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Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Oct-16-2017 Pending miui music 0/18 navneettoriya
Oct-16-2017 Pending MIUI 0/18 navneettoriya
Oct-15-2017 Pending theam 0/10 sanu.
Oct-08-2017 More info needed 使用mi A1無法使用小米系統資料 0/24 ZoeCircle
Oct-08-2017 Pending temas 0/18 bentorey
Oct-07-2017 Pending no 30 fps in video 0/17 nbnslider1981
Sep-30-2017 Pending camera clearity 0/32 dhruv_2585
Sep-29-2017 Pending theme not working 0/25 prabhas755
Sep-27-2017 Pending How can use table download 0/30 poting198307
Sep-27-2017 Pending use table donlond 0/9 poting198307
Sep-27-2017 Pending New account use 0/27 rrrajurraju
Sep-27-2017 Pending new account 0/13 rrrajurraju
Sep-26-2017 Pending gittery scrolling 0/56 robtoms
Sep-26-2017 Pending automatically rebooting while connectimg to charger 0/31 Sumit0966
Sep-26-2017 Irrelevant fm radio 0/42 mdhabibul
Sep-26-2017 Pending mi A1 camera 1/77 makzyy786
Sep-25-2017 Pending miui9 not there 0/26 sivaji905
Sep-25-2017 Pending not working 0/31 9453077777
Sep-25-2017 Pending update 0/21 aidiljr10
Sep-24-2017 Pending mi A1 charging issue 0/77 makzyy786
Sep-24-2017 Pending new 0/27 shambunm
Sep-24-2017 Pending thanks 0/24 pankaj9852raj
Sep-24-2017 Pending i want change stock android to miui 0/67 rajumohite
Sep-24-2017 Pending discarged 0/23 tanujmi