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Device V8.2.4.0.MHOMIDL ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Aug-21-2017 Pending Is error or not? 0/11 hgcidjrejmb558
Aug-21-2017 Pending restarts automatically 0/12 Clarius
Aug-21-2017 Pending load page 0/9 Mekind
Aug-21-2017 Pending New unlock tool cant detect me redmi note 3. old one still can 0/28 ashokdroid93
Aug-19-2017 Pending updat 0/15 kalim123
Aug-19-2017 Pending fingerprint option missing 0/15 navratnasingh
Aug-19-2017 Pending Help 0/16 wildan789636
Aug-18-2017 Pending Heating problem 0/10 Sånå0796
Aug-18-2017 Pending lỗi 0/11 nghialai
Aug-18-2017 Pending камера 0/8 MIJGAN08
Aug-18-2017 Pending xiaomi note 3 0/15 Robilie99
Aug-18-2017 Pending i have no update 0/20 mk7208
Aug-18-2017 Pending downloader bug 0/16 +917777063880
Aug-18-2017 Pending plz new update 0/32 d8881212
Aug-17-2017 Pending updates 0/14 gowt
Aug-17-2017 Pending after updating to 8.2 global update 0/27 Anmol2309
Aug-17-2017 Pending redmi note 3 snapdragon 0/20 1246432687
Aug-17-2017 Pending lock 4g 0/19 Raisha24
Aug-17-2017 Pending battery 0/17 089655866274
Aug-17-2017 Pending camera tidak bisa fokus 0/17 dzairye6656
Aug-17-2017 Pending contact folder 0/9 1671884171
Aug-17-2017 Pending erro serio camera 0/19 serumas
Aug-16-2017 Pending User newbie 0/29 Mekind
Aug-15-2017 Answered network issue 0/22 amityadav2709
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