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[Others] Mi Gadgets Sub-Forum "Rules & Guidelines"

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21:43, Jun-18-2015 | From PC
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Welcome to Mi Gadgets sub-forum!
Please read this Rules & Guidelines before you start surfing with the waves here,
especially the new comers.

  • Search before Posting a Thread
    This is the most basic thing you do before start posting a thread in anysub-forum.
    If you don't follow this, any repeated thread will bedeleted.

  • English as Main Language
    We are clear that most of us come from different countries with different language, but please try to use English even if you are not really good with it.
    This is a global forum and your thread shall be readable by anyone from any countries.

  • No Spamming
    When replying a thread, please do not post a few replies at once. Squeeze all your thoughts in one post. This is not a chatroom where you can send several messages at once. Keep the forum clean and tidy.

  • No Off-Topic Reply
    Please do not reply with unrelated topic or content in a thread. For example, asking when is MIUI 6 update in this Rules & Guidelines thread is considered as off-topic reply.
    Do not blame moderators for deleting your replies without any reason, as you have been warned from here.

  • No Nudity, Profanity, Racism and Swear
    Sharing and posting nudity/pornographic images in thread or avatar is forbidden. Also, profanity, racism and swear on others directly or indrectly will be given a direct warning or ban if it is serious in away that affect the harmony in forum community.

  • Direct & Clear Title
    Do not post title like "Mi Gadgets" or "MIUI ROM". No one will know what is your thread about by looking at that title.
    Be specific and precise. It's easier for others to search, help you or read your thread regarding to the topic.

  • Sufficient Contents
    Do not post a thread with empty contents or repeat the title.
    Please provide us more info if you want to ask a question or share with us your tips.
    Moderators might delete your thread if it was empty.

  • Flaming,inciting hatred or intigating flame bait are prohibited.
          Flaming or posting with a lack of respect is not acceptable.Please do not flame other users.
          This is a friendly community          
          And as such you are expected to be courteous and follow general posting etiquette.
          And flamer,will be dealt accordingly.

  • Fighting with another user's is prohibited here.
          Please be polite to another user.
          Please keep this forum in peace without any fights.
          Don't use any distrubing word's here
  • Sales & Advertisements
    Not a single sale is allowed in this forum, even if you are selling Xiaomi products! Same goes to advertisements for your personal products, apps or services.
    Sharing 3rd party seller link is not allowed as well,because we do not recommend users to purchase Xiaomi products via 3rd party seller. There is always a chance in getting a fake product from them.

  • 3rd Party Link
    3rd party Link is highly prohibited unless it is stated as source for a particular information or thread.
    Same goes to 3rd party seller link as mentioned under "Sales & Advertisements".

  • Reviews
    For thread which you shared opinions about Mi Gadgets or anything related to Xiaomi Gadgets Products, whether it's your own reviews or others (blogger tech site) reviews.

  • Q&A
    For thread which you have any problems or questions to ask regarding to Mi Gadgets.

  • Tips & Tutorials
    For thread which you want to share your useful tips, tools that help ease our life or any tutorials about Mi Gadgets.

  • News
    For thread which you shared any news regarding to Mi Gadgets.
    Please remember to mention the source link's well.

  • Chat
    For thread which you want to chat or discussion with people in forum. Note that a chat / discussion normally will not have an absolute answer, and can be discussed for a long time.

  • Contest
    For thread which you write for joining an official contest by Moderators or Admins.

  • Others
    For thread which it has nothing related to above thread types mentioned.

Anything that you are not clear about these rules & guides, feel free to ask.
We hope you enjoy your stay in this forum.
Have a nice day!

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Anything that you are not clear about these rules & guides, feel free to ask. We hope you enjoy your stay in this forum. Have a nice day!

For more detailed info, you can contact the admin or super moderator or moderators.

Admin for Mi Gadgets devices sub-forum:

Moderators for MIUI General sub-forum:

MI Gadgets Device Sub-Forum Management Staff are not responsible if you don't read the rules and don't follow the rules.
If your thread or post gets deleted and if you get any warnings or ban, then only you will responsible for that. Don't ask for unnecessary quetions in PM, and don't fill unnecessary complains because all the rules are stated clearly. Please read the rules beforehand. Thank You!

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tanveerbyn + 10 + 3 Agreed!

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15:25, Feb-24-2016 | From PC
Read and understood!


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16:34, Aug-06-2017 | From PC
Thanks for informing the Rules and Guidelines of Mi gadgets SF.

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