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Device 7.5.2 ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Jun-10-2017 Pending how make stable system 0/28 Arka\'an
Jun-03-2017 Pending can't update 0/25 Arka\'an
May-09-2017 Pending couldn't unlock bootloader even with granted permission to do it. 3/119 thudrumble
May-09-2017 More info needed battery 0/79 Dipshal_Rai
May-07-2017 Irrelevant waiting for Android N update 0/58 Bambori
May-07-2017 Pending data backup 0/42 Saldy15
May-05-2017 Answered Can't set fonts 0/53 OnlyKajs
May-05-2017 Pending charging problem 0/31 sup00000474
May-05-2017 Pending Problem with music volume and audio playback on social media apps 0/34 s_a_m_80
May-05-2017 Pending slow charging 1/44 zentykalwana
May-05-2017 Pending no "app battery saver" option 0/54 Santosh069
May-05-2017 Pending error 0/37 kijot
May-05-2017 Pending GPS location for apps on background 1/92 LubaCZ4
May-05-2017 Pending theme 0/28 abykunju
May-04-2017 Pending app battery saver 0/37 hyderzainu
May-04-2017 Rejected mi mover 0/57 timberwolf60
May-04-2017 Pending brightness level in notification is wrong 0/32 Zen186
May-04-2017 Pending App battery saver 0/64 szdhsn
May-04-2017 Pending video play issue 0/46 shadab099
May-04-2017 More info needed battery during fast 0/47 shadab099
May-03-2017 More info needed No standard music and no equalizer mi 0/43 F_NATIK
May-03-2017 Pending Error message pops up 0/54 nikhilpatil5354
May-03-2017 Pending Mi 5S battery drains quite faster. 0/55 Prince26712
May-03-2017 Pending Songs are not showing in Albums 1/79 246244453
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