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Title: MIUI 9 Launch: Lightning Fast MIUI 9, Mi 5X and Mi AI Speaker Revealed! [Print this page]

Author: vincent_khoo    Time: 2017-7-26 05:13
Title: MIUI 9 Launch: Lightning Fast MIUI 9, Mi 5X and Mi AI Speaker Revealed!
Hello Mi Fans,


Are you excited to see the new features and changes in MIUI 9? Interested to know the timeline and list of eligible devices to receive MIUI 9 updates? The wait is finally coming to an end! You will soon find out what MIUI 9 is all about by following us closely here. We are going live at 14:00 GMT+8 on 26 July 2017. Check out MIUI 9 China / Global Beta ROM Release Schedule & Supported Devices here.

1. The features in MIUI 9 China ROM and Global ROM might be different. Some features are available in China only for the time being. Stay tuned for Global MIUI 9 rollout.
The updates are posted in reverse order.


Fast, Dual, Simple - And that concludes today's launch!

We finally get to see how MIUI 9 becomes a fastest Android system with smart innovation for the sake of your convenience. We try very hard to meet the need of fans-system effectiveness.
- Lightning fast system
- Explosively fast app launch time
- Dynamic resource allocation by prioritise the in-use App for fluent experience!
- Universal search: Powerful search engine that can differentiate your image by typing in keywords, including your conversations
- Smart assistance - Easiest way to find anything and almost everything
- Two steps for all the vital information: Copy and receive info!
*The above features will be available in China only for the time being. Stay tuned for Global MIUI 9 rollout.

👉 Mi 5X
It will be one of the first Mi device to be pre-installed with MIUI 9! Carefully designed for young people with fashionable outlook and dual camera! Mi 5X let you edit photo with the self-installed function.
Full specs:
- 5.5 inches screen
- Snapdragon 625
- Dual-camera provides you an SLR-style background - an ultimate portrait experience!
- 3080mAh battery
- 4GB + 64GB storage
- DHS audio algorithm provides you high quality audio experience
- Three stylish colors to choose

👉 Mi AI Speaker
An all rounded helper for your day to day activities through the radar!
You can
- Play music
- Ask any kind of question such as weather, traffic, translation…
- Control home appliance
- Set alarms
- Take notes
by simply asking it with one sentence!

Mi AI Speaker



An all rounded helper for your day to day activities and on the other hand, a baby for nurture into your perfect companion - Mi AI Speaker!






The Mi Ai speaker is in excellent sound quality with six-microphone array.


▲Introducing Your Lovely Helper Mi AI Speaker

Mi 5X



▲ And this is not it! Mi 5X also equips with high-quality audio, enjoy your favorite music with it.


▲ Mi 5X comes with dual camera and 5.5 inches screen. It will be one of the first Mi devices to be pre-installed with MIUI 9!


▲ The powerhouse under Mi 5X is Snapdragon 625, it balances perfectly in performance and efficiency.





▲Here are some pictures taken by Mi 5X.



▲ Portrait mode on Mi 5X provides you an ultimate portrait experience!





The second product we launched today is Mi 5X. Mi 5X has a trending appearance with big screen, dual camera and full metal body.



MIUI 9, a recap. (These features are available in China only for the time being. Stay tuned for Global MIUI 9 rollout.)


Only TWO steps are needed for all the vital information you need in your messages - Copy and receive info!


*Smart assistant - Easiest way to find anything and almost everything at your will! It is an easy way to find almost everything, schedules, notes, and much more.


▲  *Universal search - Powerful search engine on Mi phone that can differentiate your image like you do by typing in keywords, including your conversations!





▲ Dynamic resource allocation - with its own critical thinking to allocate priority to in-use App to let you enjoy the fluent experience! Past: All the apps fighting for the resources,MIUI9: Prioritise resources for what you are using!


The second optimization in MIUI 9 is dynamic resource allocation.




In MIUI 9, the launch-times of App will be explosively fast.

This is the time you've been waiting for, the MIUI 9 is here!


▲  Now it is used in 55 languages, 142 countries with 2.8 billion active users.


▲  Hong Feng is introducing our MIUI launch today. MIUI is Xiaomi's first product, started at August 2010











What Are Your Expectations of MIUI 9?

Everyone who replies to this thread will get MIUI 9 Medal!

