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Mi 3 MIUI version ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
May-28-2017 Duplicate Frequently repeated notification 0/28 Naladchyk
May-26-2017 Pending Fixed FC chrome on Miui 0/20 panco89
May-26-2017 Irrelevant long lfe battery 0/32 vk.saini80
May-13-2017 Pending Text in settings too long 0/34 spix
May-12-2017 Irrelevant home screen And recents panel 0/131 spix
May-12-2017 Pending Autobrightness not working properly 0/54 spix
May-11-2017 Pending Mi3 is taking very high time to charge with quick charger ! 0/35 Shimulx
May-08-2017 Pending how to change my font style ? 0/43 1675372636
May-07-2017 Pending DRM Widevine 2/98 Xpaum
May-05-2017 Pending Camera is not working in facebook messanger 0/33 Shimulx
May-03-2017 Pending apps lock 0/30 nasirbdkpelik
May-01-2017 Pending I want a updater for mi3 0/48 Jevaprildo
May-01-2017 Duplicate PC Suite - Phone Manager 0/83 arvindst
Apr-30-2017 Duplicate MI PC Suite 5/184 sridhar1605
Apr-26-2017 Pending net problem 0/32 1689966482
Apr-23-2017 Pending About update for 5.0.1 0/28 thakared44
Apr-21-2017 Pending Cant boot in recovery mode 0/46 monuyadavcet12
Apr-21-2017 Pending cannot load resources 0/39 spix
Apr-21-2017 Pending Delay in phone icon appearing 0/43 spix
Apr-20-2017 Pending Theme store bug, exists for 8 months 0/50 spix
Apr-20-2017 Pending Data usage error 0/45 monuyadavcet12
Apr-18-2017 More info needed auto brightness 0/81 pukas
Apr-13-2017 Pending Data missing from phone 0/38 monuyadavcet12
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