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Device V8.2.1.0.MBFMIDL ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
May-29-2017 Pending batrai 0/11 inoeone
May-28-2017 Duplicate battery drop 0/33 xhmmhx
May-28-2017 Duplicate Battery change since the last version 0/38 eran080
May-28-2017 Pending permission allowance 0/21 Niwesh
May-27-2017 Pending unfortunately playstore is stopped 0/44 emslang
May-27-2017 Duplicate battery drain issue 0/49 Aehtesham332
May-26-2017 More info needed no full screen at yt 0/40 Yannis1980
May-26-2017 Duplicate Battery XRN 4 MTK 0/39 StingSleng
May-26-2017 More info needed fingerprints scanner 2/46 irinamirta
May-26-2017 Pending random reloadings 0/24 robnap
May-26-2017 Duplicate consumtive battery 1/36 Juanjonathan
May-25-2017 Answered how can i assign a SIM card to a contact? 0/26 ИгорьЧе
May-25-2017 Duplicate Call from SIM number 2 0/16 ИгорьЧе
May-25-2017 Duplicate Battery XRN 4 3/64 MTK 0/29 StingSleng
May-25-2017 Duplicate Battery very fast draining XRN4 3/64 MTK 1/35 StingSleng
May-25-2017 More info needed Battery fastdrain 0/38 emslang
May-25-2017 Pending Groupme is not working on Redmi Note 4 (MIUI 8 global stable) 0/34 Markfessenden
May-25-2017 Pending mic problem 0/36 morro26
May-25-2017 Pending Overheating 0/23 Pain21
May-25-2017 Pending Bluetooth connection problem 0/51 Nickolasx
May-25-2017 Pending battery drain issue 1/34 flabian
May-25-2017 More info needed volte 0/32 brammantio
May-24-2017 Pending auto Rotation 0/25 xahid0909
May-24-2017 Duplicate battery drain 0/30 xahid0909
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