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[Best of App] MIUI Weekly App Trend #28: 10 Best Role Playing Games: One Piece, Origin, More

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14:53, Nov-09-2017 | From PC
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Hello MIUIers,

Here comes another round of MIUI Weekly App Trend! Last week we shared Foreign Language apps, and this week we are going with Role Playing Games. Enjoy!

RPGs have one of the most loyal followings of any gaming genre. Whether it’s Final Fantasy or World of Warcraft, people spend dozens of hours crafting characters, playing story lines, and enjoying themselves. RPGs were also one of the first genres to really hit it off on Android and there are a ton of them to choose from.
Role-playing games are wonderful, story-driven experiences that complement the mobile gaming experience nicely. Despite the relatively tiny mobile screens we're used to (yes, 5.7 inches is still small by gaming standards) RPGs allow us to get lost in fanciful worlds for a while.

Here we present you the 10 Best Role Playing Games we collected this week.

Weekly App Trend #28: "Role Playing Games (RPG)"

(1) ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise - Editor's Choice RP Game !

With over 60 Million+ downloads to date, ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE is an exhilarating adventure with your favorite Anime crew. Form your own misfit pirate crew, pull off power combos, and relive your favorite moments from the One Piece storyline. The world of One Piece awaits you!

- Relive the ONE PIECE storyline -

• Join Luffy and the Straw Hats on their quest to find the One Piece!
• Explore each chapter of the epic story
• Complete quests and watch as the adventure unfolds
• The unpredictable and diverse World of ONE PIECE is now yours to explore!

- Recruit and train your own Pirate Crew! -

• Featuring your favourite major and supporting ONE PIECE characters
• Over 1,000 characters from the Anime to recruit
• Each character has unique abilities
• Re-enact and create new thrilling battles!

- Intuitive Battle System -

• Featuring an all-new tap battle system, specially designed for your smartphone.
• Unleash exhilarating tandem attacks to deliver devastating damage and send enemies flying!
• Strategies and chain together attacks to fight even the toughest of enemies
• Become the strongest pirate crew on the seas!

Posted By - im_B2
Date - 29/10/2017
Download - Here

(2) Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade


When a young Imperial Knight sees their noble house destroyed by the twisted forces of Chaos, they join forces with the Dark Angels Space Marines chapter as a Freeblade. Experience an epic story in over 170 single player missions as you command your Freeblade on a journey of honour, redemption and vengeance. Test your skills and patrol the world of Tarnis to slay endless invaders.

Feel the power of an unstoppable war machine at your fingertips. Use cannons, missiles and thermal blasts to obliterate your foes and watch environments crumble to dust before you.

Witness the most visually stunning shooter available for your device. Experience the world, characters and creatures of Warhammer 40,000 like never before in stunning high detail using the latest graphical effects.

Rip apart the enemies of the Imperium with a mighty Chainsword. Feel the weight of your Freeblade’s every swing as they execute mechanised horrors and gargantuan beasts with brutal, visceral strikes.

Design the look of your own Freeblade, forge and equip powerful weapons including the Avenger Gatling Cannon and Melta Gun to purge Ork scum and Chaos heretics alike.

Battle to get the highest score against players around the world in a new mission every day for legendary wargear and unique customisation options; let the other Freeblades know who the best in the world truly is!

Posted By - iGaurav
Date - 31/10/2017
Download - Here

(3) Guardian Soul : Prelude to Revenge [Real time strategy RPG]

