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[Interview] Interview with Iluminouss, one SuperDesign Team!

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17:26, May-30-2014 | From PC
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Hey MIUIers, today I'm honored to present the interview with one mysterious team on MIUI English Forum--Iluminouss! It's also the first time for MIUI to invite a team to interview! Thanks a lot to AilsaZ giving me this cool opportunity.Iluminouss become famous on our forum because of their many cool themes. I m so excited to be the first to unveil their mystery!
Let‘s start my interview with them, here we go!
PS: We just select three members in Iluminouss on behalf of the whole team to be interviewed! Hope other cool members can forgive me.

Brief introduction to the three interviewed members(including their role):
1.rezarivani:  real name is Reza rivani zakaria , leader and founder of Iluminouss,  arrange for all members, motivate, give lesson      about the look and help new members to learn from each other to make a display of phones.    (Q1--Q9)
2.petrukgrinder: real name is Fatra Megantara, Iluminouss designer and administrator     (Q10-Q12)
3. fajerij: real name is as'ad samsul arifin, an ordinary member in Iluminouss, but excellent designer!   (Q13-Q18)

Q1: Whats the meaning of Iluminouss? When and how and why was it established? (frompekikz and MikaDee
Wow,Ohk, let me answer one by one. Iluminouss stands illusion magic from anonymouss which means a miracle of the unknown, meaning is a collection of people who have talent or creativity (performances in the field of UI of a mobile phone);
about two years ago in June, in 2012, motivated by the desire to make a group that was based structuring the display of a mobile phone, then mixed with an art, an art that is mixed outlines technology.

Q2: How many members are there so far? Can you tell us the team structure, I mean in management?
We have more than 2000 members now and consists of 8 admins who helped me organize the group, including fajerin and petrukgrinder, but now we are planning to rearrange the management structure because some members are not so active due to their personal matters.

Q3: Where are they from, what about their work, they come for part time job or full time? Their age group?
Where did you get so many questions, lol(I m kidding), they spread all over Indonesia, and abizar ahmad fajerin come from outside Java, about their work I do not know clearly yet, some are currently studying and some are also as an entrepreneur maybe. Maybe the youngest is 12 and the oldest is 30,yeep is amazing junior high school at this era have mobile phone with android.

Q4: Then lets have something private, whats your work, are u married, and your hobby is?
3 months ago I was working in the department hotel food and beverages now I'm waiting for the schedule to work on a cruise ship, yacht name aida so everyday I am now just a freelance job in the computer field.  Hahaha im single, my hobby is pimp my phone, And snap random picture maybe :)) Redmi note enhanched version is my current phone and also my favourite.

Q5:How do you make Ilumiouss unique, any slogan?  (from
Always make something different and provide creative innovation. We have different devices, custom roms and desired.We are family, we are iluminouss
and for an extra we had nothing to do with the Illuminati. "No Design , no fun",which is our slogan and we have printed on our tshirt!
Q6: Do you have connection with MIUI Indonesia fansite?
For now...  yes im be staff member with pekik wira ahmad , at miui indonesia fansite with iluminouss we work with MIUI Indonesia, because most members using MIUI rom.My current contribution yesterday to join the translation team MIUI rom for Indonesia.

Q7:Is it possible that you Iluminouss design a MIUI theme for Indonesia? What are your future plans for MIUI? (from 4peace and Nanana)
I hope so, indeed, we will try best if possible, and hope we can make an official MIUI Theme for Indonesia. Thanks.
We want to be closer to MIUI, may be made at a branch in Indonesia because Indonesia is also smartphone users who choose to use MIUI very much at all, of course I will help advance MIUI .. and work with MIUI .. a display interface that has many features

Q8: What are the future plans for Iluminouss, you as the leader?
Firstly I must express my sincere thanks to all members in Iluminouss for their support, I wish it can be a group whose members bring a creative, future makes an official site, and meetings are scheduled, become formal and official.

Q9: How can others join Iluminouss, any exams or procedures needed?
I think you are so funny, Derica, no exam actully,hha. Its easy to join us, have a basic knowledge of android, rooting, using basic applications and of course make a nice display in view our eyes, there is a desire that is very important. Join us if anyone want, MIUIers are more welcomed.

Q10: Hi, Fatra Megantara, nice to see you in MIUI Interview, how did you join Iluminouss?Hi, Derica, I m also excited, thanks. Ive been invited by my friend jadisul ,he is also in that Ilumiouss too.. and accepted by Reza.

