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Device 7.4.27 ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
May-13-2017 Irrelevant I ask your help 0/55 Vik_72
May-10-2017 Irrelevant problem whit update version 0/56 622015286
May-09-2017 Pending Battery drains too fast 0/28 pawanthakuri
May-08-2017 Pending battery charging struck at 65% 2/73 savijaysalem
May-07-2017 Pending Reading Mode 0/28 metapixel
May-07-2017 Pending my fornt and back camera not working 0/31 rbhagwat
May-07-2017 Pending call/record/video sound broken. mic? 0/42 regnad90
May-07-2017 Pending MiPC suite 1/91 hmanso
May-06-2017 Irrelevant i like the oprion in xmoi devices very much 0/31 pradeepjethuri
May-06-2017 Pending Bluetooth connectivity with the car 0/47 zangaby
May-06-2017 Pending serious troubles with Mi5 0/95 oteval
May-06-2017 Pending need serious help 0/29 oteval
May-05-2017 Pending poor audio distorted 0/32 Heraclius
May-05-2017 Pending download file problem 0/51 sergi.xix
May-05-2017 Pending Screen rotate (after over year from first Report) still have a bug :( (virgo) 2/53 lg4xhd
May-05-2017 Answered 4G upgrade 0/45 Barïsh90
May-05-2017 Pending hidden privacy password reset 0/32 Alan143011
May-05-2017 Pending bug 0/34 3496612279
May-05-2017 Pending Time consuming 0/51 Shri002
May-05-2017 Pending Display pic of contacts 1/40 Shri002
May-05-2017 Pending Very bad and inconsistent fingerprint scanner performance 0/56 kamelot
May-05-2017 Pending Wi-Fi widi It is not connected to TV 0/19 hfhfjfjfj
May-05-2017 Pending Android update 0/30 aaddmmjj
May-05-2017 Pending can't open any app when required on window 0/31 Subham40
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