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Device V8.5.2.0.NAACNED ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Aug-04-2017 Pending App bugs 0/44 Ciaociao2
Aug-03-2017 Pending Some time video playing bt sound not herd 0/22 Shariful934
Aug-03-2017 Pending fingerprint not working when my mi5 charging or open my mobile 0/28 Shariful934
Aug-03-2017 Pending minta saran giman cara biar baterai gakmboros 0/26 trsrhaj
Jul-31-2017 Pending Battery drain by 'Phone Idle' in MIUI 1/104 evan_screamo
Jul-27-2017 Pending Google Play Store 0/27 +306951917699
Jul-25-2017 Pending Enabling one-handed mode on Mi5 goes to home screen 0/76 nor-ric
Jul-22-2017 Pending Mi Cloud storage full - all photos deleted 6/129 TiagoFreitas
Jul-19-2017 Pending Music not playing 0/56 lukasi2000
Jul-16-2017 Pending tidak ada pembaruan 0/27 RyangOkzha11
Jul-13-2017 Pending bad condition 0/31 May9teenth
Jun-29-2017 Pending Google Gboard flicks on swiping 0/28 ars1614
Jun-29-2017 Pending One side mode closes app 0/37 ars1614
Jun-23-2017 Pending touchscreen randomly stop working 1/58 gelimat
Jun-20-2017 Pending Battery n chat 0/44 Udinpetot69
Jun-16-2017 Pending Notification bar and recent menu 0/56 Jokevillager
Jun-13-2017 Pending Fingerprint option disappeared 0/84 Jetmorg
Jun-12-2017 Pending Mi 5 google sign in bug 1/49 fitokurniawan
Jun-11-2017 Pending Video is late 0/45 qamit
Jun-08-2017 Pending Very slow recharging 0/45 awesomade
Jun-07-2017 Pending mi5 touch not working 0/75 earthhell
Jun-04-2017 Pending Unable to play 48000hz sample rate song on 7.0 MIUI based. 1/73 javiti_91
May-29-2017 Irrelevant mi 4prime 0/79 emon77
May-27-2017 Irrelevant updater 0/57 Feilonk
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