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Device V8.5.6.0.MBFCNED ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Oct-12-2017 Pending other 0/22 789915302
Oct-11-2017 Irrelevant battery 0/46 Davidsdd
Oct-10-2017 Pending battery life 0/30 jaimanhossain
Oct-08-2017 Pending I haven't mi app atore 0/16 minkominchit5
Oct-08-2017 Pending All Member 0/35 NyeinKaungHtet
Oct-06-2017 Pending bisa update kah 0/21 danysevenfold
Oct-05-2017 Pending ZoeMinKhoung 0/29 ZoeMinKhoung
Oct-05-2017 Pending 11111 0/20 123456789☞☞☞
Oct-04-2017 Pending i like that 0/17 kyawsoelwin2174
Sep-29-2017 Pending help 0/13 NyeinKaungHtet
Sep-29-2017 More info needed 배터리 소모 0/16 yamicaru
Sep-27-2017 Pending I want to change china stable from 0/26 09966717094
Sep-25-2017 Pending Error while updating whatsapp DP 0/24 Shubhb
Sep-23-2017 Pending pantalla inalámbrica 0/38 大衛·捲曲
Sep-21-2017 Pending huge Battery issues 0/30 1663291569
Sep-19-2017 Pending for change language to persian 0/24 03716336991377
Sep-18-2017 Pending not open 0/12 sureshsweety143
Sep-18-2017 Pending MIUI 9 UPDATE 0/32 Y.heals
Sep-16-2017 Pending spend fastely 0/12 seinnaing
Sep-16-2017 Pending theme mtz apply erro 0/33 empress55660
Sep-16-2017 Pending help me 0/23 empress55660
Sep-13-2017 Pending Video Plugin 0/26 Hlaminhein
Sep-13-2017 Pending Battery Problem 0/24 Hlaminhein
Sep-10-2017 Pending force close pes 2017 0/13 Anymouse865