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Device 7.9.15 ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Oct-18-2017 Pending drain issu 0/23 sifatapi123
Oct-18-2017 Pending weather app not locating address 0/22 bujji9
Oct-18-2017 Pending update 0/18 faariha
Oct-18-2017 Pending обновление 0/19 maks070
Oct-18-2017 Pending not able to update 0/23 AGGOUD
Oct-18-2017 Pending Quick minimization of applications 0/10 #ViChuZzZ
Oct-18-2017 Pending not updat 0/13 asterix1967
Oct-18-2017 Pending Updater 0/20 tarun6666
Oct-18-2017 Pending update problem 0/15 bhaubhangare
Oct-18-2017 Pending software 0/14 faariha
Oct-18-2017 Pending call volume 0/15 odoyichuks
Oct-18-2017 Pending not getting updates for 7.10.12. 0/33 GOWRISH
Oct-17-2017 Pending gag bisa buat telfon 0/11 elryan1234567
Oct-17-2017 Pending Battery draining to fast 0/26 Redeve25
Oct-17-2017 Pending Phone doesnt want to sleep 0/17 bronick_iv
Oct-17-2017 Pending the phone no longer receives updates 0/18 ciaodaciao
Oct-17-2017 Pending Rooting the device 0/13 RajeebAslam
Oct-17-2017 Pending no update 0/14 BINIT
Oct-17-2017 Pending Worst.. 0/12 Simmiiii
Oct-17-2017 Pending Update 0/24 KLiPSoN
Oct-17-2017 Pending bad shooting video 0/20 KLiPSoN
Oct-17-2017 Pending For update 0/22 Sarfraz2510
Oct-17-2017 Pending обновление 0/21 toksserg