The masterpiece RPG that attracts gamers all over the world by combining real time strategy (RTS) and action RPG!
Are you looking for more different RPG, less stressful RPG and more exciting RPG?
If so, join the spectacular wars that commanders in the world are taking part in with a lot of guardians.
Free RPG
▶Game Features◀
★A variety of strategies to use in real time★
- Tap and drag! Attack/defense/move control of which is intuitive and easy in real time strategy (RTS)
- Tap and drag which allow you to win strong opponents and overturn the disadvantageous war!
- The numerous skills of different guardians
- Five Tanker? Five Dealer? Five Aid? Create your own combination tactically.
★Collection/nurture/growth system that enables you to create your own special guardians★
- Various guardians that are composed of four kinds of lady/man/monster/devil and three classes of tanker/dealer/aid and regularly updated
- Unlimited nurture/growth system that are consisted Evolve, Upgrade, Mastery, Skin, etc.
- Synergy system that gives special buffs depending on guardian collection and deck combination!
★Enormous contents such as MMORPG ★
- Story modes of total fifteen chapters!
- Diverse dungeons that you can endlessly enjoy such as Dimensional Dungeon, Rank
Battle, Weekly Dungeon, Equipment Dungeon, Dungeon of Tribulations, Guardian Tower, Alchemy Lab, Network Dungeon, World Boss
★Real time network contents with users all over the world★
- Boss Raid that max five global users cooperate in real time!
- PVP line battle that you are against one global user throughout three rounds!
★Guild contents with users all over the world★
- Endless journey to become the best guild in the world!
- Guild Siege War that guild members fiercely fight for guild honor
- Guild War that there are fierce fights for getting high grade resources
- Guild Boss Raid that you hunt Boss in cooperation with your guild members
Another counterattack with new contents will start soon, so get ready!

Posted By - Android#18
Date - 25/10/2017
Download - Here

(4) HonorBound - Mystical World Where The Likes Of Dragons

Begin your magical adventure in HonorBound today! Download now and immerse yourself in a mystical world where the likes of dragons, ogres, orcs, and even the undead wander the earth. Evil has taken root in the once peaceful world of HonorBound and it’s up to YOU to restore the balance. Are you a warrior? A rogue? A wizard, cleric or a knight? You decide!

Ally with hundreds of different heroes to create the ultimate squad. Harness one or even all five of the mystical elements - fiery Terra, wild Primal, celestial Lunar, pure Spirit, and unknown Abyss to help defeat all that stands in your path. Recruit magical beasts, battle-tested warriors, and other allies from the world of HonorBound to assist you in your quest. Build your own unique strategy as you collect more allies and customize your squad!

Battle in epic PVE boss fights and collect rare loot and legendary treasures. Equip these treasures to make your squad even stronger! Team up with your friends and join a clan to find even more allies to accompany you on your adventure. Test your strength in the PVP Arena against thousands of other clans to see which clan rightfully deserves the throne.

• Free-to-play fantasy RPG!
• English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese, and Japanese all supported
• THOUSANDS of different heroes to capture, evolve, and battle!
• Unique strategy combat system with different class strengths and weaknesses
• 100% animated characters – bring them to life on both your phone and tablet!
• Travel across lush and vibrant worlds, filled with valiant allies, fearful foes and unnamed beings!
• Thousands of clans for you and your friends to team up with and forge powerful alliances
• SFX and music scored by Bobby Tahouri, whose music can be heard in HBO's Game of Thrones
• Tons of monthly PVE and PVP tournaments with awesome rewards!

Posted By- abhaysinghr
Date - 23/10/2017
Download - Here

(5) MU Origin - True Mobile MMORPG

Get ready for the Full 3D EPIC MMORPG experience! Mobile MMORPG will never be the same!
Experience an exciting real time MMORPG that lets you embark on an epic fantasy journey.
Meet friends, create parties, and gear up to fight against the evil on a vast open world to bring back tranquility.

Ragnarok - Are you itching for a fight with powerful enemies? Engage in Ragnarok and fight to the top to prove you are the number one warrior in MU Origin!
Pet Skill System - The evolution of the Pet System! Raise pet levels and set special skills to enhance your battle!
Guild Temple - It's never too late to join a guild and get special buffs! The Guild Temple will bless your journey!
Elveland - A new all-server map is open for warriors over 11 rebirth! Meet new NPCs, new monsters, new quests, and even more in Elveland!
Super Deal - Is there anything you need? A magnificent deal that provides you with your desire!

New Costume and Pet - Enjoy your new look and meet a new partner to assist you in vicious battles!

- Choose and customize from three different classes: Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, and Elf.
- Equip and evolve your hero with powerful gears and enhance wings to make yourself unstoppable.
- Enhance their abilities and witness the dazzling display of each hero’s unique skills.
- Your powers are endless! Become stronger through endless levels and contents!
- Journey through an exciting open world and complete epic quests.
- Gather parties and explore unique dungeons to defeat world bosses!
- Gather Diamonds, Materials, Zens, and Star Essences in open PVP Areas! Dominate and hoard them all!
- Exchange in real time through Trading and Auction System.
- Clash with rivals in PvP battles and become the PVP King!

