins, Xiaomi staff, and Global Team. Pick out your favorite and have fun in the journey of reading.

[Part 1 MIUI Forum Star Members] helloansuman, sta-s2z, petrykgrinder, Iluminouss, jiangminglang
No.1  Interview with helloansuman from Porting Team

I really feel great to be a part of MIUI forum. This line "SLEEP WITH MIUI, WAKEUP WITH MIUI” expresses my feelings. I enjoy the work of porting. I feel great after each porting is successful.

NO.2  Interview with Moderator sta-s2z

More than half a year of weekly marathon with porting, fixing, improvement, more than 20000 people using my ports :) Devices I 've ported with MIUI ROM include Fly IQ446, Jiayu G4H/G4HG, Jiayu G3S/G3ST, and Ultimate rom for Xiaomi Redmi (developer version with improvements).

NO.3  Interview With a Winner MIUI Theme Resources Contest "petrukgrinder"
[Host: Glennnugraha]

Hopefully Miui getting known around the world.. for the Miui Rom, hope the support low end device, so all device maybe can get Miui ROM, Not only for the high end device. The contest is a venue to hone their creativity, imagination and originality of the members in this forum.

NO.4 Interview with Iluminouss, one SuperDesign Team!
[Hostess: Derica]

For Xiaomi Designer Platform: I think it is great for theme designers, I really appreciate it and especial thanks to guys who are responsible for them,  but I still wish they can speed up the theme checking process, lol. Iluminouss was born for screen lovers , it is strong, and we are family, even though we just met on facebook and whatsapp, but when we are together we say" we are family and we love our screen" I m so happy to have the chance to join them and work and enjoy with all of the members.

NO.5  Interview with jiangminglang , Our beloved Super Moderator


Three years ago, i saw my friend's phone (MOTO Defy ) was equipped with MIUI. From that time, I know Miui, and then Xiaomi. By the time, I know more and more about Xiaomi. My first phones is Nokia 6030, then Nokia 6120ci, Motorola Defy and now I'm using Mi 2. I want to make friends with MIUIers all over the world.

[Part 2 MIUI Forum Admins] Nanana, Derica, meredithhan, KateZ

No.1  Interview with Nanana (THE CREATOR OF MIUI ENGLISH FORUM)
[Host: helloansuman]

My role? Hmm, my job to solve problems and make the forum bigger and better. I and my team (all of the admins) also work for fan sites, translation, social media of MIUI ROM and so on. When I joined Xiaomi, there was no English web site or forum for international users. So I created the site and forum you're using now.

NO.2  MIUI Interview with Derica
Listening and communicating are very important. We admins are all girls, as u may know they are nice and friendly, willing to help not only in work, but in life too. You will love the working relationship if you get a chance to try. Besides, flat management is also a feature in Xiaomi, so leaders are also nice.

NO.3  MIUI Interview with Meredithhan


I knew Xiaomi long before I worked here. I heard its produces great phones with unbelievable prices, and I actually bought Mi1 myself. I sent my resume when I was job hunting and found Xiaomi was recruiting. My first impression about the company is that it’s a young and energetic team. The employees are relatively young, but they are very professional, and have so much passion about their job.

NO.4 Interview with the Devices Admin KateZ
[Host: sianman]

My current role is to manage MIUI Device Forum. The purpose of Device Forum is to provide one-stop information on specific device to our users, also to provide answers when they have problem with their phones. This forum is quite new, together with our mods and MIUI Device Team, we are working hard to make it a more helpful and interesting place for all.

[Part 3 Xiaomi Staff] Orange Friday Video Team, Creator of Mi Bunny, 秋叶随风ivan
No.1  Interview with the Leader of Xiaomi Orange Friday Video Team
[Hostess: jellytelly]

Orange Friday details are planned by the whole MIUI team, we will create the video with the given details. Usually it is being created on Thursday due to time constraint.  
The design of the Orange Friday would be changed every 6 weeks to give people a refreshing feel and the voice over for the videos are done by professional voice actors from the TV stations.

NO.2  Interview with the Creator of Mi Bunny
[Hostess: Christine_MI]


In the initial design phase, Mi Bunny had no specific gender, but my drawing style did personify it as a male. One day, we had a designer that suggested to create a female Mi Bunny, and she created the perfect companion to Mi Bunny ("米兔") and named it Mi Niu ("米妞").We then made a MIUI theme ("米妞") out of this character. She doesn't appear as often as Mi Bunny and we haven't thought of more ideas to feature her (Mi Niu) yet.

NO.3  MIUI Interview with Customized ROM guru 秋叶随风ivan

I started working for Xiaomi last year and is currently involved in Linux server and configuration management and technical support.  My main duty is to ensure that my fellow colleagues can work or laze happily! Occasionally, I dabble in MIUI system upgrades, memory optimization, stable ROMs upgrades as well as updating the Android version to allow my colleagues to test out Google’s latest features.

[Part 4 Xiaomi Global] Mi India, Mi Singapore, Mi Indonesia
No.1  Rohit Ghalsasi: Man behind MIUI India Fan Site & Mi India
[Host: Disturbed™]

194201zwo9h9jwyoxdrouh.jpg.thumb (1).jpg

I am following this company from 3yrs just because I am passinate about how this company works and company culture. Iam ROM developer, and I always believed supporting users after giving them ROM,I answered to each user’s question from ROM thread, in short I believe in aftersale service and Xiaomi also believe in same.

NO.2  Interview with Anya Shkurko, Xiaomi Summer Intern
[Hostess: Christine_MI]


I found Hugo’s talk about Xiaomi very interesting and inspiring. He also stayed for a long Q&A with students and discussed company’s international growth. That’s when I realized that I wanted to be part of this and contribute to the global success of Xiaomi.

NO.3  MIUI Interview with Bobby Silalahi [Mi Indonesia Facebook]


I got to know Xiaomi because I was a tech writer writing for Americanwebsites, primarily Android Authority. I’ve loved Xiaomi from the first time Iheard about it some 2 years ago. The company’s desire to bring high qualitydevices to the masses resonates with me. I believe tech is the leverage peoplein the developing world needs to allow them to stand shoulder to shoulder withtheir developed world counterparts, and what Xiaomi does is actually that,giving millions of people access to high quality technology.

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nice interviews, it s nice to meet with all staff, thanks for interviews...
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All Interviews are Awesome

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Rohit is cool. The man behind indian fan site

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All Interviews are Awesome and  MIUI Interview with Customized ROM guru 秋叶随风ivan is the best

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WOW all at one place,will check on by one :)

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all pro developer ! big thanks to them !
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