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Device V8.2.5.0.MBCMIDL ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
May-23-2017 Pending can't set the wallpaper 0/17 CallMeAnn
May-22-2017 Pending Screenshot with three fingers and onehand mode does not work. 0/32 Zoran2
May-21-2017 Irrelevant phone Dialer 0/34 Brock5
May-21-2017 Duplicate MIUI 0/41 MCT_
May-20-2017 Pending Battery graph not accurate 0/32 spix
May-20-2017 Pending İmge upload issues with mi gallery 0/27 madmax59
May-20-2017 Answered PLEASE HELP WITH THEMES APP 0/47 rakan123432136
May-20-2017 Pending Locked max freq 1401mHz 0/148 MCT_
May-18-2017 Pending camera error 0/22 Bryan1979
May-18-2017 Pending whatsapp settings 0/27 Radioden
May-16-2017 Pending batrre is low 0/29 ZMX.SXY
May-15-2017 Pending mi max touch swipe 0/38 HeshamHamido
May-14-2017 Pending Automatically rebooting while using mi max. 0/27 salai9578
May-14-2017 Duplicate mi pc suite 2/187 AnkitPapneja
May-14-2017 Pending losting network 0/26 saadchy
May-14-2017 Pending Improved battery Performance 1/48 Vishnu008
May-13-2017 Pending Didn't make any call for dome time. 0/32 IsratAnsari
May-12-2017 Pending Bug in the lock screen 1/35 Y2kMiuser
May-12-2017 Irrelevant android n mi max 32 gb relis date 0/37 1693140903
May-12-2017 Answered can not use phone 0/59  1693031013 
May-12-2017 Irrelevant Dual - Clock Widgets Expectation 0/37 s.a.q.!.b
May-12-2017 Pending No unicode support 0/30 greyfr
May-11-2017 Pending explorer can't show anything 0/45  1693031013 
May-10-2017 Pending why don't work in music player hq music? 0/40 djahangear
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