Note: The forum medals show in your personal space on the PC site of MIUI Forum: en.miui.com

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MIUI is here today!! I want MIUI 9 medal!!
Author: Muz_paray    Time: 2017-7-26 10:35
MIUI 9 Day, Excited ...!!!!
Author: Prince.Paul.K    Time: 2017-7-26 10:36
Cloud 9..
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Let's go Xiaomi :)
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im just wondering how long before the global stable miui 9 will come?
Author: Achuis    Time: 2017-7-26 10:37
MIUI 9 Now!!!!!
Author: feds64    Time: 2017-7-26 10:37
Let's see the power and smoothness... Hooray!
Author: UnknownWarrior    Time: 2017-7-26 10:37
Author: capone666    Time: 2017-7-26 10:37
welcome miui 9 😎
Author: RInzImpulse    Time: 2017-7-26 10:38
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MIUI 9 😍
Author: VishalChatwal    Time: 2017-7-26 10:38
So excited.
Author: Vivek166    Time: 2017-7-26 10:39
MIUI 9, Excited..
Author: BellaMIUI    Time: 2017-7-26 10:39
Author: lcastropg    Time: 2017-7-26 10:39
my rn4x is waiting for you, miui9
Author: walof    Time: 2017-7-26 10:40
let's go MIUI 9! ♥️
Author: rahul_09    Time: 2017-7-26 10:40
Eagerly waiting!
Author: 98125@jat3    Time: 2017-7-26 10:40
MiUi 9
Author: CalvinVeez    Time: 2017-7-26 10:42
TODAY is the day...after a long wait.
Author: stam_sot    Time: 2017-7-26 10:42
waiting for miui9
Author: lcastropg    Time: 2017-7-26 10:42
superchanzzz replied at 2017-7-26 10:36
im just wondering how long before the global stable miui 9 will come?

i hope soon
Author: Larcs    Time: 2017-7-26 10:42
fixes for annoying miui8 bugs
Author: chandu72    Time: 2017-7-26 10:43
Wow Waitin.
Author: Pritish97    Time: 2017-7-26 10:43
Live stream? In English?
Author: irwanugraha    Time: 2017-7-26 10:43
Author: BDGS_Reno3Pro    Time: 2017-7-26 10:44
waiting miui 9 for redmi note 3 sd
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Cant wait ! release it asap man ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Author: RiyanSarana    Time: 2017-7-26 10:44
I want all new notification Bar
Author: ayyash30    Time: 2017-7-26 10:44
Eagerly waiting for new updates
Author: respond2me    Time: 2017-7-26 10:44
Better battery life
Author: chjatin    Time: 2017-7-26 10:44
nice im waiting since 1 month
Author: dheztz    Time: 2017-7-26 10:44
cant wait
Author: arsparsp    Time: 2017-7-26 10:44
india release date
Author: VikuBalupura    Time: 2017-7-26 10:45
Wow MIUI 9😍😍😍
Author: ingbrzy    Time: 2017-7-26 10:45
Lighting fast!
Author: Csaqs    Time: 2017-7-26 10:45
go go go! excited for this.
Author: UBOSOE    Time: 2017-7-26 10:45
waiting ... waiting...waiting
Author: zelle.c    Time: 2017-7-26 10:45
More stability, good optimization and split screen.
Author: PRIYANKA9    Time: 2017-7-26 10:45
Stay amazed!!;
Author: Nimitt123    Time: 2017-7-26 10:45
A whole new way to interact with the notification.... Just thats it i want from miui9 and ofcourse a Lighter rom
Author: mayoorlone    Time: 2017-7-26 10:45
Smooth performance and better battery backup
Author: 1652924759    Time: 2017-7-26 10:45
Author: aacn    Time: 2017-7-26 10:45
unnnch 😍
Author: ram0209    Time: 2017-7-26 10:45
Awaiting for MIUI 9!
Author: cnucnucnu    Time: 2017-7-26 10:45
Author: iabhijit    Time: 2017-7-26 10:45
Badly waiting for this update. I just can't wait. Hv a good day.
Author: perak1198    Time: 2017-7-26 10:45
uprade the UI and animation
Author: tungkaran123    Time: 2017-7-26 10:45
This is what i am waiting for. miui 9
Author: syariefhidayatu    Time: 2017-7-26 10:45
Author: AnandhaRaja    Time: 2017-7-26 10:45
waiting for MIUI 9
Author: iwanjaya@34    Time: 2017-7-26 10:46
still waiting...
Author: Junaidi84    Time: 2017-7-26 10:46
waiting for big update
Author: rodriguesm17    Time: 2017-7-26 10:46
That comes miui 9
Author: MushAro    Time: 2017-7-26 10:46
i cant wait for my mi5s plus
Author: bharadwajdepp    Time: 2017-7-26 10:46
waiting eagerly
Author: VersaEmirates    Time: 2017-7-26 10:46
cant wait
Author: Aavas    Time: 2017-7-26 10:46
fast and smooth
Author: flying_apache    Time: 2017-7-26 10:46

