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Title: [Baby Bodyguard] New Mi Bunny Kids Smart Watch Released! Price ¥299! [Print this page]

Author: sepneela    Time: 2016-4-26 17:28
Title: [Baby Bodyguard] New Mi Bunny Kids Smart Watch Released! Price ¥299!
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Dear MIUIers,
Xiaomi 2016 Mi Product launch Mi Max,MIUI8 on May 10. Xiaomi eco-system's first childs intelligrnce product-Mi Bunny Kids Smart Watch officilly unvilved today.Available on Mi.com today 10.00am priced at 299 Yuan!.

Call clarity, Kids watch phone using industry AW8155AFCR audio amplifier, anti-breaking sound, hi-fi, just one click to make and receive calls with their families to their parents.

Watches with built in Xiaomi Bunny wind took card, do not have parents to buy a separate mobile cards to install.No monthly plan,no roaming charges,free to answering calls,0.1 Yuan/Min of call,calls 0.1 Yuan/MB of data traffic.
Kids watch comes with the balance of the card 10 yuan for the first time using the product, Available 5-6 months under normal circumstances.

Custom security zones,parents will receive a message notification to the parents more peace of mind

Any emergency,baby simply press the power button, contain location data recording of location contain environment and seven seconds
a distress signal packets through telephone Kids watches sent to parents mobile phone.

In addition, Mi Bunny Kids Watch automatically records the history, track children every day, routes can be recorded continuously for three months . When in danger, press the power button to send out a distress signal to parents and includes position data and 7 seconds of recording environment. Also, parents can reach children location navigation route map generated automatically built according to APP, a key navigation to pick up the baby.

Life, the built-in 300mAh gel polymer battery, standby 6 days.

Exclusive family group chat, free chat with baby.

While at the end of the phone can be set to watch 12 family number, after the call display baby strange calls can be filtered to eliminate fraud and telephone information.

Anti-Disturb mode

Corning food-grade liquid silicone strap.

LED dot matrix display.

Triple Data Encryption security,1.Local Data,2.Data transmission,3.Mi cloud.

Voice broadcast calls,Call back,Remote monitoring,Life waterproof,Regular alarm clock,Find Watches


Mi Bunny Kids Watch support synchronous receive US GPS and Russian GLONASS satellite positioning system, combined with Wi-Fi, a base station, gravity sensor, a total of five parties positioning signals . Parents can set the phone APP end safety area, such as the only way to school, surrounding the house, as well as to and from school, when the child is outside this range, a message will immediately notify the parents.

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A New Mi Bunny Kids Smart Watch Price ¥299!

Author: GR33dyBlackie    Time: 2016-4-26 17:32
Wow! This is simple Awesome! Now kids can have their very own Mi Gadgets too!

