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Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Aug-09-2017 Pending mi pad 3 doesn have theme program 0/26 Meroman1
Jul-25-2017 Pending ganti tulisan miring 0/23 willynugroho
Jul-22-2017 Pending low 0/13 123456mj
Jul-21-2017 Irrelevant camera trick(plz dont ignore) 0/35 subsubwof
Jul-20-2017 Pending Force close on step 0/18 ffmv
Jul-20-2017 Pending Calendar 0/67 Hiqual
Jul-19-2017 Irrelevant add quick reply 0/42 1618046209
Jul-19-2017 Irrelevant big problem!!! 0/32 IGTW1234
Jul-17-2017 Pending why do you allow creation of a bug and then delete it? 0/33 Jc_mi_dispatch
Jul-16-2017 Pending not workimg 0/27 abhishekbushu70
Jul-15-2017 Pending Theme Icon 0/39 Alan_27
Jul-15-2017 Pending wallpaper carousel not working 2/63 jayamsa
Jul-15-2017 Pending Backup and Restore of Dual Apps 0/52 OmengQ
Jul-14-2017 Pending screenshot 0/43 1621744566
Jul-14-2017 Pending ошибка при обновлении 0/40 patrick.kz
Jul-14-2017 Irrelevant Home. 0/22 DewaRizky
Jul-14-2017 Pending Multitasking 0/24 Thiên2512
Jul-14-2017 Pending battery drain when charging 0/36 Alpinrp02
Jul-14-2017 Pending lost apps 0/31 rhanda_20
Jul-14-2017 Pending Cleaner delete setting in theme 0/30 karakomon
Jul-14-2017 Pending Android Message can not set as default app 0/27 Fachry_MyId
Jul-14-2017 Pending No video calling feature s 0/23 JITENDRASHARMA1
Jul-14-2017 Pending bad music player 0/38 JITENDRASHARMA1
Jul-14-2017 Pending No charging notification 0/36 JITENDRASHARMA1
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