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Redmi 2 Prime MIUI version ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
May-27-2017 Irrelevant Reboot 0/27 danangyp
May-27-2017 Irrelevant I need latest miui8 version 0/39 tanveer01
May-27-2017 More info needed How To Not Show The Call Block list Notification 0/33 Fernsjjf
May-26-2017 Pending Heating issue 0/32 sampathmadurai
May-26-2017 Irrelevant Order 0/31 Lalith2899
May-26-2017 Pending calling problem with jio sim 0/26 Subhrapapai
May-25-2017 Pending Google chrome 0/19 Cogitos
May-25-2017 Irrelevant software update 0/53 8592836542
May-25-2017 More info needed i have update 0/36 sunbatteries
May-25-2017 Pending Google settings notifications are not shown 0/26 Pankaj135
May-24-2017 Pending camera problem 0/24 subaki
May-24-2017 Pending Update 0/42 Shive143
May-24-2017 Duplicate Update 0/27 Shive143
May-24-2017 Pending Vibration Error 0/19 Manas1222000
May-24-2017 Pending slow reboot 0/16 FM40j2yRGx
May-23-2017 Pending notification 0/24 Prada55
May-23-2017 Irrelevant my fone to update 0/31 naresh.l
May-22-2017 Solved no update please help 0/56 Mifan19
May-22-2017 Pending how to download file from miui forum? 0/49 BioHazard10
May-21-2017 Irrelevant update 0/46 @nnie786
May-21-2017 Irrelevant please reply my last question 0/26 Tezz69
May-21-2017 Duplicate eror melihat apa yang baru 0/21 halimah26
May-21-2017 Irrelevant update 0/33 EvinYam
May-21-2017 More info needed google 0/40 chicgirl
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