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Device 7.5.19 ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Jun-22-2017 Pending Can't have ota update on redmi note 3 pro special edition(kate). 0/75 Fahim6811
Jun-19-2017 Pending [Instagram/WhatsApp audio recording] Metallic voice/sound 2/157 steoon
Jun-18-2017 Answered boot loop when trying to update to 7.5.25 1/55 radoslav_
Jun-07-2017 Pending bug video 0/29 MekzIbn22
Jun-05-2017 Pending OTG ISSUE 0/32 Gursimran
Jun-01-2017 Answered battery indicator light is not showing when at below 15 percnt 0/34 Chakkaramadhun
Jun-01-2017 Irrelevant u stupid miui 0/56 nadeem327
Jun-01-2017 Pending BT streaming (SKIP track function, display Title, artist) 0/32 franckleroux134
May-29-2017 Pending MIUI Global dev 7.5.19 Bad ram management 0/66 rounakr1994
May-28-2017 Pending Spotify FC 0/26 renek74
May-28-2017 Pending double tap to go to top page 0/39 apostolos098766
May-27-2017 Pending Bug on Proximity Sensor 0/55 Darrenlimch
May-27-2017 Irrelevant updater filed 0/29 Heraclius
May-27-2017 Irrelevant delta ROM update fails with TWRP 0/52 oz42
May-27-2017 More info needed How To Not Show The Call Block list Notification 0/53 Fernsjjf
May-26-2017 Pending Mi5 disconnect SIM1 ocasionaly 0/50 rickpsilva
May-26-2017 Pending Network-based (approximate) location not working 0/61 1605324397
May-26-2017 Pending SIM 2 not Showing 0/39 Saurabhskb
May-26-2017 Irrelevant double tap screen 0/47 1642657699
May-26-2017 Irrelevant volte update 0/41 shubham966
May-26-2017 Pending GPS don't work in MI 5s Plus 0/67 diramain
May-26-2017 Pending auto restart 0/37 Mohitmittal
May-26-2017 Irrelevant isseus otg flashdisk 0/42 falikhukoma
May-26-2017 Pending always awake 0/49 HeliosMC117
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