Let's see the power with miui 9.
Author: viruSS2015    Time: 2017-7-26 10:46
better ram management.. i think there miui 8 is lacking.
Author: Ganeshcvl    Time: 2017-7-26 10:47
really 🤔
Author: supratikbose    Time: 2017-7-26 10:47
Excited to see MIUI 9
Author: Blazinfire    Time: 2017-7-26 10:47
SD card unmount fix plz!
Author: zeref18    Time: 2017-7-26 10:47
new phone and new rom
Author: chiyaan25    Time: 2017-7-26 10:47
split screnn
Author: anvaqta    Time: 2017-7-26 10:47
Author: atul0000    Time: 2017-7-26 10:47
Please add ability to change fonts without reboot the device.
Author: tomy.nur    Time: 2017-7-26 10:47
Let's see the difference with the previous MIUI
Author: @anuj    Time: 2017-7-26 10:47
MIUI 9 very excited
Author: tanishqraj360    Time: 2017-7-26 10:47
Very eager to see the new features
Author: 17anik    Time: 2017-7-26 10:47
eagerly waiting, and farewell to miui 8 <3
Author: Naman242    Time: 2017-7-26 10:47
Ready for MIUI 9 Live Stream. For this I have do Holiday in my School.
Author: Yassine_Ed    Time: 2017-7-26 10:47
still waiting
Author: Pewe1701    Time: 2017-7-26 10:47
Can't wait to see the improvement
Author: devineni    Time: 2017-7-26 10:47
miui 9
Author: Bogyi4883    Time: 2017-7-26 10:47
Author: Siddharth_2    Time: 2017-7-26 10:47
finally the wait is over today
Author: fachmaeda    Time: 2017-7-26 10:47
waiting for awesome thing
Author: sup_dutta    Time: 2017-7-26 10:47
dieing for miui 9
can't wait anymore
Author: AAASHYY    Time: 2017-7-26 10:48
Author: bluViper    Time: 2017-7-26 10:48
and once again... MIUI will raise the bar

Author: Rief0ne    Time: 2017-7-26 10:48
kapan realis nya ??? masih belum yah kan udah tanggal 26
Author: sume-et    Time: 2017-7-26 10:48
Finally wait is over
Author: Airlineben    Time: 2017-7-26 10:48
Waiting and eager
Author: earthfairys    Time: 2017-7-26 10:48
Just a few more hours!!
Author: lakshayarora091    Time: 2017-7-26 10:48
Yaa actually.... Very very excited for this event.🔥🔥
Author: bassemehana    Time: 2017-7-26 10:48
nice i
Author: mfadlan14    Time: 2017-7-26 10:48
Author: Kamal9525    Time: 2017-7-26 10:48
Only china rom is going to release today.
Author: dym16    Time: 2017-7-26 10:48
can't wait a jam, please a minute
Author: Sk_j    Time: 2017-7-26 10:49
Author: N_Sribyanik    Time: 2017-7-26 10:49
waiting for update...😊☺
Author: Aleksei876    Time: 2017-7-26 10:49
vodka,  siski, balalaika
Author: ayyash30    Time: 2017-7-26 10:49
eagerly waiting for new innovation on miui 9
Author: pradeep3979    Time: 2017-7-26 10:49
waiting for miui 9
Author: arjunk    Time: 2017-7-26 10:49
started? what time is IST?
Author: HUNT3R_SG    Time: 2017-7-26 10:49
yeah countdown begins.
Author: shiva1212    Time: 2017-7-26 10:49
Author: bajijus    Time: 2017-7-26 10:49
Author: golfswed    Time: 2017-7-26 10:49
Very nice
Author: 1643332463    Time: 2017-7-26 10:49

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