Posted By - iGaurav
Date - 28/10/2017
Download - Here

(6) Warspear Online (MMORPG, RPG, MMO)

Warspear Online – the classic 2D MMORPG with millions of players from all over the world!
Bestowed the award of “Best MMO RPG game” in 2015 by «BEST APP EVER AWARDS»!
Download the game and all updates for free!        

Choose your side in the War of the Spear. Lead your army to battle in open PvP, stand shoulder to shoulder with your friends to defeat devious dungeon dwellers and obtain the title of Strongest Arena Warrior! There’s no time to wait – you must act!

Create a hero
- 4 races and 2 alliances: Firstborn and Chosen vs. Mountain Clans and Forsaken
- Blade Dancer, Ranger, Druid, Paladin, Priest, Mage, Barbarian, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Necromancer and Death Knight, Seeker, Warden, Charmer, Hunter
- 100+ expert skills for personal builds
- 100+ relics for adding effects to basic skills
- Character customization: costumes, decorative items, haircuts, hair colours
- 9 crafting professions for creating unique armor, weapons and accessories
- 150+ personal achievements with unique rewards, rating top-1000, sharing on Facebook
- Loyal Minions to help you in battles

Fight with enemies
- Capturing Castles on Ayvondil
- Battle zones for free PvP-battles, friendly duels
- Arenas of 2х2, 3x3 and 5x5
- Massive battles for territories between Alliances fought regularly
- Thousands of monsters and hundreds of dangerous bosses

Explore a huge world
- 8 huge islands
- Dozens of Dungeons with treasures
- 1,500+ original quests and hundreds of daily ones
- Monthly updates: new quests, territories, dungeons, skills, achievements, decorative items, equipment

Play with your friends
- Unite in Guilds and groups
- Take part in tournaments, events and Arinar holiday celebrations
- Communicate in chats, trade and exchange goods

Massive update “Engineer’s Madness”! Top character’s level was increased by 28, above Ayvondil appeared vast islands with new raid boss Engineer and abandoned dungeons of Technopolis. New quests, craft tasks, achievements, weapons, equipment and many more! Adventures continue!

Posted By - 1615359176
Date - 25/10/2017
Download - Here

(7) RPG Machine Knight - A Chance To Save Their World

Through the excesses of science, a “black sun” was created, leading to energy shortages. The world faced a certain doom.
After tremendous effort, scientists discovered a chance to save their world by acquiring an unknown energy source in another world beyond the “gate."
The mission to research the new world fell to a young scientist named Frain, in Schutzheim. He threw his body into the “gate” alone.
The other world was filled with nature and mystery, things he had never seen.
But what really awaited him was treachery and betrayal, by his own world.
People were trampled by machine soldiers, chasers were everywhere, and monsters stood in every avenue of escape…
Despite these hardships, though, he found new companions who trusted and supported him.
Another-world adventure fantasy RPG on an overwhelming scale!

Adventure and deception, stretching into another world!

For the sake of his world, a young man named Frain traveled to another. However he was betrayed by his own people.
Threatened by his own world, oppressed in the new world where he was trapped, lonely and hurt. But two heroines reached out their hands to this young man, and the story went on.
What is the truth behind the betrayal? Can Frain return to his world? What will happen between Frain and the two heroines?
The adventure of betrayal and friendship will start, with great feelings and deception.

Dot art work in a warm atmosphere

Expressive characters and monsters stylized in dot artwork create warm and pleasant to the eye atmosphere in the game. Another world beyond the “gate” is colored with dot art work.

A challenging game system

This game system is filled with challenging elements, including the “Machina Board” system through which you can learn various jobs and skills, creating weapons by collecting materials, playing various sub quests, and challenging extra dungeons, as well as the main story!

Who will you choose between the two heroines?

Bell and Aulin are the two heroines who reach out their hands to the young man Frain.
The generous sister Bell and the cheerful, spirited Aulin.
During the adventure, these two heroines show their different personalities.
Which one will you choose?

Posted By - abhaysinghr
Date - 23/10/2017
Download - Here

(8) AdventureQuest 3D - fantasy MMORPG


"You're on your phone. I'm on my computer. Let's raid a Dragon's lair together!"


