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[Interview] [MIUI Interview] Interview with Moderator sta-s2z

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10:27, Apr-22-2014 | From PC
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Hey MIUIers,

Our MIUI interview with sta-s2z has gone quite smoothly with all your questions. He is such a super star in our forum that so many users have shared their views on him. Two of the comments have been quoted here, all for your reference.

"Wow! Alex is my brother I am learning manythings from him. He is the superstar of porting team and the winner of lastporting team contest. I love you brother." (helloansuman)

"Sta-s2z work is super cool and I thank him for the Redmi ROMs he created." (discodave)

Let's get the interview exposed to you all : )

Q1: Nice to have you here, Alex. Hope everything is going well with you. Let us get our interview started with a short self-introduction from you. Shall we?

Okay. My name is Alexey Golyshin. I’m a 31 years old, living in Moscow, Russia with my wife and daughter. I’m a technical director of car audio, mobile media and tuning company in Moscow.

Alex with his daughter.jpg

Q2: How is your first experience with porting MIUI rom? How did you meet MIUI?

Not so many time ago actually. It was last summer. I bought a dual-SIM phone to merge personal SIM card with business SIM card in the one device. It was a fly iq446, local clone of Gionee gn708w. The stock firmware was not so good so I started to search a better one from already ported by some iq446 owners, but I didn’t find any stable solution. While this research I found MIUI screenshots from the different but very similar phone - AMOI N828, and tried to port it.

Q3: What was your first experience wen you ported your first rom? Were you nervous or confident about your work? Were you ready to face any of the criticism? (by Hburhani )

First attempt was very difficult, I spent about 2 or 3 days to run it. But after successful run I never switched to another firmware, it was what I wanted :) I had almost no Android experience that time, so most time I spend by reading stuff from different board and trying parallelly. My first users were my first beta testers because I always open for any critics.

Q4: Is it your virtual objective to port MIUI for every Android device, or are there some selection criteria for which some are excluded a priority?(by HisDudeness)

No, not for every device. All this time I made it for MYSELF firstly. Other ports were born because some other users asked me to port my MIUI build for their phones. It's almost impossible to blind port rom without phone in hands, so that users was my eyes and hands, it's a very hard and painful, but they was ready to brick their phones many time to get my rom :)

Q5: How many times did you brick a phone during flashing of (own) ports?(by AndroidFuchs)

From the beginning I made some changes and bug fixes to my ROM, that’s why users asked me. My MIUI builds contains many features missing in original releases for this platform. Bricked? It's almost impossible to brick phone actually :) I got boot loop hundred times but never bricked :)

Q7: How long have you begun porting? What are the devices you have ported?

More than half a year of weekly marathon with porting, fixing, improvement, more than 20000 people using my ports :) Devices I 've ported with MIUI ROM include Fly IQ446, Jiayu G4H/G4HG, Jiayu G3S/G3ST, and Ultimate rom for Xiaomi RedMi(developer version with improvements).

Alex's trophy.jpg

Q8: What's the next device you're going to port? (by ilovepunkmusic )

Actually - no any plans more. I’m just a helping hand for other porting team members :)

Q9: Do you have any tips for people who just begin to learning porting?

Try, fail, and try again (c)

Big thanks to Alex. He got my questions all answered though he had a very busy Monday. To show our appreciation, we'll award him with 30 Micredits and a VIP medal in return.

MIUI Interview list

1. Interview with helloansuman

More interviews are coming. Reply to this thread to let us know who the next interview guest is in your mind!

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