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[Xiaomi] 2016 Mi Product Launch: MIUI 8 Opens Beta Test on June 1, Mi Max @¥1,999

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10:52, May-10-2016 | From PC
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MIUI 8 banner.jpg

Dear Mi fans,

Today Xiaomi introduces you the new MIUI 8 and a larger Mi phone: Mi Max.
MIUI 8, an easy-to-use operating system, has a new design and major updates in the apps, including Gallery, Notes, Calculator, Scanner and more. Details for the Global ‪MIUI8‬ launch will be coming soon!
MIUI 8 banner.jpg

Mi Max, the largest handset with a large 6.44” display, is powered by a snapdragon processor and houses a 4850mAh battery. More on Mi Max specifications. [Mi Max] All You Need To Know About Mi Max: Specifications, Price & More

Mi max thin.png

- 6.44" large immersive display
- 4850mAh all-day battery
- Qualcomm Snapdragon 650/652
- 4GB RAM +128GB Flash + 128GB MicroSD (other memory versions avail)
- 16MP PDAF and 5MP cameras
- 7.5mm ultra-thin metal body, weighs 203g
- Fingerprint recognition
- 4G Dual SIM
MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.054.png

Mi Max Price

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.053.png

Mi Max Specifications

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.052.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.048.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.049.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.050.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.051.png

Mi Max Colors

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.033.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.038.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.041.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.042.png
Xiaomi Mi Max Default Theme (Light & Dark Version)! Download Now!

Mi Max
MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.034.png
MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.044.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.045.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.047.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.046.png

Mi Max features a 6.44-inch display, 7.5mm thin.

[Mi Max] Big Screen VS Average Screen Smartphones : Which One Do You Prefer?

MIUI 8 Release Date and Supported Devices

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.030.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.031.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.032.png

It is happening! MIUI 8 is coming!
Power Saving Mode
MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.026.png
MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.027.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.028.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.029.png

MIUI 8 Notes

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.018.png
No one wants their privacy to be exposed. The new Notes app enables you to set password and fingerprint to secure your private notes.

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.019.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.020.png

MIUI 8 Calculator

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.021.png

MIUI 8 Scanner

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.022.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.023.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.024.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.025.png

MIUI 8 Gallery

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.012.png

Snapped a nice photo? Swipe up and share it to your friends. Wanna edit it before sharing? MIUI 8 allows you to change filters with a tap.

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.013.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.014.png
Easily doodle your photos to make it fun. How about showing off your own doodled pictures?

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.015.png
Add the cute sticker to your photos any time. Tell a story in a single photo?

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.016.png
MIUI 8 supports video editing, in forms of cropping, adding filters, captions and music.

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.017.png

MIUI 8 Wallpaper Carousel

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.011.png
More and more high-quality daily lock screen are coming your way. Over 12 categories in total, from 50+ media partners.

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.008.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.009.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.010.png

MIUI 8 Fonts Redesigned

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.005.png
MIUI introduces Font Mi Lanting today. We hope your eyes would still be comfortable after reading on phones for 6 hours.

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.006.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.007.png

MIUI 8 Colors Redesigned

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.004.png

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.002.png
The color changes according to the weather change.

MIUI8 B3 Posts_510 12PM.003.png
MIUI 8 have great changes in colors, more colorful and young. We want you to have more comfort, more fun adn easiness.

MIUI -1.jpg

MIUI -2.jpg

miui -3.jpg

MIUI Users Worldwide

MIUIers are among the most active mobile internet users. According to the UMIndex (a mobile data analysis agency of Alibaba) of March, 6 out of top 10 are Mi phones. In the 2015 White Book by Tecent, 9 out of the top 10 active handsets are Mi phones.
UMIndex March

Tecent Whilte Book 2015

Fresh statistics: there are 200 million MIUI users worldwide.

Venue Set-up
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Before the launch:

Mi fans are ready for the event and interacting with the camera.

In the hallway, you can easily spot the colorful logo for Mi Max, which is a combination of tech and fashion.




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