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Device 7.5.25 ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Aug-20-2017 Pending While wifi is turned on, phone is showing incorrect cellular network coverage 0/33 neycho
Aug-19-2017 Pending kamera lag 0/11 RhioReyaldi
Aug-19-2017 Pending прошивка 0/14 Vanyxa100
Aug-19-2017 Pending No update coming 0/18 sunnyrakash
Aug-18-2017 Pending microfone de ligação baixo 0/12 dinhojack
Aug-18-2017 Pending lockscreen bug 0/18 dannydannish
Aug-18-2017 Pending проблемы с redmi note 4x 64/4gb 0/22 Devil_Eror
Aug-16-2017 Pending batteray boros 0/22 Kazuto17
Aug-16-2017 Pending batterey cpt habis.. 0/22 Bung_ADHI
Aug-16-2017 Pending pin hết nhanh 0/11 codien
Aug-15-2017 More info needed saving issue 0/20 So_U_Mya
Aug-15-2017 Pending Missing of a spell checker disable box 0/18 So_U_Mya
Aug-13-2017 Pending i want to update 0/14 AdiAndre
Aug-13-2017 Pending can't update miui 8 0/16 PairtriqPunx
Aug-12-2017 Pending Will 4A redmi get the latest MIUI 9 1/46 FauzanCH
Aug-12-2017 Pending tidak biaa unlock bootloader xiaomi 4a 1/28 FauzanCH
Aug-12-2017 Pending camera disavaible 0/14 anhquan2803
Aug-12-2017 Pending проблема при зарядке 0/19 1600945005
Aug-12-2017 Pending saya tidak bisa masuk edl dan selalu restart xiaomi 4a 0/23 FauzamCHG
Aug-12-2017 Pending tidak bisa flashing xiaomi 4a global developer ke global stable 0/24 FauzamCHG
Aug-12-2017 Pending tidak bisa masuk ke download mode xiaomi 4a 0/12 FauzamCHG
Aug-11-2017 Pending non invia 0/13 Iperspazio
Aug-10-2017 Pending Bluetooth issue 0/19 1658178577
Aug-10-2017 Pending eror miui 8 xiaomi 5s plus 0/14 HandiYap
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