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[News] Hard-core MIUI Fans Wanted for India Mi Phone Premiere! Apply Here!

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12:01, Apr-10-2015 | From PC
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Global Mi Phone Premiere
16:00, Apr-23-2015
Asiad Village Complex, August Kranti Marg
451 applied
16:00, Apr-15-2015
Dear MIUIers,

It has been nearly a year since Xiaomi started the incredible journey with India. We have had tons of fun with you guys supporting Mi all the way. Xiaomi always sticks to the slogan of "Just for Fans", so as Mi India. Not only Mi phones with awesome specifications we have brought to India, but also the smooth operating system MIUI 6. Xiaomi cherishes every moment with Mi fans and we are to bring more surprises to India.

Now we are inviting hard-core MIUI fans to attend Mi Phone Premiere in India. CEO & Founder Lei Jun, President & Co-founder Bin Lin, and VP Xiaomi Global Hugo Barra are all coming to the premiere.

Event: Global Mi Phone Premiere
Date:  23 April 2015
Registration time: 2.30pm – 4pm
Event time: 4pm – 6pm
Siri Fort Auditorium Complex, Asian Village Complex, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi 110049
Special offer: Attendees who register at the event will be entitled to a free goodie bag and a surprise gift

We are selecting hard-core MIUI fans to attend the premiere with a FREE ENTRANCE TICKET for each! 10 die-hard MIUI fans will get privileged access to the premiere with exclusive session with Hugo Barra.
(Privilege for MIUI fans from MIUI forum only)

Time is up. The hard-core MIUI fans have been selected and will receive the PM sent by us. Xiaomi customer service representatives will contact you for further confirmation. Please wait patiently. Thanks. Enjoy the time with Mi.

[fly]Please read through the thread carefully before applying. Thanks![/fly]

How to apply:
1. Click "Apply" button in the thread
2. Fill in all the information needed, including
1) Title (Mr/Mrs/Ms)
2) Name
3) Mailing address with Pin code, City, State (Please ensure accuracy of mailing address for tickets.)
4) Email
5) Mobile, with which we can call you for attendance confirmation

Please note that we will hand over the chances to other MIUI fans if some required information is missing in your application. Make sure the info you fill in is as ACCURATE as possible.
To avoid repeated application, it is NOT necessary for you to apply via other channels if you have applied in the MIUI forum. We will deal with your application as fast as we can.

Tips to win the TICKET
The chance is bigger if you show MIUI your love in the comment, like your story with MIUI, why you love MIUI, the Mi phone you use. Here are some tips.
A. Do you own a Mi phone? What is it?
B. Tell us why you love MIUI or your story with MIUI.
C. A photo or more with you and Mi/ MIUI in the same picture would express the love better.

Who gets lucky?
1. The namelist of 100 MIUI fans will be announced in the same thread on 16th April.
2. Xiaomi will call you to confirm the attendance, and send the ENTRANCE TICKET to the address you left with us in the application.
3. Names of the 10 lucky MIUI fans who are entitled to have exclusive session with Hugo will not be disclosed. Do check your TICKET to see if there is any surprise. Share the picture of your ticket in the MIUI forum and see if yours is different. If your ticket is unique, you are the lucky ONE.

1. MIUI fans who get to attend the premiere will get the ENTRANCE TICKET for free and small gifts.
2. MIUI fans who attend the premiere will have to cover the accommodations yourselves.

Location of the venue attached

Apply now and witness the first global launch with Mi!

Approved applicants (101)

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I am a big Xiaomi fan ever since I tried my friend's Mi3. I love its smooth MIUI interface.

14:44, Apr-15-2015
ITZMi 05:26, Apr-15-2015

I use Redmi 1S and love it. It's my first phone. MIUI is very stylish and very simple to use. Also the screen is 720p at such a low price which is great for watching movies.

03:49, Apr-15-2015

Pls give me pass for the event

00:15, Apr-15-2015

I was waiting xiaomi to come into India so eagerly that i brought mi3 on first sale itself.

00:10, Apr-15-2015
Hims3112 23:56, Apr-14-2015

Mi Phones rock!!!

22:30, Apr-14-2015

I own Xiaomi Mi3 from the first sale of India. I love MIUI because it help me in being creative. camera app of MIUI is just woow. MIUI is a complete package of security, customization n speed.

21:51, Apr-14-2015

Pending applicants (350)

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yash@ 10:01, Apr-15-2015
arjun97 09:40, Apr-15-2015
vikneshrajen 04:31, Apr-15-2015
devendra123\\ 03:27, Apr-15-2015
TanKCircuiT 03:21, Apr-15-2015
ravi009 02:43, Apr-15-2015
Knight613 02:42, Apr-15-2015
Arih123 02:27, Apr-15-2015

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piyu_jn and the number is still growing every few days a new family member asks me to buy a mi phone for him/her we all love mi phones and specially miui my cousin even have miui in his one plus one  17:25, Apr-14-2015
piyu_jn and now i think i have convinced every one around me to buy mi phones and they all love it i have purchased at least 15 mi phones for all my family and my relatives and they all love mi phones  17:23, Apr-14-2015
piyu_jn last year when me and my brother were not happy with windows phone we had because of of win 7.5 i came to know about mi 3 that was the day and now all members of my family has mi phones i have Redmi 2  22:53, Apr-13-2015
bk_220021 Support: 5 Objection: 0 i support u but mi u needa do a live video stream like apple did to make your products more popular and this can be done on all your phones or on apps like   14:01, Apr-11-2015
Rajesh13 Guys please interested and those who can and willing to go and travel frm other locations apply else d ticket may become waste if u cant travel to delhi so let it go2 the deserved ppl think b4 applyin  21:55, Apr-10-2015

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21:03, Apr-10-2015 | Via mobile
enjoy, I really envy you guys

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21:08, Apr-10-2015 | From PC
Start doing these events on sundays... I cannot Come on weekdays...

Can not come but want to...

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Linkbustr + 5 Agreed!

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Require Help? Ping me at Telegram @keshavrawat or come to

Click [Reply] Below to Notify Me.

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21:16, Apr-10-2015 | From PC
want to go badly but i can't

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21:19, Apr-10-2015 | From PC
I live in kolkata..i will miss it..

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21:19, Apr-10-2015 | From PC
This post was edited by sameer_farms at 11:14, Apr-11-2015

I may not be the hardcore among all may be ( practically there may be more die hard fan then me ) but yea i wish i get the opportunity to meet and visit the meet :) And i own a phone which is none other then redmi 1s and about the story then it started well with the start of MI ( in china ) though i was late in joining yet i used to follow closely on other tech sites :) Count me in
Believe In Your Self

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prouser90 + 5 bad luck for me..

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21:21, Apr-10-2015 | From PC
Wish it happened in Bangalore.

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