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[Best of App] MIUI Weekly App Trend #36: 10 Amazing Indie Game to Have Fun With

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03:08, Jan-05-2018 | From PC
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Hello MIUIers,

Here comes another round of MIUI Weekly App Trend! Last week we shared Radio Apps, and this week we are going with Indie Games. Enjoy!

An Indie game is a self-published video game developed by an individual or a small team of people with a low budget that is often crowdfunded and with no financial backing from a publisher.
Mobile games have become a huge presence on Android and games in general are a big thing at the moment. With that said, perhaps we don’t take the time to really show enough appreciation for the indie developer. From indie developers come indie games, and indie games can be anything from small but fun time killers to massive adventures with plenty to show.

Here we present to you the 10 Best Indie Games we collected this week.

Weekly App Trend #36: "Indie Games"

(1) Numbo Jumbo ~ Numbers with Twist

A beautiful casual puzzle number game that is absolutely FREE.
Connect together numbers that add up into a sum! For example, '2 2 4' adds up to the sum 2 + 2 = 4, '1 2 3 6' adds up to the sum 1 + 2 + 3 = 6. Mind boggling amount of possible number sums!

Longer sums become bombs that clear more numbers depending on the length of the sum!
Experience beautiful colorful visuals and thoughtful elegant game design along with calm pleasing game music and audio.
Choose between 4 unique game modes: Timed, Moves, Stack, Infinite
Dominate the leaderboard with your awesome skills and earn loads of achievements, then share and compete with your friends!

Posted By - The_Rl_slimshdy
Date - 20/12/2017
Download - Here

(2) Drifty Chase:Drift For Life [MUST TRY]

Imagine that you just robbed a bank and the police is on your tail. Jump into a car and try to shake off the pursuit! This game is not about racing, it’s about drifting with a trunk full of cash through an insanely crowded city! You are being chased by the police that wants to get back each cent from the stolen money bag. Don’t let them take it back from you! Test your skills, drift across the city and find out if you can be faster than them. Let the drifty chase begin!

Robbing a bank has never been easier - you just need to handle a simple one tap mechanics to hit the road. A working thumb is literally everything you need. Beware of the police though as they won’t stop chasing and trying to smash you. If you hit another car or a building during the chase, you're busted. You have a long way ahead of you and plenty of time to develop your skill and to find out if you can beat your friends on the global leaderboards.

In Drifty Chase the longer you play the faster you go. Each car has different speed and handles a little bit differently so the game experience is never the same - it differs the more you play! Better cars let you earn more coins which lets you unlock other cars with a totally different game sceneries.

If you like drifting, race games or high tension, this game is definitely for you! Because of the one tap mechanics, it requires only one hand to play, so you can play Drifty Chase while taking a walk with your dog, riding a bus or during boring classes. Just don’t play it while driving a real car!

- Available on Apple TV
- One tap mechanics
- Easy to grasp controls
- Addictive drift-based gameplay
- 10 cars to unlock with more coming soon
- 10 different cities to explore
- Stunning 3D graphics
- Music seamlessly adapting to the current area
- Online Leaderboards and Achievements
- Cloud sync between different devices
- Realistic sounds, which will give you real hang of driving!

Posted By - Krishnasen
Date - 18/12/2017
Download - Here

(3) Crashing Season (Action + Run Indie Game)

Crashing Season is a “best art” award winning action-packed runner game, with a physics based 3D world in which your mission is to survive and crash into waves of enemies, fight mean bosses and complete goals! Animals on the rampage!

★ Use skill to conquer various worlds facing waves of enemies
★ Use various animal characters! Play as a Bear, Fox, Wolverine, Alien Monster or even a Dragon! 17 fun characters with more on the way!
★ Unlock, unleash and upgrade epic super powers, power-ups and little helpers for even more Crashing action!
★ Customize your characters with awesome accessories
★ Compete against other players on global high score rankings
★ Challenge other users in multiplayer gameplay for extra rewards

The evil Mega Corporation "New Genetic Solutions" or NGS once enslaved the animals in their quest for world domination. Now it is time for epic revenge! Collect coins and diamonds and take over the world yourself while beating any enemy that stands in your way. It’s CRASHING SEASON - The world’s first closed area action runner game with award winning low poly styled 3D graphics and artwork!

