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Redmi 4 MIUI version ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
May-25-2017 Irrelevant problem opening google playstore 0/31 renaldtheman
May-24-2017 Duplicate my playstore crash 0/23 khucai
May-24-2017 Irrelevant I can't update 0/45 ssmssm098
May-23-2017 Pending screen calibration 0/31 pitchoun88
May-23-2017 Pending Disabled HD Voice / AMR-WB Voice codec 0/49 Belobrov87
May-23-2017 Irrelevant miui update 0/52 saeefsz
May-22-2017 Irrelevant Redmi Note 4 Theme 0/41 Yasserraza
May-21-2017 Duplicate 6 digit PIN not accepted 1/39 Arun2503
May-21-2017 Pending grey image 0/21 Mhaiozawa
May-21-2017 Irrelevant update naught 0/36 suji0123
May-21-2017 Irrelevant I can't update my phone to new version miui global rom 0/39 Mladen1
May-21-2017 Irrelevant Reboot widget 0/28 Bluezee
May-20-2017 Irrelevant update otomotis 0/36 Rudnc.tabuty
May-18-2017 Pending Battery Drain in Idle mode 0/36 harimayaasok
May-17-2017 Irrelevant netwok 4g 0/49 zoelphanjul
May-17-2017 Pending weather 1/20 vipul5663
May-17-2017 Pending 换句话说还是大家 0/20 浓墨天空
May-17-2017 Pending Standbymode Draining 0/47 Harrykrizz
May-16-2017 Pending mail 0/26 alexdrum1973
May-16-2017 Irrelevant Thems 0/25 Mofikul
May-16-2017 Irrelevant red mi note 4 0/44 Alibasha54321
May-15-2017 Pending Redmi note 4 music player app issue 0/41 Faizanshukoor
May-15-2017 Pending bug report problem 0/28 bepssas
May-14-2017 Pending Camera doesn't work 0/51 bguser
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