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Device V8.2.2.0.NAACNEB ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Jun-17-2017 Pending cannot attach file from some app 0/31 faizal.ardi
Jun-13-2017 Pending Couldn't sign in to Google account 0/62 alan683
Jun-11-2017 Pending mi pc suit promels 0/39 bhudiyo
Jun-04-2017 Pending Battery Error 0/46 kahtut
Jun-02-2017 Pending Google play store not working 0/91 Satish26021990
May-29-2017 Answered MiPCSuite 6/355 skaba1975
May-23-2017 More info needed Fingerprint 1/80 Miraz.rio
May-18-2017 Pending GPS not working 2/85 lukasi2000
May-17-2017 Pending Decryption unsuccessful 0/191 thurein5151
May-16-2017 Pending Contacts takes time to load. 1/61 ZeeKD
May-15-2017 Pending Device Locked 0/92 Sundra1
May-15-2017 Pending Apps keeps closing by themselfs 0/54 Sergiobbb
May-13-2017 Pending waiting for wifi in google play store 5/193 rusni.khg
May-11-2017 Pending Mi5 pro - Google play store waiting wifi problem 0/135 Nuxiz1
May-08-2017 Pending Google account login problem 0/66 sazzad86
May-06-2017 Pending Audio setting 0/50 Mukeshrajput
Apr-28-2017 Pending Mi PC Suite 0/151 lukasi2000
Apr-28-2017 Irrelevant All pictures in one place 0/55 evan_screamo
Apr-28-2017 Pending Maximizing the brightness in camera automatically 1/48 evan_screamo
Apr-28-2017 Pending No way to confirm bug posts 1/58 evan_screamo
Apr-28-2017 Pending Mi 5 battery drain remains in 6/320 evan_screamo
Apr-25-2017 Irrelevant Playstore can not update or download. 1/83 RazMi5
Apr-24-2017 Pending contacts 0/56 cont@cts
Apr-24-2017 Irrelevant Update 0/60 EvyKlin
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