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Device V8.5.5.0.NDDMIED ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Aug-19-2017 Pending my email app is not syncing 0/13 amk980
Aug-18-2017 More info needed WiFi occasionally get disabled 0/28 matrenele
Aug-15-2017 Answered Group Messaging Doesn't Work 0/19 blairsaid
Aug-10-2017 Pending Disappointed with Mi Max 2 0/32 Raviarun
Aug-10-2017 Pending battery draining up fast 0/32 Raviarun
Aug-08-2017 Pending random reboot 0/45 gagakkaku
Aug-07-2017 Pending Low Volume Using AUX 0/23 knightrazor
Aug-07-2017 Pending screen lock pattern 0/17 Loonloon_AK
Aug-06-2017 Pending Metallic sound when recording audio or video 0/49 Eladious
Aug-04-2017 Pending no proper work ram management 0/26 Aman.4396
Aug-02-2017 Pending 成日死機重新啟動 0/16 W漢城
Aug-02-2017 Pending App Store and PC SUIT 0/31 Param1989
Aug-02-2017 Pending 保護套的鎖定和解鎖螢幕無法使用 0/17 cpatylee
Aug-02-2017 Pending problème de connexion à geek 0/24 Askinturk
Aug-02-2017 Pending hi xiaomi 0/23 1689551037
Aug-01-2017 Pending wifi 2.4 ghz not conecting 0/26 caner66
Aug-01-2017 Pending FM RADIO 0/32 caner66
Aug-01-2017 Pending 分屏 0/18 2292168
Jul-31-2017 Pending kei 0/24 aditMardiansyah
Jul-30-2017 Pending Display issue 0/54 sopu731
Jul-30-2017 Pending nie wiem 0/20 ThatNexus
Jul-29-2017 Pending Bagaimana cara mengembalikan foto yang terhapus? 0/35 Ryaldayes
Jul-28-2017 Pending update 0/23 mohit@gmail.com
Jul-28-2017 Pending tolong diperbaharui ke miui9 0/18 dwisantoso123
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