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[Tips & Tutorials] MIUI Addiction Series Vol.3: Preview for the 'Screen Recorder' app on MIUI 8

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15:28, Jan-17-2017 | From PC
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MIUI Addiction2-1020x369.png

Dear Mi Fans, Happy Chinese New Year

First of all, please accept my early greetings for the Chinese Lunar New Year (Also known as Chinese Spring Festival)! Along with my sincere wishes for you, I am also bringing you a good, which is that the 'Screen Recorder' feature is coming! - Currently, only supported on China Alpha ROM with Android M/N based devices ( Mi 3 / Mi 4 / Mi 5 / Mi Note).

The ‘Screen Recorder’ can be used in the following scenarios and there are a lot more to be explored:
1. To record and to make 'Gaming Commentary' videos.
2. To record and share 'App Tutorial' videos.
3. To record 'Bug reproduction' videos.
4. To record 'The Most Boring' videos.

There are plenty of screencasting apps in the market currently with the fact that most of them are paid apps. Choosing a reliable and handy screencast app is like 'finding a needle in the haystack'. But, no worries, today I am going to introduce our MIUI exclusive screencasting app - Screen Recorder ( Let's give a round of applause to our MIUI developers!)

1. Root-free. More secured.
2. A neat UI panel with easy to get started.
3. Commentary supported.
4. Floating Pause/Play Button. (Invisible in Playback)
5. Customizable Resolution, Video quality and Frame rate.
6. All on-screen operations/physical button press can be recorded.
7. Able to browse, playback, delete and share your recorded videos.

App Icon / App settings

Screenshot_2017-01-17-13-28-33-395_com.miui.home.png Screenshot_2017-01-17-13-28-45-887_com.miui.screenrecorder.png

Screen Recording Demo

Screenshot_2017-01-17-13-29-21-738_com.miui.miuibbs.png Screenshot_2017-01-17-13-44-26-760_com.miui.enbbs.png

Screenshot_2017-01-17-13-44-04-397_com.miui.enbbs.png Screenshot_2017-01-17-13-44-58-320_com.miui.enbbs.png

Browse and Edit your recordings

Screenshot_2017-01-17-13-28-38-813_com.miui.screenrecorder.png Screenshot_2017-01-17-13-45-36-999_com.miui.screenrecorder.png

How was it! This feature is still under development, some functions need more improvement. Please feel free to leave your expectations or suggestions in the reply. Once again, this feature is currently supported only on China Alpha ROM with Android M/N based devices. For Beta ROM / Stable users, please wait patiently.

Hint: At the day of the 'Screen Recorder' Beta Release, a new feature that you had never seen on any other third party screencast apps before will be revealed.

Finally, wishing you a prosperous 2017!


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