Q11:When did you show interest in design?
Let me see, yeah, after my friend Jadisul show me photoshop tutorial, I fall in love with it at first sight.

Q12: What design has brought to you, or changed you if possible, in which way?
yep,the challenge for a clipping mask icon one by one and look for the right source for the theme. I need to spend much time to find proper elements and mix them in a proper way. Indeed the challenge makes my spirit, which has changed me a lot in my personality.

Q13: Hi, Fajerij, sorry for keeping you waiting long, when did you meet MIUI and how?

No worry, I m so honored to be interviewed here, thanks so much to MIUI. In 2012 maybe, since I watched a video themes transformers on youtube, I think miui is wonderful, that's what makes me to learn the make theme MIUI.

Q14: Which is your first MIUI theme? How many have you shared so far with MIUIers? And Which is the best do you think?
I didnt count how many themes I've made more than 10, maybe .. and the first theme original  made by me is pac PWT. I created many themes , and I will upload it to MIUI English Forum if I think it is good, and will share with u. I love all of my favourites, they are like my children, LOL, but i m wondering which one do u like, MIUIers?

Derica:I have helped you count, 21 MIUI themes in total!!! What a huge project!

Q15: Whats your hobby besides design?
Oh, I like jazz and playing soccer

Q16: Have you designed on other designer platform beside Xiaomi Designer Website? Any suggestions to Xiaomi Designer Platform?
I have tried to make for other roms, but I like MIUI ROM best, it is relatively easy to create a theme. Other roms to make themes: Cyanogenmod,lewaos,and vibe rom.
For Xiaomi Designer Platform: I think it is great for theme designers, I really appreciate it and especial thanks to guys who are responsible for them,  but I still wish they can speed up the theme checking process, lol.

Q17: Any suggestions to those who want to try creating MIUI themes? Any tips or tutorials to them?
At first, you should learn the theme making tools, like miui theme editor ,9.patch , line by line for xml ,and locations of the image from framework,systemui,etc,actually many forums have shared tutorials to make a theme for beginners .. like xda, kaskus, deviantart,etc, so it is very easy, as long as there is a willingness to learn. Hope more and more will join MIUI Designer Team, No design, no fun. The most important is you can make what you like, that feeling is cool!

Q18: What Ilumiouss means to you? How do you feel in that group?
Iluminouss was born for screen lovers , it is strong, and we are family, even though we just met on facebook and whatsapp, but when we are together we say" we are family and we love our screen" I m so happy to have the chance to join them and work and enjoy with all of the members.

Here is the last secret of Iluminouss! Guess who is who, lol(from left to right)petrukgrinder,rezarivani and fajerin

Big thanks to all members of Iluminouss, and special thanks to reza, FM and fajerij for your time and support to me and MIUI!
If you still have questions about Iluminouss, please leave your comment, Iluminouss will help answer one by one, thanks.
By the way, any suggestions to my interview skill are also highly appreciated, leave me message, PLEASE!


Interview With a Winner MIUI Theme Resources Contest "PETRUKGRINDER" (a cool interview by Glennnugraha in advance, thanks a lot!)
MIUI V5 Free Themes Collection from Iluminouss Fams!! (many thanks to Anjan for his hard work and collection!)

So who is the next person you want to know? Please comment your views.

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17:50, May-30-2014 | From PC
This post was edited by petrukgrinder at 17:21, May-30-2014

nice thread and thank u so much for interviewed me and my team derica ..
P.S : if u want to join with iluminouss just sent me PM on Facebook

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18:02, May-30-2014 | From PC
Thanks for hard work, Derica. You really did a great job!
@Iluminouss, you guys are amazing.



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18:03, May-30-2014 | From PC
Iluminouss family rocks!!

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18:05, May-30-2014 | From PC
This is cool~~ Wonder if I can be part of the team~~
Thanks for all the hard works "Guru"~!!

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18:05, May-30-2014 | From PC
Nice thread... most pleasure be interviewed..thank you so much.. we hope support each other too!!


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18:19, May-30-2014 | From PC
So amazing work ~~ I have all my applause for you

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Iluminouss Fams

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18:31, May-30-2014 | From PC
yeeahh.... hopefully iluminouss bigger team...

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18:52, May-30-2014 | From PC
nice..i hope iluminouss fams getting big and famous like a bon jovi

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18:53, May-30-2014 | From PC
Nice thread..
Gogo iLuminouss...

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