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Redmi Note 4G Single SIM MIUI version ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
May-26-2017 Irrelevant volte support 0/29 hit1234
May-26-2017 Irrelevant update 1/42 Rahul230396
May-26-2017 Irrelevant No updates 0/26 jay_gajera
May-25-2017 Irrelevant storage 0/34 aquariuslim
May-23-2017 Pending No SIM card 0/34 64bit
May-23-2017 Irrelevant update for redmi note 4g 0/49 ashsudpal
May-20-2017 Answered not working the front camera 0/40 badrunnesa
May-16-2017 Irrelevant So long too on phone 0/38 Afie6
May-16-2017 Irrelevant Why miui forum app so slow 0/18 Afie6
May-14-2017 Pending screen recorder xiaomi 0/23 AhayZaky
May-13-2017 Pending sim card not activated 0/25 Amekn
May-13-2017 Pending Don't response some apps 0/18 Shuborna
May-13-2017 Irrelevant redmi note 4g volte 1/42 sruti00550055
May-11-2017 Pending phone stuck in 2g mode 0/28 nis0007
May-09-2017 Pending picture not clear 0/17 aquariuslim
May-03-2017 Pending Havin trouble accessing slo-mo on camera video Redmi note 4 0/31 isatonic
May-02-2017 Pending facebook always stoo 0/39 Haroro46
May-02-2017 Pending front camera issue 0/24 aimykhan
May-02-2017 Pending jio problem please volte update on my redmi note 4g 0/60 shsikh
May-01-2017 Pending update 0/22 khacthao
May-01-2017 Pending mobile legends app 0/50 EzDe@Th
May-01-2017 Pending miui 8 0/35 DonieJunio20
Apr-29-2017 Irrelevant update volte 0/56 amma2627
Apr-23-2017 Irrelevant volumes 0/37 aquariuslim
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