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Device 7.4.20 ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Jul-28-2017 Pending lỗi hao pin 0/0 nhattien
Jul-21-2017 Irrelevant Ad-block Feature 0/30 1616340496
Jul-01-2017 Pending Update rom 0/54 1707879399
Jun-07-2017 Pending I want update 0/49 0919000191
May-25-2017 Answered Blacklist lock removed. 1/69 egultekin
May-09-2017 Pending Fall back to 2g/no signal from 3g 0/75 steoon
May-08-2017 Pending tentang hp 0/38 Ariffatullah
May-08-2017 Pending Performance battery OTA update 0/115 waterresist
May-06-2017 Pending wrong device name 0/38 Malvo7
May-06-2017 Pending MIUI 8.3 - 7.4.20 - WORST ROM EVER 0/159 amartins2
May-04-2017 Pending OK Google stops responding after a couple of hours. 0/51 ghailoo
May-03-2017 Answered Camera focsing 1/98 eieiaung5415
May-01-2017 Pending global beta for mi5s marsmallow for note 3 mtk 0/54 incrediblerachi
May-01-2017 Pending miui 8 0/50 DonieJunio20
May-01-2017 Pending Fast NFC paymant stop work after MIUI update 0/62 marrcin
Apr-30-2017 Pending keinginan 0/49 adityakharisma
Apr-29-2017 Pending dattery 0/56 123459876p
Apr-28-2017 Pending Abnormal Phone signal and internet connection 0/68 saiwannatun
Apr-28-2017 Irrelevant cellular mode. 0/54 detactive
Apr-27-2017 Pending problems on apps working 0/52 Afrina.k
Apr-27-2017 Pending reboot shows recovery mode 3.0 0/121 Darshak1993
Apr-27-2017 Pending Battery Drain 1/57 amarcato
Apr-27-2017 Pending disconnected internet 0/33 quynd
Apr-27-2017 Pending calling problem in 4g networks 1/73 selva126
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