Thank u sir @sepneela for this wonderful news!
Author: Nanana    Time: 2016-4-26 17:35
I've bought one
Author: arun6199    Time: 2016-4-26 17:50
Wow! Something different :D Thanks for the share :)
Author: slavin23    Time: 2016-4-26 18:06
Im going to get one!
Author: feds64    Time: 2016-4-26 19:10
Awesome product line for kids...
Author: SIDDI    Time: 2016-4-26 19:31
wow so cool
Author: Sagar2075    Time: 2016-4-26 22:56
That's something different and uber cool too
Author: tany639    Time: 2016-4-26 23:26
Great News
Author: Sejwal    Time: 2016-4-27 11:08
Author: Akaksm    Time: 2016-4-27 11:11
Great news sepneela and Awesome Mi Gadget! Now kids will also have Mi Gadgets! If I was I Kid
Author: papah.rdp    Time: 2016-4-27 11:11
nice pinky...but still wait for Mi Band 2 on May 10...
Author: adi_mi    Time: 2016-4-27 11:14
Wow... This is new..
Author: alexx63    Time: 2016-4-27 11:28
Nice new product
Author: nachiketb    Time: 2016-4-27 11:55
awesome. thanks for sharing.
Author: 200887    Time: 2016-4-27 11:58
so i won't lose my kids again, but wait, i don't have kids yet
Author: Ayushd70    Time: 2016-4-27 12:04
Awesome product by XIAOMI
Author: Vino09    Time: 2016-4-27 12:09
Author: kangpolo    Time: 2016-4-27 12:15
I like the color and design for kids
Author: Vardhan@094    Time: 2016-4-27 12:17
Looks like Mi Smart-watch launch is few months away
Author: m7ixalis    Time: 2016-4-27 12:39
Nice smart watch I will buy one for my daughter.
Author: Tiode    Time: 2016-4-27 13:19
simply awesome
Author: sangramprout    Time: 2016-4-27 13:46
great product
Author: BulatH    Time: 2016-4-27 13:50
Nice watches! Hope Xiaomi will develope smart watches for adults too.
Author: drakonian    Time: 2016-4-27 13:53
The next step will be a subcutaneous chip...
Author: Informatyk    Time: 2016-4-27 14:03
Nice. It's for my son
Author: Tabre    Time: 2016-4-27 14:08
very innovative and useful product
Author: soumyajit_pal    Time: 2016-4-27 14:09
india release?
Author: Aks13    Time: 2016-4-27 14:16
My little lady must have!!!!
Author: Regenerator007    Time: 2016-4-27 14:28
Great News!
Author: ranveerarora    Time: 2016-4-27 14:38
looks good .........
Author: haqanguven    Time: 2016-4-27 14:41
Author: Krispin    Time: 2016-4-27 14:42
Very nice and necessary gadget for your child.
Author: Swapy    Time: 2016-4-27 15:16
Author: Dev.chopra    Time: 2016-4-27 15:31
Great what a gadget i like it.
Author: sudd1976    Time: 2016-4-27 15:34
This is simply amazing, just what i was looking for both my kids
Author: paolo.brilli    Time: 2016-4-27 15:36
Author: aviano    Time: 2016-4-27 15:38
It's something great for kids but definitely not a smart watch.
Author: Jedshut    Time: 2016-4-27 15:42
Author: iScrag    Time: 2016-4-27 15:47
I want one for my daughter
Author: xkawsx    Time: 2016-4-27 16:02
wow this is pretty cool!
Author: +79521359071    Time: 2016-4-27 16:22
Author: moeztuerk    Time: 2016-4-27 16:39
would it work in other countries then China?
Author: rjchoudry    Time: 2016-4-27 16:57
Author: a3999jose    Time: 2016-4-27 17:02
Great device... !!!
Author: quakze    Time: 2016-4-27 17:04

Nice new product
Author: SafikCfC21    Time: 2016-4-27 17:08
awesome product
Author: mavirox    Time: 2016-4-27 17:29
nice gaget for kiddos
Author: ralfmedina    Time: 2016-4-27 17:50
Must have!
Author: Rajkumar.C    Time: 2016-4-27 18:08
Author: Dasari5    Time: 2016-4-27 18:15
Amazing, i brought two for my kids.
Author: T-jo    Time: 2016-4-27 18:42
Author: Abhra    Time: 2016-4-27 18:57
Good one
Author: Chins23    Time: 2016-4-27 19:07
Author: srikanthm    Time: 2016-4-27 19:11
good innovation
Author: Sujayb    Time: 2016-4-27 19:30
Great, Cool
Hope comes to my country very soon
Author: Noragami    Time: 2016-4-27 19:47
when is the release of  the adult version
Author: Shubham6020    Time: 2016-4-27 19:49
Author: ss27486    Time: 2016-4-27 20:04
Author: SIRKRA    Time: 2016-4-27 20:05
This post was edited by SIRKRA at 00:15, Apr-28-2016

This kind of things really make me sad for human "future", one in a million still think like me. Proud to be last of a dying specie.
What kind of safety, what kind of nice hahaahhah. This is sad. Stop.