* Adventure in an ever expanding world

* True Cross-Platform

* Real-time combat

* Quest in a persistent Online World

* Chat, Emotes, & Social

* Multi-Class

* Crafting

* Dungeons

Posted By- ABHISHE83
Date - 26/10/2017
Download - Here

(9) Brave Fighter2 : Frontier Free [The magic action RPG]

>>>>>>Brave new knight and combat action have been designed. Strengthen action performance!The sleeping Brave heart awake brings you a different fighting experience<<<<<<
——Game is great, sidescrolling action adventure is a new taste for me in rpgs
——Very nice game.. only i wanted to have dragon character and hades and the other boss.. i want to add them on my collection...
——This is a very very good game I don't have any complaints about it I think people should try it download it see if they like it it's easy as fun I have no complaints about this game
——Gr8 gameplay, story & addictive
——I play this game many times its so good because good graphics good story and adventurous
★128+ roles and mercenaries,
-Walkyrie and Honor Knight... variety of mercenary have been added and waiting for build your legion.
-Strong beasts can also join your legion and come to the Battle Frontier!
★Outstanding fighting experience
-Concise and clear operation allowing you to easily get started
-Well-designed character action give a completely different battle experience and gorgeous fighting action
★More strategically and fun Battle
-Formation of team is important of success,grouping your own legion with different
-Constantly adjust your froniter army to beat strong boss from seeking weakness
★100+ role skills, bring a different battle experience
-More powerful mercenary system
-Mercenaries can get their equipments and have own unique skills to battle!
★A wealth of equipment and weapon
-Full of strategic mercenary selection and exquisite equipments selection
-Get multi-materials in levels forging your strong equipments.
★150+ fantastic areas to explore!
-Large and beautiful scenes, immersed in the mysterious fantasy continent.
-Castles, forests, lakes, volcanoes and outsiders, loots from monsters' treasure box.
Login and get free equipment and golds !Become Honor knight of kingdom Fighting in Frontier!
Mercenary Formation, PVP, arena, elite levels will open to all players. Challenge yourself Now! Brave Fighters, it’s your time Now!

Posted By - Android#18
Date - 25/10/2017
Download - Here

(10) Swords of Immortals - Adventure RPG Game

The brand new 3D MMORPG martial arts themed game Swords of Immortals is heating up! In addition to a rich story environment, various dungeons as well as cross-server battles and thrilling 1v1 Combat. You don’t have to adventure alone, because we have dungeons and quests specifically designed for couples in our marriage system.
Use your sword as transportation as you use it to fly freely and enjoy the vivid landscapes. Stop off in our dungeons to search for rare loot and ultimate equipment. Unique attire can be obtained which can not only make you more fashionable, but also provide a great power boost. Your immortal legend starts now!

1. Variety of dungeons: epic equipment loot
In Swords of Immortals, all items can be obtained by killing monsters or bosses. Whether in dungeons or on wild maps, you will still have a chance to get rare items and equipment.
2. Multiple combat modes: conquer the immortal world
There are many ways to demonstrate your power, including Huashan Duel, Team Dungeon, Guild War, Faction Battlefield and 1v1. It’s time to show who is the greatest hero!
3. Upgrade system: power enhancement
There are plentiful materials for boosting equipment throughout solo dungeons or auto-combat. So prepare to boost equipment and gain more power to approach immortal status. There are 8 powerful heirlooms awaiting your discovery. Meeting the requirements to obtain them brings more power and unlocks mighty skills. Equipment can also be socketed with gems to further boost your potential. In this world of immortality, power is the most valuable currency.
4. Aides and mounts: loyal allies have your back
Impressive mounts and adorable aides are available to assist you. These loyal companions will stick by your side throughout your adventures no matter what happens! Reaching higher levels means your aide will also become more powerful and can even obtain her own ride, gear and plume. Enlist your favorite aide to forge your destiny together!

Posted By - champraku
Date - 22/10/2017
Download - Here


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01:01, Nov-10-2017 | From PC
Great collection..!!!


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11:56, Nov-13-2017 | From PC
ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise - Editor's Choice RP Game !

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14:38, Nov-13-2017 | From Redmi Note 4X
beat collection

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