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Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
May-28-2017 Pending typo in Clock 0/19 cresfang
May-27-2017 Answered cant able to download from app forum in mobile 1/34 divyankclicks
May-25-2017 Duplicate Widgets 0/29 Jimkhan
May-24-2017 Pending Not enough screen on time. 1/28 DheerajBabu
May-23-2017 Pending VPN default route makes it impossible to use hotspot/tethering 0/57 Crazy_Hopper
May-23-2017 Pending Battery charging and discharging issue 0/38 Asnim
May-22-2017 Solved no update please help 0/57 Mifan19
May-22-2017 Irrelevant improve camera quality 0/40 j@idy
May-22-2017 Pending cannot see the files from the apps 0/33 HidRoMail
May-21-2017 Pending AAC FORMAT 0/49 Vlatko
May-21-2017 Answered Antivirus 0/65 koenconk
May-21-2017 More info needed heating issue 0/36 devsh
May-21-2017 Pending Time Zones 1/43 iprizzzrak
May-21-2017 Answered cannot remove message "background data restricted" 0/37 kgv999
May-21-2017 Pending Gyroscope lagging in low light condition (LTR55X sensor) 2/92 Alexey^_^
May-20-2017 Pending Google Calendar Service Has Stop working 0/43 cris3
May-20-2017 Pending sending bug report not happening? 0/22 LordJ13F
May-20-2017 Pending cannot edit videos 0/19 Ayubconqueror
May-20-2017 Pending bluetooth problem 0/32 joukka666
May-20-2017 Answered Problems in backlight 0/32 Mmichex
May-20-2017 Duplicate wallpaper carousel is buggy on global roms 1/32 dhiman_redmi3s
May-20-2017 Pending notification disable still showing and all calls are not tagged in the phone app 0/16 nikesh03
May-20-2017 Pending freezed galery 0/21 levente76
May-19-2017 Under discussion Accessibility won't stay turned on across reboot. 6/191 cresfang
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