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Device 7.5.4 ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Jul-28-2017 Pending pembahruan versi 0/24 ramagendhon1804
Jul-16-2017 Pending Miui 7 stopping Automateit 0/25 boyanpa
Jul-06-2017 Pending back cover is broken and battery is inflate 0/25 arsham__maj
Jun-28-2017 Pending Можно ли мне обновлять MIUI ? 0/44 Davidof13Victor
Jun-28-2017 Pending Проблема настройки камеры redmi 3s 3/32 0/55 Davidof13Victor
Jun-17-2017 Pending update rom 0/43 nayemahm
Jun-03-2017 Pending mic issue 0/45 Rizki_J
Jun-03-2017 Pending touchscreen xiaomi redmi 3x 0/59 054338
May-22-2017 Pending reboot problem 0/72 SURAJPUR
May-20-2017 Pending 'Google search' is not the voice of the search results 2/63 +375297118323
May-19-2017 Pending list of suggested words colliding with the keyboard 0/64 layl_jones
May-17-2017 Pending Browser always reload page 0/59 tommi000001
May-14-2017 Pending Laggy Videos 0/80 Mmichex
May-13-2017 Answered Region Austria is missing in region settings 0/155 Ph1l1pp
May-13-2017 Pending Camera fps 1/74 orel56000
May-13-2017 More info needed error 0/67 aungmyohtwe
May-12-2017 Pending Autobrightness not working properly 0/80 spix
May-12-2017 Pending Mails get late all the time from a couple of updates ago 0/69 lbbqki
May-11-2017 Irrelevant Mark/ report threads 0/72 fudoteki
May-11-2017 Irrelevant Add back install from update.zip 0/89 fudoteki
May-11-2017 Irrelevant Include in default app MIUI 0/87 fudoteki
May-11-2017 Answered Mi PC Suite bug. 1/103 Major_Nox
May-11-2017 Pending LED Notification Light 0/32 Rajusnest
May-11-2017 Pending Video Recording 0/61 AmarAkmal
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