Posted By - Anas.ShaIkh11
Date - 19/12/2017
Download - Here

(4) Hunter Legacy - Craft Weapons And Try Not To Die

Hunter Legacy: Loot, Gather and Survive, a casual pixel art indie game.

You inherited a plot of land from you ancestors. Now you need to rebuild it! Go on adventures to gather loot, hunt and find resources. Go through forests, mountains, caves and plains to find epic weapon blueprints and building materials. Defeat animals, orcs, goblins, undead (for loot) and become an awesome hunter worthy of the family legacy. And when not fighting, tend to your farm, harvest and gather ingredients to prepare for battle, or just rebuild your house.

As a player you give orders on what your character needs to do. Equip the right kind of weapons and armour for the quest at hand. You can choose out of 36 different attacks to guarantee you survival and victories! But beware that every attack has its pros and cons. If thing get to though, use some potions.

Beware though, since this game has perma-death. If your character loses all his health-points, doesn’t eat or drink(even when idle), he will die. Make sure you have enough food and water left so your character survives when you are idle. If your character dies, the next generation will continue their quest and legacy.

- Rebuild your settlement from scratch
- go on quests to gather loot and resources
- find many new blueprints for weapons and armours
- smith and craft items.
- feed yourself while doing it, survive!
- farm and harvest around the house for extra food
- use many different attacks
- brew your potions
- explore distant land
- pixel art graphics
- 29 level to complete and master
- 44 items to equip and combine
- rebuild your equipment to craft better items.
- be worthy of the legacy, or just build a new one.

Posted By- abhaysinghr
Date - 19/12/2017
Download - Here

(5) Like A Boss - The Classic RPG

Heroes of MMORPGs raid dungeons, search for epic items, go on quests and generally purge the realm for all it’s riches.. at any cost. Now it’s time to become the Boss in the role-playing fantasy world you know from MMOs, but this time its your territory that is being invaded, your riches, and your minions that are being ransacked!

Fight off guilds of heroes trying to take your loot. Save other mini-bosses from these adventurer raids. Take out quest givers in their towns so they stop sending more adventurers to bother you. It’s time to take the dungeons back, hold your territory and become the ultimate raid Boss in all the realm!

😈 A twist on the classic RPG: You choose your boss from different races and the classic classes like fighter, mage and ranger. You will level up through a skill tree to specialize in the way you rise up to become the baddest boss in the land!

😠 Quest Throughout the Realm: As a new boss, you will need to protect your territory. Go on quests to level up to become the ultimate raid boss in the lands.

☠️ Craft Your Gear: Like any MMO or RPG, creating the best weapons and armor is critical to your success. Collect recipes, minerals and gems to create the most powerful weapons and armor for your boss.

👑 Action RPG: Real bosses don’t just stand there waiting for timers… they grab a sword and wreak havok on their enemies. Like A Boss features real-time, fast role-playing action.

🎮 MMORPG Heroes: The heroes that raid your dungeons use tactics that you have seen before in many battles. They set up strategically, like a good adventuring group should, so tanks are in the front, healers are in the back and all the supporting classes are dealing the most damage they can.

⚔️ Join a Guild: You didn’t think bosses had guilds, did you? To deal with all these warriors seeking glory, you can team up with other bosses to go on quests throughout the realm that only a group effort can handle!

Posted By - iGaurav
Date - 19/12/2017
Download - Here

(6) Dunk A Lot: A Drop Ball Game

Just tap to dunk!

Perfect for killing a few minutes with some pure FUN

A unique basketball game that will put your skills to the test!

How much can you score ?

Posted By - Krishnasen
Date - 19/12/2017
Download - Here

(7) Armor Blade 'Featured by Google Play & Apple Store' !

Original game play:real-time strategy based role-playing game.
You battle your way through enemies as you embark on an epic adventure to get out of the wastelands.
Explore the map to find all the hidden treasures the different landscapes hold.
Possibilities are endless! Prepare for battle by strategic positioning your battle formation and defeat your enemies single handedly! Fight other players and strive your way to the top and become the strongest warrior! Along with an alliance, utilize all the unique troops and powerful magic spells to raid Bosses and claim your victory!

