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[Other] [Announced]300 Beta Testers Wanted for MIUI 6! Apply Here to Join Us! (Updat...

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20:18, Aug-16-2014 | From PC
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MUI 6 Beta Test
20:30, Aug-16-2014
MIUI English Forum
1976 applied
18:00, Aug-21-2014
Please see the 'Approved' list below to find the chosen beta testers. Congratulations to all!!
Hi MIUIers,

MIUI 6 has been released today, do you like it? MIUI has developed for 4 years since 2010, and has released its 200 weekly update last week. We only had 100 beta testers in the beginning, and now MIUI has 70m users all over the world. Thanks for all your great support.

Our first 100 beta testers are already in the testing process. We know more of you are eager to put you hands on MIUI 6. So we're recruiting again! 300 more beta testers for MIUI 6 are wanted! This is your chance to join us.    If you think you fit our requirements and could do this job well, come on and apply here!

As it's closed beta version, there're still many bugs. It's kind of risky to flash it.
Please think carefully before applying. Thanks!

1. You need to have a Mi 3 WCDMA/CDMA or Mi 4
2. Your MIUI English forum credits should be over 50
3. You need to report bugs in this forum
4. You need to write a review about MIUI 6 and post it in this forum
5.  Please don’t leak the rom package before the official release. Otherwise, you will be removed from the beta team immediately

1. Special forum section access
2. Access to MIUI daily updates
3. Priority of joining MIUI official activities
4. Special forum rewards and medals

The reason why we want 50 credits is that we want to give more chances to active users in this forum. Applicants with more credits are preferred to be beta testers. If we can't find enough users with enough credits, we'll consider those with less credits. It's easy to get credits by posting threads and replies in the forum. Hope you understand.

Current special team members (
Moderators/Beta Team members/Porting Team members/Resource Team members/News Team members/Device Team members/App Review Team members) also need to apply here.

If you want to test MIUI 6, please click the Apply button to apply. Please tell us if you've got any experience regarding this job while applying,
and give us enough reason to pick you. 300 testers will be selected before August 22, 2014 (Beijing Time) !!  

Let's see some hands-on pictures of MIUI 6:




MIUI 6 Full Review: Visually Stunning, Stunningly Simple
MIUI 4th Anniversary: Greetings from MIUI Fans all over the world!(Updating)

MIUI 6 on Xiaomi Mi 4 Hands-on and Review

Approved applicants (300)

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I am developer and do know how to test for bugs and will definitely report too.

17:37, Aug-21-2014

Hi I am from Botswana(Southern Africa) and i would love to be a beta tester for MIUI6. I have IT education and background, I sincerely hope my application will be considered. Thank you Nitin

17:32, Aug-21-2014

Hello, I have an MI3W, current with 4.8.15 version, I'm a computer science specialist and I have time o test, please add me in the list, Thank you,

17:05, Aug-21-2014

I would absolutely LOVE to be the beta tester for MIUI6. I am a Project Manager by Profession and would be willing to go extra mile if Xiaomi needs my help... Thanks

14:43, Aug-21-2014

Have all request and able to report bugs

14:38, Aug-21-2014

I would like to apply, I have mi3 64gb and having good knowledge on flashing smartphone and using/testing custom roms (MIUI, CM, AOSP)

14:27, Aug-21-2014

Had applied for first batch Beta team but fail. Mi3 WCDMA user here, would be my honor to join the beta team. I'll help you dig all the bug out =)

14:11, Aug-21-2014

I thought I had already applied... but I am based iin the Philippines... highly experienced tech geek... and more than happy to put the full OS through its paces... Would love to be in the next wave

10:25, Aug-21-2014

Pending applicants (1676)

  Comment Application time
alizenelden 17:31, Aug-21-2014
rororon915 17:14, Aug-21-2014
priyolahiri 17:11, Aug-21-2014
toufiq47 17:05, Aug-21-2014
fusionjaz 16:46, Aug-21-2014
Tatzkie 16:46, Aug-21-2014
dayron 16:44, Aug-21-2014
Narref 16:44, Aug-21-2014

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SuzAnDroid Wow! I'm IN :)  21:06, Aug-22-2014
karthikraobr I am already a part of India Redmi 1S testing team. It would be my privilege to test MIUI 6 on my MI3. Please accept my application  20:13, Aug-22-2014
hirenvasani Thank you... I am in... Dont know how should i proceed!!  17:59, Aug-22-2014
rageraver I am already in the India Redmi 1S Testing Group. Have 6 Mi3 at home to tinker MIUI V6 with. I hope the good people at Xiaomi are reading this and would consider my application. CHEERS  03:48, Aug-21-2014
lcjml49 Thank you for choosing me for the beta 6 Miui  14:46, Aug-19-2014

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MarshallRebel + 5 Awesome!
XiaomiPraveen + 1 Fantastic!
eshainessential + 1 Fantastic!
punkthemonk + 5 Awesome! Can't wait to try MIUI 6 on my
ngan1199 + 1 Awesome!
XiaomiShopTh + 1 Thanks!
Cedric0303 + 1 Thanks!
好巴巴sos + 5 Great!
1.sudeep + 1 Great! I've been INitiated. Yey...!!
diorz38 + 1 Fantastic!
ganeshrnet + 1 Great!
jenjih86 + 1 Fantastic!
Sankar17 + 1 Thanks!
GolffyHoney + 1 Thanks!
rick.rv7 + 1 Thanks!
th4ih4 + 1 Thanks!
ADesai + 1 Thanks for selecting me..!!! Let me know
Astron90 + 1 Thanks!
SuzAnDroid + 5 Awesome!
genx07 + 1 Great!
sudy_freak + 2 Thanks!
vasishath + 1 Thanks! I will do my best to help sort o
Sirboss74 + 1 Thanks!
rthl89 + 1 Fantastic!
hakimfarouk + 1 Thanks!
PRASOON + 1 Thanks!.. Can you please Guide me How to
cky2848 + 1 Awesome!

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20:23, Aug-16-2014 | From PC
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First to apply... Hurray

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WinstonMeyn + 1 Great!

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20:29, Aug-16-2014 | From PC
Second to Apply.. Already Testing Redmi1s In India.. Please take me for Mi3 too.. :) I Love me MI3

Add post (19:07, Aug-16-2014):
It will Be Easy to Test Both Devices and Update Bugs, as this whole Month i have kept aside time for actively Reporting Bugs. Had Applied earlier for the first 100... unfortunately didn't get through

Add post (19:09, Aug-16-2014):
Currently On MI3 W On the Latest Dev Builds
Have more than 50 Credits
Will Reports Bugs
Definitely a review of Miui6
wont leak the ROM.. not even show to my wife ;)

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drago7nav + 1 Awesome!
MiHipHopBunny + 1 Your wife will forgive you :)
Busa842100 + 1 Awesome!
termometricool + 2 two thumbs up!!

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20:31, Aug-16-2014 | From PC
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20:32, Aug-16-2014 | From PC
I want to tests MIUI 6 on my Redmi Note~

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20:32, Aug-16-2014 | From PC
good luck for everyone here

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kennyanthony8 + 3 Agreed!

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20:33, Aug-16-2014 | From PC
When Mi2S Beta Testing?

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ArRoChO + 1 Agreed!

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Mi 2S - sold
Mi 4 - sold
Mi 5 - dead

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20:34, Aug-16-2014 | From PC
tenth to apply

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20:35, Aug-16-2014 | From PC
Hello miui team ! I want to test the miui v6 and help the miui team !

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Singapore BirthdayMIUI 4th Anniversary1st Anniversary

20:35, Aug-16-2014 | From PC
what about other devices ?

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