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[Interview] [EXCLUSIVE] Interview with Anya Shkurko, Xiaomi Summer Intern

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01:03, Jul-26-2014 | From PC
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Some of us lucky Mi Fans had the opportunity to catch up with beautiful Anya, the latest addition to the dynamic Xiaomi Singapore team over a cozy Mi fans meetup for "An Evening with (Redmi) Note" recently. Anya flew half-way across the world for a much coveted opportunity to work with Xiaomi Singapore as part of her summer internship. The MIUI news team is proud and excited (as usual!) to introduce to you, Anya Shkurko, her thoughts on what it's like to work in Xiaomi, & how Hugo convinced her to travel such a long journey (from Stanford, US) for her internship in Singapore!

Q: Who is Anya?

My name is Anya Shkurko, I am an intern at Xiaomi Singapore this summer. I was born and grew up in Minsk, Belarus, where I got my Bachelors degree in international relations and East Asian studies. During university I spent one year in Dalian, China as a Chinese language student. Now I’m getting my Master’s in East Asian studies at Stanford University. I’m very interested in technology and innovation, and I’m learning so much from Xiaomi - one of the most innovative companies in Asia. In my free time I enjoy travelling, jogging and learning foreign languages. So far, with Russian and Belarusian as native languages, I can speak English, Mandarin and a little German. My next goal is to master Italian

Q: Why do you want to work for Xiaomi?

I read about Xiaomi in different tech blogs, and became really interested in the company after Hugo came to Stanford for the China 2.0 conference and gave a talk about Xiaomi. China 2.0 is an annual forum that takes place at Stanford and Beida, which aims to bring together entrepreneurs, executives and thought leaders from China and Silicon Valley to discuss innovation and entrepreneurship in China. Founders and CEOs of the most successful Chinese companies, such as Tencent, SINA, Renren, Baidu, Youku, Alibaba were keynote speakers at this conference during past years.

I found Hugo’s talk about Xiaomi very interesting and inspiring. He also stayed for a long Q&A with students and discussed company’s international growth. That’s when I realized that I wanted to be part of this and contribute to the global success of Xiaomi.

Q: How do you find the functionality of Xiaomi phones compared to other smartphones? (e.g. iPhone, Samsung, etc)

I like my Redmi a lot! I can’t believe that one can have all this functionality for such a low price! I had an iPhone 4s and a Moto X before, and I should say that it was very easy for me to switch to MIUI and enjoy all the customization and other functions that Xiaomi offers. I also like how it holds the battery for a long time and I don’t have to worry about having a charger with me all the time.

Q: You flew all the way from US to SG to help out at Xiaomi! Tell us more about what you set out to achieve here?

It is my first time in Singapore, and I fell in love with the country on my day one. I was very impressed by how beautiful and clean the city is and how nice people are. And of course local food is delicious! For my internship I’ll spend 10 weeks in Singapore and 2 weeks in Beijing. I’m also planning to travel a little in Malaysia during the weekends.

As for my job, I’m working on some very interesting projects connected to Xiaomi’s presence in Southeast Asia and I look forward to seeing the results of my work at the end of the summer.

Q: What’s a typical day of work for you at Xiaomi?

Hmm, there is no a typical day of work, every day is unique (at Xiaomi).

But usually I come to the office between 9 and 10 in the morning, check emails, and start working on my projects. They all require a lot of research, so I spend a lot of time reading, interviewing people and trying to find and organize all information. Then on some days I have meetings (online and in person) with other colleagues from Xiaomi and our partners, where we usually discuss our projects. I finish work at around 8 pm, have dinner at Lau Pa Sat and walk home enjoying beautiful views of Singapore Marina Bay.

The work culture at Xiaomi Singapore is very open and friendly. We have a small team here, so it feels like working in a startup, even though there are about 5,000 people in our Beijing office. Xiaomi global team did a great job recruiting the best talent from all over the world, and this makes our teamwork very efficient. Whenever I have a question, there is always someone to help me out, and I really appreciate this support from my colleagues. We also enjoy fun activities, like going out to eat chili crab for lunch or organizing fan meet ups. And of course we are all Mi Fans, so we love reading MIUI forum and talking to other Fans.

"If you have a chance, I would definitely recommend everybody to apply to work at Xiaomi!" - Anya

>>> (Sure, tell us where to sign up and we will! Haha!)

And of course, a photo of Anya (*Gorgeous Alert*) to conclude the post about the amazing talents that Xiaomi have.


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 Author| 18:40, Jul-26-2014 | From PC
bhokali replied at 2014-7-26 16:45
Nice interview.

and what i have noticed is many people (especially mods) from Xiaomi prefer  RedMi  ...

I think it could be a case that many people have Redmi phones as compared to Mi phones. :)

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