• Choose one of three heroes and explore the map!

• Experience an epic adventure with your troops while battling various enemies!

• Set up your battle formation strategically

• Unlock troops and use their power to become stronger.

Posted By - im_B2
Date - 22/12/2017
Download - Here

(8) Doctor Who: Legacy 'BEST Puzzle Game, For 2 Years' !

Named BEST Puzzle Game for the last two years by BestAppEver, don’t miss out on the game that Kotaku called “one of the very best examples of free to play”. Incredibly fun and engaging, you will gem match your way through over 100 HOURS of Doctor Who brand-approved story featuring every single Doctor from the history of the show, over 160 allies and companions. Battle Cybermen, Daleks, Judoon, Sontarans, The Master, and so many more! This is the Doctor Who adventure of a lifetime and beloved by 2 million fans around the world. What are you waiting for?

LIVE SUPPORT with WEEKLY updates of new content including weekly releases every Sunday night!

UNLOCK THE AMAZING FAN AREA for dozens of exclusive levels with amazing rewards!

UNLOCK THE SONIC ADVENTURES for 30 brand-new levels, a set of Rank 5 allies, and gather up all of the Sonic devices from the Doctor Who series to add to your team!

UNLOCK DOCTOR WHO KIDS for the littlest Whovians and let them collect for you a dozen lovely new costumes while they play this simple, streamlined area of the game with 20 levels!

MIX AND MATCH your team from the modern series as well as favorites from Classic Who, Big Finish, Engines of War, and Titan Comics!

Posted By - im_B2
Date - 22/12/2017
Download - Here

(9) bit bit blocks ~ Play with Block~ Award Winning INDIE Game!

bit bit blocks is a cute and action-packed competitive puzzle game. Play with your friends on a single screen, or challenge yourself in single player mode. Head-to-head puzzle play anytime, anywhere.

~ Winner of the 2016 Google Play Indie Games Festival ~

"Digging this one a lot. Great color-blind support for my broken eyes, too!" - Russ Frushtick (Product Hunt)

"Rock sold controls. Clean, cute and simple art design." - Nardio

— Features —
• Both 2-player and 1-player gameplay on a single device
• Scales to fit both phones and tablets
• Thrilling competitive puzzling
• Single player matches against a computer opponent - challenge yourself to higher difficulties!
• Two rulesets for unique styles of play
• Endless "survival" mode for high-score chasers
• Lots of color sets to choose from, and more to unlock!
• Colorblind friendly - pick the colors that are right for you!
• Night colors for reduced brightness
• Leaderboards and achievements
• Blocks that make cute faces like [ º u º ] [ = ω = ] [ ‵ w ′ ] [⁎◕ v ◕⁎]

Posted By - The_Rl_slimshdy
Date - 20/12/2017
Download - Here

(10) Paper Wings - Gorgeous game of bird stunts

Now with brand new online multiplayer mode!
The life of your paper bird depends on catching all the coins. Don't let any of them fall!

"Gorgeous game of bird stunts" - Touch Arcade
"Simple but beautiful art style" - Android Authority
"Intuitive, unique and simple" - Droid Gamers

Paper Wings is a fast-paced arcade game about catching falling balls mid-air to keep your bird alive. As you gain points, you advance through the stages in the game. In each stage, new challenges are introduced to make the game harder and more fun.
Flap the paper wings of your bird, fly high, and dive to collect all the coins!

How To Play?
Guide your origami bird in the air.
Collect all the coins.
Avoid the hazards.
Unlock other species and complete the bird family!

✓ Brand new online multiplayer competitive mode!
✓ Intuitive, unique and simple flying mechanic.
✓ 4 different game modes.
✓ Beautiful and minimalist origami inspired art style.
✓ 30+ bird species from all around the world.
✓ Daily quests, challenges and achievements to unlock.

Road Map:
- More birds & online modes coming soon!

Posted By - rj036
Date - 18/12/2017
Download - Here


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Great collection

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Awesome Collection
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nice game.must try..

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