Author: BadMaasH    Time: 2016-4-27 20:10
That Looks Cute & Adorable.
Author: ny21k    Time: 2016-4-27 20:16
Very good items to kids
Author: bruzelbube    Time: 2016-4-27 20:20
Nice,  wich language has the software?
Author: Ryo_Hanzo_Devil    Time: 2016-4-27 20:32
so cute..
Author: Padhu_10    Time: 2016-4-27 20:34
Very useful gadget
Author: avishekghosh    Time: 2016-4-27 21:02
that's really a amazing gadget! Now we can call kids as Mi-Kids too! Really helpful for safety of childrens. Pls launch it in India too!
Author: sw4p    Time: 2016-4-27 21:12

This is simply amazing,
Author: lawrenceloh    Time: 2016-4-27 21:17

Author: udaya6    Time: 2016-4-27 21:34
simply amazing
Author: fawadmirza    Time: 2016-4-27 22:22
Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing review.
Author: yash016016    Time: 2016-4-27 22:38
Author: Matsy    Time: 2016-4-27 22:40
nice idea of a very useful product!!!
Author: Dark.Rabbit    Time: 2016-4-27 23:17
can it show a time information?
Author: fermateus    Time: 2016-4-27 23:23
Nice :)
Author: Doraha_Raman    Time: 2016-4-27 23:30
Author: Srinivas143    Time: 2016-4-27 23:40
Watch for kids with good features  
Author: gmp007    Time: 2016-4-27 23:44
it looks amazing :D
Author: SuprRaptr    Time: 2016-4-27 23:50
I am not a kid but, i want one. :D
Author: firsov73    Time: 2016-4-27 23:56
I want my daughter such
Author: nandhuvar    Time: 2016-4-28 00:10
Author: Uluberia    Time: 2016-4-28 00:15
Wow Awesome!
Author: Shwed    Time: 2016-4-28 01:18
Awesome news!
Author: nur_21    Time: 2016-4-28 01:33
Author: k0sta    Time: 2016-4-28 01:52
Could this work in europe or it's only for china?
Author: Gaugan    Time: 2016-4-28 04:12
Simply Innovative!
Author: KrishMehta    Time: 2016-4-28 04:17
that's great indeed.. Go ahead Mi
Author: tank776    Time: 2016-4-28 05:45
where can I buy it?
Author: davinder    Time: 2016-4-28 20:14
Pretty cool
Author: Stewie64    Time: 2016-4-28 20:55
Author: andreisavescu    Time: 2016-4-30 14:55
That mobile plan can be used outside of China? If not, it is useless for many people.
Author: Taufique47    Time: 2016-5-1 00:12
Wow, great product
Author: ashraf_miui    Time: 2016-5-1 19:26
Good news ...
Looks great ....
Author: VERTIGOCORP    Time: 2016-5-1 23:05
Please,  something exactly like this on the "State Side"!
Author: akhil.techgeek    Time: 2016-5-1 23:11
wow this is a great device!
hoping it to launch globally :)
Author: LohSengLTEA    Time: 2016-5-2 08:51
If they allow change of SIM card and not use the Mi Wind card it would be grea, even for people living outside of mainland China.
Author: Acron7    Time: 2016-5-2 20:33
the phone APP end safety area

Any ideas what the max range?
Author: maurog    Time: 2016-5-2 23:13
Link to european reseller! Now!
Author: nkou    Time: 2016-5-3 02:20
Can please someone Answer whether this can be used outside China or not?
Author: FoxtrottPl    Time: 2016-5-3 02:32
I must have one for my boy. Great gadget.
Author: mino_egy    Time: 2016-5-4 13:09
Hi guys, I'm from UAE, I wounder how i can get this watch and is it going to work here since it's has built in SIM card?

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