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[Tips & Tutorials] 64 Tips You Should Know About MIUI V5

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15:37, Jun-26-2013 | From PC
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Hey, MIUIers.


I believe MIUI V5 has brought endless surprises to you since its release, no matter about its UI, or its detail-oriented functions. I guess you know no less than me about all its functions. Therefore, here I’ll present to you some tips in using MIUI V5. If you already know them, then consider this as a review to remind you of the reasons you love MIUI V5. {:1_1:}

Update(March 25, 2014):
System Operation: 18. How to make your phone auto start using MIUI

Russian translation by MIUI Russia:
Spain translation by MIUI Spain:


1. Double click on the lock image (the area marked in the first picture below) can switch between music player and lockscreen.

1.png 2.png

2.  Long press on Back key in lockscreen mode (without a password) can enter camera. You can find this function in Complete Settings——Buttons & keys.
3.png 4.png

3. Long press on Home button in lockscreen mode can turn on the flashlight. Press for three seconds until the phone vibrates, and the screen will turn black and the flashlight will remain on. To turn it off, just press anywhere on the screen.

4. Press volume up key and back key together can unlock  the phone (without a password).

Contacts & Calls & SMS

1. You may have some important message in your SMS inbox, and want them to be the first ones you see when entering SMS. That indeed can be done. Just check the messages you need, and press Pin.

2. There're messages you don't want others to see? Add them to Private Message! Keep pulling the SMS page down and you'll enter the Private Message page.

3. When others ask you for another person's contact information, you may have to memorize it or take note of it and then tell them. But with MIUI, you don't have to go through all these trouble.
MI_20130719_164537.png MI_20130719_164607.png MI_20130719_164630.png MI_20130719_164640.png

4. When sending group messages, we used to have to address all the receivers by the same name, and it sometimes seem to be a little impersonal. But with MIUI, those times have come to an end.
MI_20130724_160226.png MI_20130724_160656.png MI_20130724_160926.png
5. With MiCloud service, you can send messages from the computer. Just log into


6. When there's an incoming call,  the ringtone will automatically increase if you don't answer it in 30 seconds.


7. I beleive most of you have the experience of getting annoying sales calls. But when there's an unknown number calling, you have to answer in case it's something important. With MIUI, you can easily tell whether you should answer a call or not.  
10.png 11.png 12.png

8. Some of you may know that in MIUI V2.3, it has a different gesture when answering calls, that is swip vertically.

                                V2.3                                                                    V5
143451hcgonordor67pdzy.png.thumb.jpg 143444jii3k0ca3i29sc2w.png.thumb.jpg

Now, if you prefer that way, you can still have it in MIUI V5.

Go to Setting in the Phone page, select Call settings

Choose Answer gesture - Vertical swipe
143457vizmrwb9rrw8uza9.png.thumb.jpg 1434594ify5p8k6zxi6vlk.png.thumb.jpg

9. If two people both use the MIUI system, they can send free messages and pictures via the Internet.

10. If a call is important, you can record it or take notes of important contents.

11. Sometimes you forgot to switch your phone mode to Vibrate or Silence in a meeting or during an important conversation. If someone calls you and your phone rings, you may  feel embaressed fumbling to turn the sound off. With MIUI, you can make your phone silent in a flip.
15.png 16.png 17.png

12. Some of you, especially boys, like to put your phone in your pocket. And if there's an incoming call, you may misoperate when taking the phone out. Here's a way to avoid this risk.

Comeplete settings—Display—Prevent misoperation
18.png 19.png

This is how it looks like.

13. After you've changed your phone, all the contacts information can be imported to your new phone in a minute. Press Menu button in the Contacts page, choose Import/export, and then choose Import from other phone.
21.png 22.png 23.png 24.png

14. You may find your contacts have no avatars or location information, that's because you've turned on Simple mode. Solution? Turn it off. :)

15. What do you do when there're duplicate contacts in your phone? Delete one of them by yourself? Well, that's unnecessary if you use MIUI.
MI_20130723_143333.png MI_20130723_143354.png MI_20130723_143400.png

MI_20130723_143406.png MI_20130723_143508.png MI_20130723_143517.png

16.How to batch set contacts avatars
Download and install the app below

ContactPhoto1.6.1.apk (146.72 KB, Downloads: 2812)
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16:03, Jun-26-2013 | From PC
Thanks meredithhan, nice collection of useful features.

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Very useful!!

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 Author| 16:11, Jun-26-2013 | From PC
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Glad I can help. {:1_1:}

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double click on lock screen for music is awesome. I loved it. thanks...
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Super-like !!! :loveliness:
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16:35, Jun-26-2013 | From PC
Reply meredithhan Add Thread

Glad i read this thread, learned a few things i didn't know, thanks!
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16:36, Jun-26-2013 | From PC
Good Tips For Newbie's :) Thanx For post

Enjoying With China Developer Rom.Love you Mi & MIUI

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16:53, Jun-26-2013 | From PC
Few new things for me... Thanks a lot...

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Very usefull for the new members of MIUI universe :)

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